Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dot-to-Dot Recruiting

We've all done one of those pictures where you connect the dots to complete the picture. You start out with just a bunch of dots and end up with a picture of a horse or something. Some of the best recruiters in our industry sponsor people in exactly the same way.

The first dot represents a prospect who says yes, completes a distributor application, purchases products, or whatever is necessary to sign up with your company.

Once you have all the paperwork out of the way, you tell your new recruit that you intend to recruit 10 people underneath him/her. Then you ask the key question, "Who would you like to put on your front line to also benefit from my recruiting efforts?" They will probably give you several names. Work with the new recruit to find five to ten who are motivated, successful, entrepreneurial and most of all open-minded. Mail an information packet and set up a time to do 3-way follow-up calls with your new recruit.

When you make the 3-way calls, your new distributor will start the call by introducing you as his/her new business partner. You take over from there. First, mention the information packet that was mailed and then ask if they have any questions or concerns. When they ask a question or issue a concern, don't answer it immediately, instead write it down and ask if they have any others. When all are out on the table ask, "if we were able to answer your questions and concerns to your satisfaction, would you be in a position to join our company?" If they say no, find out why not. If they say yes, answer the questions and concerns.

Once you have them committed, you begin the process again, by letting them know that you are going to build a network of 9 people under them. Ask who they would like on their front-line to benefit from your recruiting efforts. Keep repeating this process until you have all ten dots connected under your original distributor. Then teach the new distributors how to continue connecting the dots below them.

The result of all this will be a huge, duplication machine.