Thursday, November 12, 2009

4 Fuels for Your Network Marketing Rocket

As with any rocket, you need to give your network marketing business fuel. There are four fuels that will take to to the stars:

1. Purpose and Goals - the highest octane fuel is your purpose. It's the "why" for your business. First you must figure out why you are in network marketing, then you can determine the goals necessary to achieve your purpose. Your purpose will keep you going when the times get tough and the goals will keep you on track.

2. Faith - if you have done a good job of selecting the right company, then your belief should be strong and will grow over time. In the meantime, have faith that things are going to work out. You must eliminate any non-belief. Have faith in your company, products, upline, and most of all yourself. Faith will help you keep going when the naysayers start telling you that this won't work.

3. Education/Knowledge - if you want to achieve big success in network marketing, you must become a master network marketer. This requires you to read everything you can get a hold of - books, publications, newsletters, online forums and newsgroups, etc. Attend seminars put on by your company and those that are generic. Listen to tapes about your company, products and network marketing in general. Find a mentor within your company - someone who has already achieved a high level of success and is willing to work with you. The greater your knowledge and understanding of how to use that knowledge, the greater your success will be.

4. Action - this is where you put all the fuels together to produce an explosion. This is also the most important phase, as it's the one that will make you money. From your goals, set daily activities. Push yourself beyond your usual level of activity. Remember that all you have to do is build for 2 to 5 years and if you do it right, you'll never have to work again. Action is what ignites the fuels. You can have all the other's, but if you don't launch into action, nothing will happen. Do something every day to build your business and if you want massive results, you need massive action.

If you have found the right company, it's your rocket. Now you have the four necessary fuels. Now it's time to fuel your rocket and blastoff!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Even our Orange Juice Isn't Healthy or Safe!

Yoli Launched on the 6th

Yoli pre-launched on the 6th with over $1 million dollars in sales on day one. To my knowledge that's the biggest network marketing launch to date. They also launched with over 5,000 distributors and are anticipating that number doubling by the end fo the year. The official launch will occur on January 22-24 2010 in Las Vegas where the company will announce a new product and upcoming plans promotion and expansion.