Monday, October 7, 2013

Feed Me

Quite often, when I'm coaching network marketers, I'm reminded of the old movie, Little Shop of Horrors, when the giant plant says "feed me Seymour". The truth is that, as an adult networker, you need to learn to feed yourself and do so in three areas:

1. Feed Your Body - if you fill your body full of junk food, soda, and alcohol, it won't function well and you will experience great difficulty building your business. Your body is like a car. If you put good gasoline in, you will get good performance. If on the other hand you put water with a bunch of dirt into your gas tank, your car is going to break down. So, if you want to have the energy and stamina to build a successful business, fill your body with nutritious foods - low fat and organic proteins such as chicken, turkey, fish, and vegetable proteins from beans, asparugus, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and artichokes; organic green leafy vegetables that will help lower the acidity in your body and provide excellent natural nutrients; lower sugar, nutrient-rich organic fruits such as berries, guava, kiwi, canteloupe, papaya, and cherries. Stay away from the breads, pastas, sugars and artificial sweeteners, and the pre-packaged foods. Give your body high quality fuel and your body will respond, when you need those extra hours to make that big run to the next rank.

2. Feed Your Mind - our minds are constantly bombarded by negative information, so if you're serious about building a solid, long-term network marketing business, turn off the TV, stop listening to talk radio, cancel your newspaper subscription, and think about what you are allowing into your mind. Your mind works like a computer - GIGO - garbage in, garbage out. What you allow into your mind, you will then think about and what you think about will eventually come out of your mouth and show up in your actions. Allow negative in and you will start speaking negatively about your company, founders, products/services, upline, cross-line, and even the whole profession. After you run out of people to blame, you will start speaking negatively about yourself and your business is toast. So, feed your mind with positive information. Subscribe to Success Magazine and read it cover to cover every month. You also get a free CD each month; listen to it over and over during the month. Ask your sponsor or upline leaders what they recommend in the way of CDs, DVDs, books, and online training courses. Fill your mind with positive information and that's what will come out of your mouth and show up in your action and you will have what it takes to build a big business.

3. Feed Your Spirit - We are all spiritual beings on a natural path for a limited amount of time. It's important to feed our bodies and minds, but possibly even more important to feed our spirits. I do this through quiet time every morning, where I read the Bible and talk with God. I highly recommend this, as it starts my day on a positive note and most days I get directions for what to do that day. Prayer, meditation, and quiet time to rest your mind and body are critical to your success in business. If you go, go, go every day and never rest, you will break down. Even with all the good food and information, if you aren't feeding your spirit, all things will come to a halt. So, feed your spirit every day and you will have clarity in building your business (and living your life).

There you go. Quit expecting other people to feed you and start feeding yourself. Feed your body, mind, and spirit, and then turn that into positive action and you will be amazed at how quickly you can build a successful network marketing business.

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