Thursday, October 27, 2011

F.O.R.M Your Network Marketing Success

Most network marketers talk too much and don't listen enough, which is why so many don't succeed. Here is a proven method that will produce great success in both the warm and cold markets. The key is to ask questions about areas of life using the acronym FORM (easy to remember):

The "F" is for Family. Ask your prospect about his/her family. Talk about the kids. Discuss family goals. Ask about time with the family. Talk about vacations, their home, vehicles, college, etc. Anything negative indicates a pain area.

The "O" is for Occupation. Ask about their job or business - downsizing, merger, buyout, new boss, business down, long term viability, pay? Any negative comments indicates a possible pain area.

The "R" is for Recreation. Ask about vacations, hobbies, golf, boating, bowling, etc. If your prospect complains about lack of vacation time at work, lack of money to take a vacation or lack of time to really enjoy any outside activities, then you've got a good hot button.

The "M" is for Money. Talk about the insecurity of the economy and social security. Ask what they are doing to prepare for future retirement - investments. Tell them that you've started a new business and will be making a lot of money in the coming years, so you're going to need some good investments, have they come across anything? If they complain about not enough money or concern over their ability to retire some day, then you have a pain area.

By asking questions, you uncover needs and wants. Once you have uncovered your prospect's pain areas, you can then present information about your company, products and opportunity that will eliminate the pain. You will be amazed at how receptive they will be to what you have to say when you are delivering a solution rather than a sales pitch.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Network Marketing Perks

One of the things I love about network marketing, beyond the time and financial freedom, is the perks. We've been on trips and cruises, won merchandise and free products, and just this last week we were awarded our first luxury car, as we qualified for the Yoli Luxury Car Program. Here is a video of us driving away in our 2011 Mercedes C300 paid for by Yoli. Thanks to the Yoli founders and to God for this amazing car.

If you would like to join us in this incredible business, go to, complete the form and peruse the site. In a short time you could be driving a free Mercedes, BMW, or Cadillac!

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