Saturday, August 9, 2008

Breaking News: Free Teleconferences

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Facing Rejection

“No, I can't see myself doing something like that!” “This is one of those pyramid schemes!” “No one ever makes any money in these deals!” “You're a fool for spending your time, this is a scam!”

Sound familiar? These are all things I’ve heard during my time in network marketing. The critics are always there to reject you and try to steal your dreams. Don't let them. After all, will they be paying your mortgage or car payments? Are they going to send your kids through college? Will they be there to take care of you when you’re elderly? NO! So, don't worry about what they say, listen to your heart.

If you have done your due diligence and believe in your company, products, and upline, then you can never truly experience rejection. People who say “no” or make comments like those above are just misinformed, misdirected, misguided, have not received enough information, or are just not at the right time in their lives. They are not rejecting you, the company or products.

Here is some great ways to prepare you for the NO's:

1. Belief - you must gain a strong belief in your company, products, upline and most of all yourself. Attend all the trainings and business briefings you can find. Go to annual conventions and regional conferences. Get on the company e-mail and voice mail system. Listen to every company CD and watch every DVD. If possible, visit the corporate facilities and talk with the founder(s) of the company. Time, training and experience will build your belief system to the point where you are bullet proof.

2. Attitude - you have the gold mine and you're offering it to other people. If they don't want to dig, that's their loss. Just continue to offer it. Eventually you will find enough people to dig and you will enjoy financial security and time freedom.

4. Message and the messenger - you are just the messenger. You must continually remind prospects not to judge the opportunity (the message) by you or your success (the messenger). Your company and products are the message.
Help your prospects understand that they must review the information carefully and then make a good, educated decision.

NO's are necessary for success in network marketing. Each time someone says NO, find out why. That will help you to provide the right information at the right time. It will also help you understand that it has nothing to do with you.
The more rejection you can handle, the greater your success in network marketing.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

4 Ways to Generate MLM Leads

If you are planning to be successful in network marketing, you're going to need a large supply of leads. Here are four simple ideas for generating your own leads:

1. Free Classified Ads - search the internet for "free classifieds" and you'll find thousands of sites where you can post free ads. Get enough of these out there consistently enough and you'll see a steady stream of leads.

2. Social Networking - MySpace and Facebook, are two of the top social networking sites. On these sites you build lists of friends, who as you build relationship, could become members of your network marketing downline. Put up a site and start making friends.

3. E-zine Marketing - If you can write a decent article, there are tons of e-zines looking for content. Write articles that are informational, but also drive traffic to your web site.

4. Funded Business Proposal - sell an information piece that would be of interest to network marketers. People who respond are already interested, so all you have to do is figure out how to get them interested in your network marketing program.

If you would like a simple to use, in-expensive, marketing system that will help you generate tons of leads click HERE.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

MLM: I Hate to Sell

Have you ever heard this from a prospect? Maybe you've even said it yourself. It's funny that I've been in professional selling for well over 30 years and I still hate to sell. Why do we all hate to sell so much?

I believe it has to do with our perceptions of selling. Most of us think of salespeople as pushy - selling people things they don't want or need. Who would feel good about doing that? Yet, sales is one of our most important occupations. Think of how difficult it would be for the surgeon to perform lifesaving surgery without instruments, pharmaceuticals, gowns, masks, and medical equipment.
Salespeople sold all of those things to the Dr., clinic or hospital.

Selling is nothing more that finding a need and filling it. You already know what needs your products/services fulfill, so your job is to ask questions and find people who have those needs.

Selling is sharing. If you believe in your products/services, you will want to tell everyone about them. You will share your success stories and those of other distributors and customers. No, not everyone is going to buy. Even though they need what you have, they may still say no. That's ok.

I would love to tell you that you can succeed in network marketing without selling. That the products sell themselves, but frankly my products have never jumped off the shelf and convinced a prospect of their value. You will need to sell people on the value of your products and opportunity. So, how do you learn to sell.

Well, actually we are all very natural salespeople. Think about the last time you really wanted to go to your favorite restaurant and your spouse or a friend wanted to go somewhere else. What did you do to convince him or her? You sold the benefits of the restaurant: the great environment, service and food, how much fun it would be, how excellent the food tastes, and so on.

There are many good books and tapes on selling. My favorite book is How to Master the Art of Selling by Tom Hopkins. Also, check your local paper for local seminars on selling. If you have a community college in your town, they may also have classes on sales that you can take in the evening.

The key to sales is to find a need, explain the benefits of the products and how they will help your prospect fill his or her need. If you have built some solid trust and have successfully shown the benefits, the prospect will probably buy. If he or she doesn't, find out why. If they are still misinformed, find printed information that will educate them and ask them to try your products again. If they still don't buy, keep good records and contact them periodically with new information. Don't hassle them, educate them.
Very soon you will have a good customer who will most likely turn into your best distributor.

Selling makes the world go round and makes your network marketing business grow.

NOTE: A great way to not have to sell is to have an endless supply of leads - people who are already sold on network marketing and are just looking for the right company. Take a look at and you'll learn about an exciting new system that will enable you to generate that endless supply of leads and get paid to do it.

Monday, August 4, 2008

MLM: Dealing with Different People Differently

Have you ever had one of those presentations where you really hit it off with a prospect? It was like the two of you had known each other for twenty years. Then, in the same day you talk with a prospect and no matter what you say or do, you can't seem to make any progress.

Sound familiar? This is a common problem for network marketers. The reason for this is that every person has their own personality.

There are four distinct personalities, so if you are dealing with all people the same way, then you are only handling a quarter of the people correctly. No person is ever totally one personality. We are all mixtures, but you will discover that people operate primarily in one of the four types. Here are the four personality types you will encounter and the associated characteristics:

Analytical & Amiable:

Ask a lot of questions; speak softly; move slowly; very little eye contact; will lean back in chair; no hand gestures; patient; cooperative; calm.

Driver & Expressive:

Tells you things; speak loudly; fast movements; direct eye contact; lean toward you; animated hand gestures; impatient; competitive; excitable; enthusiastic; outwardly; positive.

As you meet prospects, try to determine their personality type. Take notes and compare them to the characteristics listed in this section. The more you study personalities and the better you understand how to recognize them, the better you will do in business and in life. Next, you will want to know how to best handle each personality type.


Let them feel they are right; give them facts first; stress the rational and logical facts; observe time constraints; compliment them regularly; give quick, precise answers.


Dress professionally; get right to the point; do not waste time; stress results; ask questions that force attention; change voice inflection to maintain interest; put everything in writing; let them feel they are in control; give them choices.


Be friendly and build rapport quickly; talk emotionally; don't pressure them; take your time; reassure them regularly; allow them to include others in decisions; give them one positive choice; help them justify their decision.


Present the "big picture"; talk emotionally; recognize them as being important; put details in writing and explain carefully; reassure them regularly.

Recognizing the different personality types and being capable of working with them at their level will make prospecting more fun and you will recruit more people with less effort.

* I dedicate an entire chapter to this topic in my new book The Twelve Power Secrets for Network Marketing Success. You can order it by visiting my web site at and clicking on the Store tab.