Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Great Teleclass Last Night

We had a great 2 Percent Plan affiliate teleclass last night. I talked about how to use the new lead generation system to increase their income by at least $100 a month, generate enough leads to sponsor 2 new people into their network marketing business every month, and how to build a six-figure income with in the next 2 years working part-time.

If you aren't part of The 2 Percent Plan, then you missed out on this call, but we are going to have a recording in the exclusive back office in the near future and there will be at least monthly calls of this nature. You can join by going to You'll get a copy of my dynamic new book The 2 Percent Plan, the rights to re-sell it and earn $20 commission on each sale, an awesome marketing system to help you do that, a fantastic lead generation and conversion system that will help you build your network marketing business, and a bunch of free reports that will shoot you to the top of your company. Click on the link above and start using The 2 Percent Plan to build your network marketing business. Teach it to your downline and watch your network explode.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Build Your Network Marketing Business with You Tube

You Tube was founded in 2005 and is the leader in online video and the premier site to watch and share videos worldwide. Now, you can produce your own training or promotional videos and have them available to millions of people in just minutes.

Visit and take a look at what people are putting up on the site. You can search by topic, for example mlm or network marketing or home business or The 2% Plan (my new lead generation system) and see how many videos are up under that topic.

Your first step is to record a video. Determine what topic you are going to cover and then write a script or some notes. You could do the video yourself or have someone interview you or have a discussion with another person. Next, you’ll need a digital video camera that will allow you to upload the video clip to your computer. If you don’t have a camera, we recommend Flip Video ( which you can buy online or at local retailers. You’ll also find them on E-bay.

Here are some video strategies from Andy Jenkins, owner of StomperNet and also an Oscar winner: Shoot your video in three parts:

Part One – establish a problem the viewer is dealing with. Then begin by telling a story that leads the viewer to a powerful solution. Make the story personal and provide a testimony of fixing the problem and if possible show them the financial or physical result.

Part Two – go over the personal benefits of your solution (in other words, what’s in it for the viewer). Give them bullet points from actual experience. Cover the how and why this will work for them. Generate a high level of interest by reminding them that they can do it. Then walk them through the simple steps to success.

Part Three – conclude with an urgent call to action. Tell your viewer exactly what they should do next. Reiterate the problem, solution, and benefits. Help your viewer envision themselves after achieving success and you’ve got yourself a hot candidate.

Make sure the video is no longer than 10 minutes or you won’t be able to upload it on to You Tube. If it must be longer than 10 minutes, break it up into multiple parts and load the videos separately. As you are filming, look directly into the camera, relax, and have fun. Video is a great way to meet your prospects face-to-face and make a great first impression.

Once you have a completed video, you can also load it on other social networking sites, such as Plaxo, MySpace, Bebo, and MetaCafe. If you are really serious about this and your budget allows, you can use Traffic Geyser ( to submit your videos to social networking, social bookmarking, and search engine sites. The service is only $97 a month and will save you many hours.

So, if you’ve always wanted to be in the movies, this is your chance and use it to build a massive network marketing business that will provide you with the lifestyle of your dreams.

*This training is in the back office training system of my new funded business proposal The 2 Percent Plan. It is just one of many great internet and network marketing training pieces you'll find in the back office as an affiliate. For more informaton click HERE.

Still time to join

I'm doing my first training call for The 2 Percent Plan affiliates tonight at 6 pm Pacific Time. I'm going to be talking about how you can use The 2 Percent Plan to attract quality leads for your network marketing business, convert those leads into distributors/associates, get paid to do it, and build a massive network marketing business that will result in total time and financial freedom. If you are an affiliate check your e-mail for the call instructions. If you aren't an affiliate, but have been thinking about it, click HERE to join.