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The 5 Habits of a Successful Network Marketer

By Rod Nichols (

During my over three decades in network marketing, I've had the opportunity study under some of the top income earners and trainers such as Mark Yarnell, Marc Barrett, Mike Dillard and others. I was also blessed to interview many top income earners and by using all that great training and information, became a top income earner myself. Over time, I recognized that one of the differences between those who succeed in MLM and those who don't, is the quality of their habits. Here are seven of the habits I have found that all top income earners have developed.

1. Personal Development - top income earners invest time and money developing themselves. As a network marketer, you can only enroll people equal to yourself or less. For example, if we were to rate people from 1 to 10, with 1 being the new network marketer and 10 being a top income earner, if you are a 5, you can only recruit people who are 5 and below. Through personal development, you can raise that number and recruit up. So, read at least 20 minutes each day in a personal development book. Listen to personal development CD's or Mp3's instead of music or talk radio. Stop reading the newspaper, watching or listening to the news. Transform your mind with positive information and you will start moving up the ranks.

2. Attitude - top income earners see their business as a BIG business before it is one. If you bought a McDonald's franchise for $1 million, you would spend 10 to 15 hours a day at your restaurant, 6 or 7 days a week. Top network marketers treat their business the same way - they invest money and time every single day, rather than doing what unsuccessful people do, which is to treat it like a hobby. Even if you have a job and a family, you can certainly find at least 10 hours a week to invest into your business. Then you need to work high priority activities like prospecting, presenting, recruiting, training, and supporting during those few hours. Another attitude of the top income earner is that their glass is overflowing (not half full or half empty). They have a positive attitude all the time. In fact, you can't really tell whether a top network marketer is having a good day or a bad day, because they always appear to be positive. Finally, they have an attitude of gratitude. Even before they are making the big money, top network marketers are grateful for everything they have and experience (even the bad times). In fact, it's this positive, committed attitude that attracts many people to them and causes their business to grow.

3. Choose the Right Company - top income earners don't just join with a friend or family member who doesn't know anything about network marketing. No, they take their time and research companies, management teams, products, compensation plans, marketing tools and systems, and upline teams, before making a decision.

Why do they commit time, money, and energy in this way? Because, they know that picking the right company and upline team is half the battle. Also, once they've done their due diligence and picked a good company, they can put the blinders on and charge full speed ahead, without ever questioning if they have the right vehicle. If you aren't already a top income earner, this is what you should be looking for:

A company that has been around for at least 2 years; has a management team with successful experience building large traditional businesses and large networks, as an MLM distributor; products that are unique, patented, exclusive, proprietary, in high demand, and highly consumable - products that get people emotionally connected and that you can get passionate about; a compensation plan that pays weekly, has solid money up front, so that distributors can easily cover their initial and monthly investment, but also has a big back end, so that they big hitters can earn the high six and seven figure incomes they are used to. A car program is also very attractive, as are reward trips; professional looking marketing tools and web sites that are offered to the distributors at cost; and an upline that is highly successful, but is committed to working directly with you and is a good match both in personality and values.

Choosing the right company enables you to make a long-term commitment and dramatically increases your odds of success.

4. Prospect New People Daily - to a top person, network marketing is not something you work into your life, it is your life. Top income earners are always prospecting. If they go to dinner with the family, they are studying the waiters and waitresses to see if there is a good candidate. At the grocery store, they are striking up conversations with people in line or the checker. When depositing their huge check (actually most of us have our big checks deposited directly into our accounts) or withdrawing a bunch of money at the bank, they are looking for good prospects. When watching their son or daughter play soccer, they engage in conversations with other parents to determine if they are a good prospecting. Top income earners, never stop prospecting. They realize that new distributors are the life blood of any business. So, if you want to be a top network marketing income earner, prospect new people every day. If you introduce your business to a new person each day for 6 days a week, 50 weeks out of the year, you will have 300 new prospects. If you just closed 10% of those you would add 30 new personally enrolled distributors to your team each year. Now, imagine if each of them did the same thing. The numbers are staggering. So, lead by example, prospect daily.

5. Attend All the Events - top network marketers understand the importance of local, regional, and national meetings, conference calls, webinars and teleconferences. It's how they stay connected to the company and their team, so they never miss an event. If you want to rise to the top of your company, attend all the local meetings and watch what your upline leaders are doing. Go to the bigger regional events and seek out the top income earners to find out their secrets to success. The national convention is the goldmine of leaders, so use your time wisely to gather nuggets of wisdom from the best in your company.

These are just five of the habits that are common among the top network marketers in every company. If you want to join those ranks, develop these five new habits and watch what happens.


Rod Nichols has been involved in the network marketing industry since 1979, as a company founder/owner, distributor, trainer, speaker, coach, and author. He has built several large networks and earns residuals from two different companies. Rod has earned a full-time income in network marketing since 1998. He is also the author of four network marketing books, including industry best sellers Successful Network Marketing for the 21st Century and Would You Like to Dig in My Goldmine? You can find Rod's books and some of his many articles at Rod is also the publisher of the MLM Tip of the Day, which is a free service for network marketers. To learn more about it and to subscribe, go to  

Monday, February 18, 2013

Lately I've been thinking a lot about the future of network marketing. I'm noticing a disturbing trend - we are going backwards. When I joined the MLM professiona in 1979, we built our businesses through home meetings, which we invited all of our friends and family to. In the mid-nineties, things changed and we began building on the internet, which fit the changes in our culture. Today, we see everyone jumping on the Social Media bandwagon by joining Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Pinterest, and others. Yet, I see the network marketing industry going back to home meetings and parties.

I'm wondering why a profession that has always been known for it's innovative approaches is ignoring the writing on the wall and is endanger of following the path of the dinosaurs.

As I was doing some research, I found a great article by Jeff Stroud, a direct selling industry consultant, entrepreneur, former CEO, DSA Board Member and Chairman of the DSA Strategic Planning Committee. I think you'll enjoy the article and hopefully it will help move our great profession out of the 70's and into 2013 and beyond.

To view the article click HERE.

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