Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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Mission Possible

I'm old enough to remember the original Mission Impossible television show. It was one of my favorite shows. Some of you may remember the show or perhaps you've seen the movies with Tom Cruise. Although I've enjoyed the movies, I liked the TV show better. It had a great cast that worked together on a common mission. That's a perfect template for success in network marketing. Quite often the MI mission looked impossible at first, as our mission in network marketing often does. Yet, against all odds, the MI team managed to complete every mission. I believe this can also be the result for every person involved in network marketing. Here are the keys to making a seemingly impossible mission possible.

1. The Mission - on the TV show, they would receive a self-destructing cassette tape that provided details on the mission. It always said: "If you should accept this mission..." So, the first key to success is to know and accept the mission. In network marketing, your mission is to help as many people become successful as you possibly can. The more people you help become successful, the greater your success. Next, you need to determine why you want to achieve that mission? Perhaps it's so that you or your spouse can quit a job? Maybe it's so that you can spend more time with your children or place them in private school? Could it be that you want more time freedom to travel and do the things you enjoy? Maybe you want to be more generous and help people in need? Once you have a mission and you know why you need to complete the mission, you are ready to move on to step two.

2. The Plan - once the MI team had accepted the mission, they laid out a plan. A plan is also critical to accomplishing your mission in network marketing. How are you going to help thousands of people become successful? Well, you have to start with the first person. Who is that person going to be? Next, you need to help them uncover their mission and the reason for succeeding. Then you help them find their first person and teach them how to teach that person the plan. Once you've gone down a few levels successfully and are seeing duplication, you can find person number 2 and replicate the plan. As you become more efficient at this, you will grow quicker.

3. The Team - the real key to MI success was the team. They had a great combination of people and talents. As you build your network marketing team, invest time to discover the talents in your team. Some may be excellent speakers and could do local meetings or teleconferences. Others may have web design experience and could build a team web site. Some may have internet marketing experience and could help you develop an online marketing system. While some may be experienced salespeople or sales managers and could do some basic sales training for your team. Don't try to do everything yourself; utilize the talent in your team. A great acrostic for TEAM is Together Everyone Achieves More. If you all work together, you will have much greater success than you will individually.

4. The Team Meeting - with mission and plan in hand, the MI team would have a meeting to discuss implementation of the plan. They would divvy up the tasks and strategize how they would work together. At various times during the show, two or three of them would work together to accomplish one or a series of tasks. You too should meet (in person or by phone) with your team regularly. Make sure that everyone knows their daily tasks or objectives and are working on them and towards the accomplishment of their mission. Have members work together to help each other accomplish difficult tasks and to encourage each other through tough times.

5. The Recognition - when the MI team would finish their mission they would be recognized for their success. As the team leader, you too should recognize the accomplishments of your team - when they make their first contact, sponsor their first person, help a downline member sponsor their first person, receive their first check or commission payment, hit their first rank or advance to another rank, and so on. You should be recognizing people every week and since everyone loves recognition, they will thrive in your system.

The Mission Impossible team always accomplished their mission because they all knew the mission and why they needed to finish it. They had a great team with many talents. There was a great plan in place with each person doing their job. They met often to discuss progress and make sure the plan moved forward and they were recognized for their accomplishments. If you follow this MI system, you too will be incredibly successful in network marketing.