Saturday, August 2, 2008

Breaking News: The 2 Percent Plan additions

Hi All,

Hopefully you have already purchased my new e-book, The 2 Percent Plan and are part of our free affiliate program. Several years ago I wondered why approximately 98% of the people who join a network marketing company never make a full-time income and why the other 2% make, on the whole, large incomes. This led me to a path of research and interviews that resulted in answers to both questions. I've included the results in The 2 Percent Plan. Although the information contained in this new e-book is simple and you may have even heard it before, non-the-less, it is the foundation for success in network marketing

The idea behind the free affiliate program is to eliminate the 2 inherent problems in network marketing: takes too long to begin earning residuals and a lack of solid leads. The 2 Percent Plan affiliate program gives you the right to re-sell the new e-book and earn $20 per sale. While marketing the book, you will attract people interested in network marketing, who will complete form on your capture page (supplied with the free marketing system). These are potential leads for your network marketing business.

We recognized that the most important part of this process is converting those leads into associates/distributors in your business and so we have been working on a phone script and follow-up e-mail, plus some other training that will help you convert your 2 Percent Plan leads into downline members in your network marketing business. These additions will be available in the back office training area within the next 2 weeks.

I also plan to offer regular free teleconferences for our affiliates teaching how to convert leads and build your network marketing business using The 2 Percent Plan. If you are already a big money earner in network mareting, you probably don't need this program, but people in your downline probably do. So, please spread the word. If you aren't already earning a full-time income in network marketing, you definitely need this program. Go to our site at and order the e-book. For a one time investment of just $45 you get the power-packed e-book; complete marketing system with capture page; sales letter with e-commerce ordering system and instant delivery of the e-book; pre-programmed autoresponders; and a back office training and tracking sytem. This would cost you between $5000 and $10000 to create yourself, but you get it all for just $45. Make three book sales and you've covered your investment and made a $15 profit.

Finally, there is a system designed by top network marketers specifically for network marketers that will help people earn while they prospect. Now, you can have an endless supply of people who are interested in network marketing and earn money to generate these leads. If you aren't already part of The 2 Percent Plan, go to and join us. This is a truly ground floor opportunity, so don't wait. Do it today.

Have an awesome day!


Friday, August 1, 2008

4 Steps to Network Marketing Success

Network marketing (MLM) is a very simple business. It's a wonder to me why everyone doesn't make big money. Here are the four steps necessary for you to be successful:

1. Learn your business - study the company materials. Learn the company story - who? what? when? why? where? how? Study the products/services and the competition. Get statistics on the industry. Research the other network marketing companies that you compete with and determine your strengths and weaknesses. Talk with other successful distributors about how they have built their business. Get on the company e-mail distribution list and voice mail system (if your company has one), so that you can stay current. Buy all the training programs, CD’s, DVD’s, manuals, brochures, books, etc., so that you can have a better understanding of everything about your business. Listen to CD’s on your business whenever you are in the car. Tune in to the company teleconferences or web conferences. Attend all company and distributor sponsored meetings.

2. Do the business - get started right away, even while you are doing the research for number 1. You will learn more about your business by doing it then you will by researching it. Get out there and start talking to people. When they ask you something you don't know, say, "that's a good question and I don't know the answer, but I'll find out and get back with you." Go get the answer and call them back. Start making phone calls, meeting with people in person, conducting your own opportunity meetings, do your own teleconferences or web conferences, and have regular trainings for you downline. Ask your sponsor or another qualified upline leader to help with 3-way calls and meetings. Develop a duplicatable system that works.

3. Teach the business - when you sponsor a new distributor, you are responsible to that person to help them get started and send them down the path toward success. Teach them partially through what you say and mostly by what you do. They will follow your lead. Show them how to prospect by doing it. Show them how to sponsor by doing it. Show them how to retail by doing it. Show them how to train by doing it. Provide them with the tools to be successful. During the first 30 days stay in touch daily. Offer to mail or e-mail information to prospects until they are up to speed. Suggest doing some 3-way calls and an in-home business briefing (which you will conduct, so they can see how to do a briefing). Encourage them to attend all the meetings, conferences, and conventions. Help them set goals and a plan to reach those goals. Keep your new distributors heading in the right direction.

4. Teach them to teach the business - when you uncover leaders who begin to develop their own downline team, teach them how to teach the business to their downline. Teach about the power of example. Give them tools they can use to teach their downline how to sponsor, retail and train.

That's it. It's just that simple. If you will follow these 4 steps, you will achieve huge success in network marketing.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

How to Convert Leads in an MLM Funded Business System

The whole idea of a funded business system is to generate leads for your network marketing business. Each person who fills out the contact information on your capture page is a potential lead. In the following training, you will learn how to contact, qualify, and convert those people.

Those who complete your contact form will fall into three categories:

1. Looking for a network marketing business.
2. Already with a network marketing company, but not happy.
3. Already with a network marketing company and happy.

Categories 1 and 2 are great prospects for your network marketing company right now. Category 3 may take some time, but odds are that if you do a good job of relationship building, they will join you within a year.

Here are some methods of approaching these people and building relationships.


When a person fills out the contact form on your capture page, you will receive it by e-mail. The information includes their name, e-mail address, and phone number. The best way to begin the lead conversion process is to call them.

When you call, introduce yourself, remind them of the site they visited, and find out if they are already in a network marketing company or not. If they are, find out if they’re completely happy. If they are looking for not happy with their current company, you’ve got a prospect for your network marketing business. Ask if you can provide information and then do a good job of following-up (see below).

Make sure that you take good notes during the phone calls, so that as you follow-up, you can show them how much you care, by remembering things about their lives. People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care about them. Remembering details shows them that you are paying attention and care.


If you are either not comfortable on the phone or you don’t have the time to do it, you can follow-up by e-mail, however you drop the odds of success quite a few percentages this way. E-mails have a way of disappearing or being filtered and it’s much easier to ignore an e-mail than a person on the phone. So, if you are serious about success in network marketing, you should work through the fear of the telephone or re-arrange your schedule so you have dedicated phone time for your business. However, if you’re not ready to do either of those, here are some ideas for creating an e-mail message.

First, keep the message short. Mention the site they visited and then ask if they are looking for a network marketing company or already with one. Don’t try to sell them on anything in this message. If they don’t respond, e-mail them again. I e-mail 3 times without response before I move on.


Ineffective follow-up is one of the primary reasons why people don’t succeed in network marketing. Quite often you will have a prospect who seems interested, so you provide them with some information, but they don’t return your calls or e-mails, so you assume that they aren’t interested. In most cases that is a bad assumption, because in most cases, when you speak with them, they’ll show a high level of interest. So, the key is effective follow-up.

You will have over a third of the people who fill out your contact form who will already be with a company, so this step is critical in bringing them into your company sometime in the near future.

You can purchase database software like ACT! or you can develop something in Excel or use the contact management portion of Outlook, or you can use a professionally designed system like Oprius. Which is my preference. Click HERE for information and a free trial.

However you do it is fine, but make sure you have an effective database in which you can store pertinent information about prospects and then easily find that information at a later date. It’s great if the system also reminds you to follow-up.

Once you have a database, the next step is to develop a series of e-mails that you either manually send or use an autoresponder service like Get Response. For information, click HERE. You’ll want to mix some phone calls in with the e-mails, with the purpose of building relationship. In your e-mails and calls you can recommend free (and paid) resources, social networks, articles, blogs, etc. This will help you show that you care about the person and not just getting them into your business (even though that is also your intention). People will join you because they trust and respect you. Also, because you can offer them a marketing system that will help them build a successful business.

If you do a good job with all of this, you’ll add new people to your network marketing business every month.

*Note: A more detailed training, including phone scripts, e-mails, and more is included in the back office training system of Rod Nichols' The 2 Percent Plan funded business proposal. For more information, go to

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How to Prospect Without Joining the NFL (No Friends League)

One of the most common mistakes I see made in network marketing is what I call the “vomit approach”. A new network marketer learns about their company and products and then excitedly vomits that information on friends and family. This not only confuses the prospect, but the hype turns them off. Soon they are avoiding the new network marketer. The better approach is to ask questions and find pain areas. Then present the appropriate information. The results are always much better.

Unfortunately, most people like to talk more than listen. I believe that God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason - listen twice as much as you talk. To help you learn to ask more questions, I'm going to give you a simple acronym - F.O.R.M.

The "F" is for Family. Ask your prospect about his/her family. Talk about the kids. Discuss family goals. Ask if he/she has as much time with the family as they would like. Talk about vacations, their home, vehicles, college, etc. If they mention that they haven't had a vacation in a long time, that they work long hours and don't get to spend time with the family or that they don't know where the money will come from for college, then you've got a pain area.

The "O" is for Occupation. Ask about their job or business - how is it going? Any downsizing going on? Merger or buyout possibilities? Long-term viability of their job? Making as much money as they would like? If they show some doubt about their job or make comment about the lack of money or the amount of stress, then you've got a pain area.

The "R" is for Recreation. Ask about vacations, hobbies, golf, boating, bowling, etc. If your prospect complains about lack of vacation time at work, lack of money to take a vacation or lack of time to really enjoy any outside activities, then you've got a good pain area.

The "M" is for Money. Talk about the insecurity of the economy and social security. Ask what they are doing to prepare for future retirement. Ask about investments. Ask what they do with spare money each month. If they complain about not enough money or concern over their ability to retire some day, then you have a pain area.

F.O.R.M. makes it easy to remember, but you don't have to ask questions in order. You may find yourself flipping around. My suggestion, the first few times, is to write a series of questions and talk with people on the phone. That way you have a good start and if you get stuck, you can refer to the list.

By asking questions, you uncover needs and wants. Then you can go back to the prospect and say something like: “Mary, we were talking the other day and you mentioned (quickly review the pain areas) and I felt bad for you. I don’t know if you’d be interested or if this is even right for you, but I just might have a solution and shame on me if I don’t let you know about it. I’ve found a unique home based business that has great income potential, offers excellent tax benefits, and provides the opportunity for you to have more free time. In your case it could help with each of the areas you mentioned. Would you be interested in taking a look?” Most will say “yes” and then you can present your business as a solution to their issues. This will dramatically increase your close ratios and once they’ve joined, you’ll be able to help them build a business that will eliminate those pain areas.

The best thing about this approach is that you won’t alienate any of your friends or family members. They won’t see you as a salesperson and run away. Rather they will see you as someone who provided them a great solution to their struggles.

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