Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Unless you've been living on Mars or in a cave, you know that our economy is a mess and there are a lot of hopeless people out there. I'm so thankful that I have hope in Jesus and will spend eternity with God. I'm also thankful for my network marketing business, which gives me hope in this crazy economy. One of the great features of network marketing is that it excels in a down economy. So, I'm doubly fortunate that I can deliver hope to a struggling nation - spiritual hope in Jesus and financial hope in network marketing. If you are interested in learning more about how to gain spiritual hope through Jesus, click HERE to e-mail me. In the rest of this article I'm going to talk about financial hope:


Hope through network marketing literally means helping other people excel. The more people you help, the greater your success. So, here three tips for delivering hope:

1. Get your eyes off the money, cars, boats, trips, etc. and get them on people. Find out about their struggles, dreams, and goals and then do everything within your power to help them excel.

2. Be a responsible sponsor. Too many network marketers sponsor hundreds of people, but never train and support them. When you're a sponsor, you are responsible for the new distributors proper training and support. Take them through a training process within 48 hours of the time they enroll in your business. Help them uncover their big WHY and set goals that will lead them to the why. Help them make contact with at least their first 10 (20 is better) prospects. You can do this through in-person meetings or 3-way conference calls. During the first 5 to 10 they just introduce you and you do most of the talking. During the second 5 to 10, they do most of the talking and you just jump in if they ask or need to be rescued. After each call, offer suggestions that will help them improve.

3. Be supportive. Offer regular trainings, teleconferences, web conferences, meetings, etc. to keep your downline excited and motivated. Encourage them weekly via e-mails and phone calls. Remember to focus on them and their needs, rather than your needs. You are not their manager. Remember that this is their business and you are just there to help them succeed.

There are millions of people in the U.S. alone who are badly in need of financial hope and if you have a network marketing business, you have it. You can either keep it to yourself or spread it around and watch your business explode. The choice is yours.