Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yoli is the Real Deal

I've been in the network marketing industry for 30 years and during that time I have gained the knowledge to know the difference between the real deal and what I call a Wizard of Oz company. If you remember in the old movie, Dorothy, Toto and the crew arrive at the Emerald Palace and they are finally going to get to see the Wizard of Oz. However, there they are confronted by fire and smoke and a big blurry face with a booming voice. The Wizard looks big and powerful. However, little Toto pulls away the curtain to reveal a man. The booming voice says, "Don't mind that man behind the curtain." Well that's the way so many network marketing companies are out there right now. They have big name people out front, lot's of glitz, glammor, smoke and mirrors, but no substance inside.

I'm here to tell you that this new company Yoli, that Troy Dooly has been talking about on his video blog, is the real deal. Two of the founders, Robby Fender and Daren Falter are friends of mine. I worked with them in another network marketing company back in the nineties. In fact Daren was a business partner of mine and I'm not sure there is anyone else in the industry that garners as much respect as Daren Falter. He and Robby are both high integrity guys. I've also now met Rick Eisele who is the CFO for Yoli and he too is a high integrity guy. Adding in Michael Pritchard, Corey Citron, and Bobby Jones, you've got an amazing management team that has tremendous experience both in building large traditional businesses, as well as in network marketing. I've researched well over 1,000 network marketing companies over the last 30 years and one key factor to success is the right management team and Yoli has one of the best, if not the best team I've seen in the last 3 decades.

Beyond the management team is financing. Most network marketing start-up companies are usually cash poor. Not Yoli. This company has been fully funded by the founders. As Robby Fender says, "we've got skin in the game." They have all written very big checks to finance Yoli and will continue doing so until the company launches (estimated in late September to early October). This is a big plus in my book, as it shows me that the founders are fully invested - they are all in and will do what is necessary to make Yoli a success.

I also like that these guys have been successful distributors. I've been with network marketing companies that were started by corporate guys who had never been distributors and frankly, they made decisions that destroyed my business and that of others like me. Robby, Daren and crew know what it is like to be out in the field as a distributor and they will make decisions that are good for the distributor.

Then there is the product. It's the first new and unique technology I've seen in network marketing in the last 20 years. This BlastCap technology is going to rock the functional beverage market. Plus, part of Yoli's mission is to unveil all the hidden stuff in this industry - hot filling and pasteurizing that kill nutrients, sugar - the #1 cause of the obesity epidemic in America, artificial sweetners that are toxic, preservatives that are harmful if swallowed, artifical colors and flavors, fillers and binders, and more. Finally someone has done it right - a nutritional drink that really has in it what the label says. Yoli is bringing the TRUTH to the functional beverage industry and to network marketing. Interestingly enough that is the name of their first product, which is a citrus health blast. I've tasted this product and it's very good - best nutritional drink I've tasted. Plus, it's packed with a tremendous mix of nutrients including the patented Alka-Plex formula, white tea extract, resveratrol, acai, gogi, pomegranite, gaba, and more.

I'm very excited about the Yoli products for several reasons. First, the product is an excellent nutritional product. Second, it's going to encourage people to drink more water, which is always a good thing. Third, the BlastCap makes the Yoli products tremendously demonstratable. Click HERE to watch a video about the BlastCap techology. Imagine going to the health club and blasting a Yoli drink in front of other people. They've never seen anything like it and are going to want to know more. OR what if your child or grandchild took a Yoli drink to a sporting event and blasted it in front of all their friends. Every kid is going to want one, because it's cool. Plus, the parents are going to love the Yoli drinks because they are good for the children. How about a health and wellness fair - blasting Yoli drinks in front of attendees and then giving them a bottle. That would be the most popular booth at the fair. This is an amazing product that is going to change the industry.

Next is the compensation plan. Yoli is using a binary hybrid plan similar to that used by Mona Vie and it vaulted that company to $1.5 billion in sales during it's first four years of business. However, the Yoli founders have added some features to the plan that are going to rock the network marketing industry. First, they added a Break Even bonus that will enable distributors to quickly cover their autoship and dramatically increase distributor retention. Second, they added about five times as many ranks/pin levels as the average network marketing company, which means that distributors are going to get recognized early and often. Some times it's the recognition that keeps people going long enough to make money and stay in the game. This is the first compensation plan I've seen in the last 30 years that is totally fair to the average person (about 95% of the network marketing industry) and yet is lucrative enough to attract the big hitters.

Speaking of big hitters, Yoli is attracting many top income earners from throughtout the industry. I'm not at liberty to release the names, but it's a who's who of the industry.They are recognizing a winner and what will probably be the next network marketing giant and are now building massive networks on paper for the launch in the fall. I'm expecting Yoli to launch with over 20,000 distributors and approach 75,000 to 100,000 by the end of the year.

The next key factors are timing and trends. Yoli is in a pre-enrollment phase that will last until late September or early October (according to the founders). At that point they will move into a pre-launch phase until the end of the year and will then have a big launch party in January.

Now, I've never been a big fan of pre-launch, ground floor opportunities, but Yoli just has too much going for it and I would say it's worth the risk and in fact I think the risk is very low. During this pre-enrollment phase, people can complete their applications and order forms and get positioned in the binary plan. Obviously, the quicker a person joins, the higher up in the legs they are. Then they have the opportunity to build a large network on paper and when the company launches they will start at a high rank level and with a high check. This is a rare opportunity for most people. I personally have never experienced it. So, as long as you are willing to take a bit of a risk, the timing is perfect for Yoli.

As for trends, Yoli is perfectly positioned in front of three major marketing trends that will drive this company through massive growth for years to come. First, is the entrepreneurial boom which has been going on for some time due to the changes in the corporate world, but is now being heavily fueled by down economy. There are millions of people who have lost their jobs, lost money in the stock market, or are just looking for a way to make some extra money and secure their financial future. Second, is the trillion dollar wellness industry that is fueled by the aging of the Baby Boomers. Third, is the multi-billion dollar functional beverage market (vitamin waters, energy drinks, super fruit beverages, flavored waters, sport drinks, etc.). When I analyze companies either for myself or others I want to see that the company is positioned in front of at least one major and growing market trend, but in this case, Yoli will be driven by three massive trends.

I believe that network marketing should be a fun experience. Yes, we all work very hard to build large networks and walk-away residual income, but we also love to play and Yoli is a company that is going be a fun place to be. They have already announced the annual Yoli Cruise which will be in April of 2010 on the Royal Carribbean Oasis of the Seas; the largest and most technologically advanced cruise ship on the planet. Everyone in Yoli is invited to attend and distributors can win a cruise for two. They are also planning many other incentive trips that will enable distributors to meet the founders and other top distributors. I believe this is going to be a very fun company.

Finally, the company founders have grateful hearts and want to give back to society. They have created the YoliGive program where a percentage of the Yoli product sales will go into a fund that will be distributed to non-profit organizations that are doing good things for the world. A couple of programs they have announced are the PharmaBlast Save a Life and the Trees for the Future programs. Distributors will also have the opportunity to give into these and other programs.

Although they are just getting started, Yoli has the makings of a network marketing giant - excellent management team, unique highly consumable product, fair and lucrative compensation plan, major market trends, outstanding training and support, and the right heart.If you would like to watch a pre-recorded company webinar about Yoli, click HERE. I anticipate that in a few years we will all see Yoli as a top company in the industry.