Thursday, July 10, 2008

How to Explode Your Network Marketing Business with a Funded Business Proposal

How to Explode Your Network Marketing
Business Using a Funded Business Proposal
By Rod Nichols

I’ve been involved in the network marketing industry since 1979, so I’ve seen the industry move from belly to belly to the internet. When I started, we didn’t have computers, cell phones, pdas, voice mail, e-mail, the internet, dvds, fax machines, cds, You Tube or My Space. In fact, we really had no technology at all. Today we probably have too much technology for our own good. So, the key is to stay on the leading edge of technology and use it effectively to build a massive international network.

I began using the internet in the mid nineties and achieved a high level of success in network marketing. In order to attract leads we used what is now called a funded business proposal. In other words we offered a little booklet for $10 and then prospected everyone who bought one. We used the booklet sale profits to do additional advertising. Our system was simple, but effective.

Today, technology has arrived at the point where anyone can create a funded business proposal and use it to explode their network marketing business. In this article I’m going to give you all the secrets, so that if you are so inclined, you can create your own funded business proposal, which will enable you to get paid to prospect for your network marketing business.

First, here is what you will need to have in place:

1. Information Product – this can be a book, e-book, CD, or DVD. The key is that it must contain information that is valuable to network marketers or people wanting to start a home business. You can either mail the product or offer it through instant download. Whenever possible the product should contain unique information that is not easily found elsewhere or at least not all gathered in one place. The value of the information should be far higher than the cost of the product.

2. Capture Page – this is a short form web page that has bullet points promoting the general topics covered in the information product. These should be short and interest grabbing, with the purpose of getting the prospect to complete a form with their name, e-mail address, and phone number. It increases the number of people who will complete the form, if you offer something free – a 10 day boot camp, 5 free e-mails, which can be delivered by autoresponder. Make sure you have a statement reminding them to use their primary e-mail address, so they don’t miss the free information.

3. Sales Letter – once they have submitted the capture page form, they should arrive at your sales letter. This is your chance to promote the information product you are selling and the affiliate marketing program. Focus on showing the benefits to the prospect – what’s in it for them? Include some testimonies, if available. Also, you’ll want to have some freebies. If they purchase your information product, they also get free reports, audio files, video files, etc. Build value in both the information product and the freebies, so that they can easily see that they are worth way more than the price. You can also build value by showing them how they will receive a free affiliate marketing system that would cost thousands of dollars if they tried to re-create it. Finally, there should be an order link and a money back guarantee.

4. Order Site – this is the site where they order your information product. Give them the option of using credit and debit cards and PayPal. Make it clear that they are using a secure ordering system. There should also be text that reinforces their buying decision – recap the benefits – what’s in it for them?

5. Back Office – once they purchase the information product, a confirmation e-mail should be automatically sent to their box. It serves as their order receipt, gives them instructions on downloading the product or how it will be delivered, and also provides the link to their affiliate back office site with username and password. Inside the back office they should find lots of training for how to promote the information product and their affiliate link. It should also have traffic tracking and a searchable database. The key is to make it easy for affiliates to promote, so that they will start right away.

Those are the key pieces of a funded business proposal. If you have the technical know-how you can create all this yourself. Otherwise you will have to hire a designer to develop the system. A high end system like this could run upwards to $50,000 and a lower end system around $10,000.

If you don’t want to invest that type of money to create your own funded business proposal, you can certainly use an existing system like the one I’ve developed, The 2 Percent Plan ( It offers everything listed above and you receive it free by purchasing my new e-book, The 2 Percent Plan.

Okay, now that you’ve either created your own funded business proposal or are using an exciting system, it’s time to learn how to get paid to prospect for your network marketing business. Here are the steps to success:

1. Spread the Word – immediately e-mail everyone you know and tell them about your new system. Give them some of the benefits – what’s in it for them and then direct them to your capture page link. You can also place classified ads, banners, submit to search engines, set up social networking sites (MySpace, Facebook, Squidoo, etc.), record videos and place them on You Tube, send out press releases, and post on forums, just to give you a taste of some ways you can spread the word about your system.

If you already have a network marketing downline, make sure that everyone is participating in your funded business system. This way they too will have plenty of leads and extra income to promote their business.

2. Follow-up – once a prospect completes the capture page form and you receive the information, you should follow-up by phone whenever possible. Thank them for visiting your site (remind them of what they visited and the information they requested) and assure them that the requested information will arrive (if it hasn’t already). Next, ask if they are looking for a network marketing/home based business? If yes, then you can provide information about your network marketing business. If no, find out if they are already have a business and ask questions about what they are involved with. Find out if they are completely happy or if they might be open to seeing what you have. If they are with another company and happy, make sure you put them into a database system, so that you can follow-up periodically. I highly recommend the Oprius system, as it is designed specifically for network marketers. This is the aspect of the funded business proposal that generates solid leads for your network marketing business, so make sure you do a good job of following up.

3. Info Product Sales – when someone buys your information product, you earn a commission or profit. In The 2 Percent Plan, these are paid through PayPal every two weeks. This is money you can use to offset the operating costs of your network marketing business or you could put it toward other marketing methods like leads, internet advertising, direct mail, opportunity cards, flyers, etc. The key here is that when you use a funded business proposal, you are getting paid to prospect for your network marketing business.

4. Additional Products – as you build up a list, you can also offer additional products, other affiliate programs, etc. that will increase your income. With The 2 Percent Plan, we will be offering teleconferences, training sites, CD and DVD training programs, and so on. These will provide additional income opportunities for the affiliates.

That’s about it. Funded business proposals immediately solve two of the inherent problems with network marketing – not making money quick enough and not having enough leads. Whether you develop one yourself or use an existing system, you are smart to have a funded business proposal providing you with leads and another stream of income. If you do a good job of promoting your FBP you will have an endless supply of solid leads and if you take the extra money you earn and pour it into other forms of marketing, you will see your network marketing business explode and begin enjoying total time and financial freedom!