Friday, December 18, 2009


Having operated since 1985, MLMIA is the longest running association for professional network marketers. It is also the only association that includes all aspects of the network marketing industry - independent distributors, network marketing companies, and vendors to the industry. The Association’s mission is “To Strengthen Network Marketing Around the World” while bringing professionalism and credibility to the industry.

As a member of MLMIA, you receive a number of great benefits:

Advanced Industry Education - authoritative articles from industry experts, teleconferences with top leaders, extensive information on evaluating a company or sponsor, national/international conferences, industry trade shows, and more.

Group Health Insurance and Rx Health Card - medical, dental, vision, chiropractic, and prescriptions.

Discounts - consulting, advertising, subscriptions, legal, and educational materials (books, CD's, sales aids, etc.)

Convention and Cruise - annual events that are a who's who of the network marketing industry.

Independent Distributors enjoy the following additional benefits:

• Listing in the MLMIA's online Distributor Member directory!
• Access through the Members Only area to many products and services at savings not available to others.
• Membership Certificate
• Code of Ethics
• A subscription to industry news publications
• Distributor Package, Download from Web
• Receive Discounts on books and tapes when ordering from the MLMIA Library
• The MLM Dictionary
• MLMIA Bylaws
• MLMIA Verifiable Standards
• A "Members-Only" newsletter
• Recommend those who receive MLMIA recognition awards each year
• Discounted rates to MLMIA workshops and executive conferences
• Virtual Office - e-mail account, contact management, calendar, and more!

Joining MLMIA is saying that you believe in the network marketing industry and want it to stay strong and continue to grow. Now is a great time to join, as MLMIA is offering a 25% discount until the end of the year (2009). Go to for more information or to join.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Sprint and Recover Method for Building a Huge MLM Business

I'm always very interested in the training methods of elite athletes, as there are many comparisons to training for network marketing. One of those is the sprint and recover method used by athletes in many professions. In my earlier years I was a top baseball player - pitcher and third baseman. I also played quite a bit of football and some basketball. In all three sports we did wind sprints. Now I hated them back then, but over the years I've come to appreciate that method of training. Here's how it works. You run as fast as you can from one point to another and then walk back, giving you the opportunity to catch your breath. Once back, you do it again and again and again. This method quickly builds the leg muscles necessary for many sports and also the cardiovascular endurance to finish strong.

Okay, so what does all this have to do with network marketing? I've also used the sprint and recover method in my business and have taught it to many others. The biggest problem with network marketing is that most people cannot give their business much time, so the spread it out over each week and don't accomplish much. A better way to build is through the sprint and recover method. By working your business hard for a dedicated period of time and then resting.

Here's how to do this in your business:

1. Look at your weekly calendar and figure out where you can allot an hour or two to your business (evening between 7 and 9 pm is best).

2. During that time call as many people as you can and invite them to watch a webinar, listen to a teleconference, or view your web site. Also, schedule a time to follow-up and find out what they saw that they liked.

Here is some effective wording to use when you call: "Hey (their name), this is (your name) and I don't have much time, but what are you doing at (time) on (day)?" If they are busy, just say: "okay, no problem, I'll talk with you later" and move on. If they are available or they ask what it's all about, say: "I've got something that you've got to see. I'll call you at (5 to 10 minutes before the webinar or teleconference or when you are going to walk them through your web site). Make sure you're in front of your computer. Talk with you then."

Follow-up immediately after the webinar or teleconference or at least within 24 hours of the time they watched or listened. Ask them what they saw that they liked. If you are showing them a web site, then walk them through it while you are on the phone. As they hit new information, as questions like: "Isn't that interesting? What do you think of that? What are you seeing that you like? How do you think that would affect you and your family? How does that sound? Etc. DO NOT ask them what they think, because most people don't.

3. When you have someone who is excited and ready to go, get them enrolled right away. When you have people who are interested, but can't seem to make a decision, schedule some 3-way calls with upline leaders, so they can meet more of the team.

Devote a solid period of time calling to invite, following up, and doing 3-way calls every week and then rest for a few days. Each time you sprint, it will create a high level of interest, activity and results. The rest in between will enable you to push through each time you sprint. Teach this same method to your busy downline members and watch your business explode!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yoli Announces Cool Kor Bottles!

Yoli, Inc. creator of the Yoli Blastcap and Yoli Truth drink just introduced a very cool Yoli Kor bottle. You can learn more about the bottles at or if you'd like to know more about the Yoli products or business, go to