Tuesday, December 6, 2011

There's Power in the 3-Way

In my 31 years of network marketing, I've had the opportunity to work with and interview hundreds of the industries top leaders. I too am one of those top leaders, having built two large networks with large full-time residual incomes. We have all built our businesses at different paces and using different methods. However, the one thing I know that we have all used to build our businesses is the 3-way call.

The unfortunate fact, is that even though 3 way calls is one of the keys to the success of most top leaders, distributors are not doing 3-way calls. In a recent meeting of approximately 50 distributors, I asked how many were doing weekly 3-way calls with upline or downline and only one person put up his hand. I also know from talking with other leaders that their downlines are effectively using this amazing business-building tool.

If the 3-way call is so important, why don't more distributors do them? I believe it is because they are afraid the prospect will feel "ganged up on" and will be offended. Since many of these calls are to friends and family members, this feeling overrides the potential for success. The distributor would rather have the call fail, than to do a 3-way call with the upline.

Personally, I think that distributors are getting the wrong impression about 3-way calls, because we (upline) are not explaining the methodology and benefits properly. So, here goes.

First, let's talk about the best way to make a 3-way call. Now, for my disclaimer. I am not saying that this is the absolute and only way to make a 3-way call. If your upline has a standard way of doing calls, than that's the way to go. If not, give this a try:

If you are making 3-way calls with your upline, the reason you have your upline on the phone is not to hammer on the prospect or as the heavy closer, but rather so between the two of you the prospect can get all of his/her questions answered. Also, so that your company can be presented in the best possible way and your prospect can make an educated decision.

Here's how the call might go:

The distributor calls upline and discusses the call prior to the appointed time. Distributor puts upline on hold by depressing the "flash" or "conference" button on their phone.The distributor should get a couple quick tones and then a regular dial tone or the opportunity to dial the next number on a cell phone, at which point he/she can dial the prospects number. When it starts ringing, press the flash key or hook button again to re-connect the upline or on a cell phone, let it connect and then join the calls. Here is the dialog when the prospect answers:

Distributor: John, hi this is Rod. I'm calling to follow-up on that information that I (sent/dropped off to) you. I have on the phone with me one of my business partners, Steve has been very successful in this business and is a really great guy. I've got Steve on the phone because I'm relatively new and I thought you would have some great questions that I couldn't answer. John this is (upline).

At this point the upline will take over the call and your job is to listen, take notes, and learn. Here is what the upline might say:

Upline: Hi John. How are you this evening? Are we catching you at a good time? Great! We appreciate you taking the time to talk with us. First I want you to know that I am strictly here to answer questions, fill in the gaps, and help provide the information you need to make a good decision. This is a very important decision and our job is to provide you with sufficient information to make an educated decision. The one favor I need to ask you is that you not say yes or no until you have received enough information to thoroughly research this business and make a good decision. Will you do that for us? Thanks! Now, did you get some time to review the information that Bob sent you?

From here the upline is going to handle the call as he/she feels fit, but it will be a very comfortable call for all involved.

Now, if you are doing the calls with your downline, you should follow the script for the upline, which will help make them more comfortable with the calls.

We recommend that every new distributor do at least thirty 3-way calls before they start talking with people on their own or doing 3-ways with their downline. After thirty calls the distributor will have heard all the main objections and questions, plus the answers. The best way to do these thirty calls is to have the upline do all of the call on the first 10. During the second 10, the distributor should do the first part of the call with the upline handling objections or answering questions. The new distributor should do all of the calls on the third 10 with the upline on for back-up.

Following you will find examples of how the 2nd and 3rd sets of calls might go.

2nd Set of 3-Way Calls:

Distributor: John, hi this is Rod. I'm calling to follow-up on that information that I (sent/dropped off to) you. I have on the phone with me one of my business partners (upline's name), who is here because I am relatively new and I thought you would have some great questions that I couldn't answer. John this is (upline). (upline and prospect say hi, then you continue) John, first off, is this a good time to talk? (If yes, continue) Did you have a chance to review the information? (If yes, continue) (If no, set a time to call again) Excellent! What did you (see/hear) that you liked best or grabbed your attention? (reinforce what they liked and keep asking for more until they run out)

Seems like you had a few things that you liked about our program. So, what questions can we answer? (upline will now help with answers)

3rd Set of 3-Way Calls:

Use the same script as in the 2nd set, except that the distributor will answer questions and call in the upline only when he/she gets stuck.

3-way calls are not only effective for quick and efficient sponsoring, but it is also a great training tool. A new distributor will learn much more by listening in on some calls then by you telling them what to do.

Now for the benefits of 3-way calls:

Distributor - fewer negative calls, better closing ratios, build network quicker.

Upline - opportunity to train, help new distributor get checks quicker, build own network.

Prospect - opportunity to hear different perspectives on the business, get all questions answered, make a good decision.

3-way calls are a win-win-win opportunity and a critical part of every success story in network marketing, so if you aren't already a leader in your company, start doing 3-way calls with your upline and if you are a leader, start doing 3-way calls with your downline. Either way, if you do this, you will see your network grow and your checks skyrocket!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Building During the Holidays

Throughout my 31 years in network marketing, it always amazed me that my slowest time of business was from Thanksgiving to New Years. Now, I fully understand that here in the U.S. we go on a mental Christmas break during that time, but what never made sense is why people didn’t use the natural networking opportunities to build their businesses. I always had great success during this time of year and I hope you will use these ideas to do the same.

First, there are all the Christmas/holiday parties. Instead of hanging around in the corner or by the food table, why not engage with people and find out how things are going in their lives. Find out what they do for a living and how things are going at their job or in their business. Look for pain areas – working too many hours, not making enough money, being taken advantage of, dead end job, business not doing well, etc. It’s very possible your network marketing business just might be the solution for these pain areas. You can also find out about their family – kids, how many, their activities, etc. Again, look for pain areas. This is also a great time to make comments about all the money spent during the holidays and see how they respond, looking for pain areas. Ask if they are going anywhere for the holidays or do they have any great vacations upcoming. All of these discussion areas will help you to build rapport and then present your business as a solution to the pain areas.

Second, are the shopping trips and all the sales clerks. When you find someone who is really doing a great job, compliment them and then say something like, “As good a worker as you are, you must get paid a lot of money to work here.” After the get up off the floor, you can say something like “I’m always on the look out for people who have a good work ethic. I’m a recruiter for a national/multi-national company that is expanding into the area. People just like you are earning a lot of money and enjoying time freedom. I’d really enjoy talking with you further, if you are interested?” If they respond with yes or what’s it all about, say “This obviously isn’t the right time to have a discussion like this, so if you would write your name and phone number, I’ll give you a call.” Here are two of my businesses cards. Please keep one and write your name and phone number on the other. Thanks.”

Third, are those holiday letters and Christmas cards sent out to family and friends. Why not include a promotional piece or information about your business. You never know who might be interested in your products/services or business or both. How can people do business with you if they don’t know you’re in business? Get the word out and watch your business grow.

This is a great season to build your business. If you use these ideas and pass these on to your downline, your business won’t decrease like so many others, your business will prosper.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Part or Full Time?

Network marketing can be a very exciting business. Most people start part-time and may at times consider going full-time. Watching others, who are working their business full-time, making big money can be a real motivator. Dynamic meetings can also get you thinking that you would rather be working your business full-time than making your boss rich.

Going full-time is a critical move. It can make or break your business, so do not take the decision lightly. First, you must be with a company that you feel for certain will be around for years to come. Second, you must have gained enough knowledge that you can spend the majority of your time sponsoring and retailing (making money). Third, you should have either 6 months of your current income in the bank or your network marketing income should equal what you need to survive each month. Fourth, you should be prepared mentally for self-employment. It takes a great deal of self-motivation to work your business every day, rather than go play and hope the business builds itself.
This will surely lead to financial ruin.

I would also suggest that, prior to going full-time, you spend some days with someone who is. Experience what they are doing, so you can have a realistic picture of what you will need to do. The more your prepare, before making the big jump, the better your chances of success.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

F.O.R.M Your Network Marketing Success

Most network marketers talk too much and don't listen enough, which is why so many don't succeed. Here is a proven method that will produce great success in both the warm and cold markets. The key is to ask questions about areas of life using the acronym FORM (easy to remember):

The "F" is for Family. Ask your prospect about his/her family. Talk about the kids. Discuss family goals. Ask about time with the family. Talk about vacations, their home, vehicles, college, etc. Anything negative indicates a pain area.

The "O" is for Occupation. Ask about their job or business - downsizing, merger, buyout, new boss, business down, long term viability, pay? Any negative comments indicates a possible pain area.

The "R" is for Recreation. Ask about vacations, hobbies, golf, boating, bowling, etc. If your prospect complains about lack of vacation time at work, lack of money to take a vacation or lack of time to really enjoy any outside activities, then you've got a good hot button.

The "M" is for Money. Talk about the insecurity of the economy and social security. Ask what they are doing to prepare for future retirement - investments. Tell them that you've started a new business and will be making a lot of money in the coming years, so you're going to need some good investments, have they come across anything? If they complain about not enough money or concern over their ability to retire some day, then you have a pain area.

By asking questions, you uncover needs and wants. Once you have uncovered your prospect's pain areas, you can then present information about your company, products and opportunity that will eliminate the pain. You will be amazed at how receptive they will be to what you have to say when you are delivering a solution rather than a sales pitch.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Network Marketing Perks

One of the things I love about network marketing, beyond the time and financial freedom, is the perks. We've been on trips and cruises, won merchandise and free products, and just this last week we were awarded our first luxury car, as we qualified for the Yoli Luxury Car Program. Here is a video of us driving away in our 2011 Mercedes C300 paid for by Yoli. Thanks to the Yoli founders and to God for this amazing car.

If you would like to join us in this incredible business, go to www.AlkalinityBiz.com, complete the form and peruse the site. In a short time you could be driving a free Mercedes, BMW, or Cadillac!

Tip 36: Rules For Writing Better Headlines

Monday, October 10, 2011

You've Got to Believe it Before You See it!

One of the main reasons I believe people fail in network marketing is that they don't believe. They don't believe in the industry and in many cases are embarrassed about being involved in network marketing. This lack of belief insures their eventual failure. So, how is your belief level? Let's take a little test:

1. When you are working your business, do you ever feel like you're doing something that's not quite above board?

2. Do you ever beat around the bush, when someone asks you about your business?

3. Have you ever felt uncomfortable contacting someone because of what they might think?

4. Have you ever hidden the fact that you are involved in network marketing?

5. Do you ever think that maybe you aren't right for network marketing or that it isn't right for you?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then you need to work on your belief level in order to become successful.
Here are some statistics that should help improve your belief system:

o Network marketing is over 50 years old and is legal in all 50 states and 130 countries.
o The network marketing industry does about $100 billion in retail sales annually.
o There are approximately 50 million distributors worldwide (7 million in the U.S.).
o An estimated 50,000 people join network marketing companies weekly.
o Business Start-Ups Magazine (a division of Entrepreneur Magazine), rated Network Marketing as one of it's 100 Best Businesses to Start.
o Amway the largest of the multi-level/network marketing companies was recently ranked as the #4 household and personal products companies. Only Proctor and Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive, and S.C. Johnson & Son were larger.
o In a recent comparison, publicly traded network marketing companies outperformed both the Dow and S&P 500 by nearly 80%!
o In Entrepreneur Magazine they wrote, "Literally thousands of people are realizing annual incomes in excess of $100,000."

Now let's look at some simple facts that support the importance of network marketing:

o There is no work security anymore. As Denis Waitley says, this is a free agent world. If you don't look out for yourself, no one else will.
o The Social Security System is in trouble and chances are most of us will never see a penny in benefits. If we do, it will be so small that we would be living only slightly above the poverty level.
o On average, Americans are saving only 4% of their income and Canadians only 1.9%.
o Credit card and consumer debt are at an all time high.
o Americans are refinancing their homes at a record pace, which means they won't have the equity they need at retirement.
o Science and medicine is keeping us alive longer, but we are getting sicker as time goes on. Healthcare costs are at an all time high and will continue to rise as the boomers get older.
o Taxes are killing both American and Canadian families, forcing spouses to both work and sometimes work part-time on the side, just to keep up.
o Parents are working longer hours and spending less time together and with their children, which is likely a big factor in the huge increase in divorces, teen pregnancies, teen alcoholism/drug abuse, and runaways.

What does network marketing offer as a solution to these problems?

o A positive, supportive environment in which to work.
o Unlimited income potential.
o Part-time effort can generate a solid full-time income.
o Work from home, so no need to be away from the family.
o Great family business, where the kids can learn about business and money.
o Spouses can dream together and work towards those dreams.
o Excellent tax benefits.
o In a short period of time (2 to 5 years) people can secure their financial future with a long-term residual stream of income.
o Residual income can result in more free time to spend with family and enjoying life.
o Network marketing companies that offer health products, are providing a potential answer to the healthcare problems - healthier people means less stress on the healthcare system.
o Network marketers can help people get control of the financial life and reduce financial pressures.
o Great opportunity for personal growth - communications, business practices, negotiations, budgeting, public speaking, human relations, advertising, public relations, marketing, sales, etc. It's one of the great personal growth courses in existence. The best part is that you earn while you learn and grow.

Ok, let's think about this realistically. You only have so many ways to make money:

1. Job - you will get paid about 25% of what you are worth, because that's all the company can afford to pay you. Plus, no matter how valuable you think you are, they will downsize you or replace you with technology at the first available opportunity. When you get too old to be productive they will figure out a way to discard you with very little in retirement benefits. They are using you! Studies have shown that between 70% and 90% of Americans hate their job. Pre-work week stress causes more people to die of heart attacks on Monday morning that any other day of the week (guess people would rather die than go to work).

2. Traditional business - you can start or buy your own business. This requires a great deal of up-front and on-going capital. You will have to work the business full-time, which usually means taking a huge financial risk. Most traditional business owners do not make much money during the first couple of years in business. As the business grows it will require hiring and managing employees, which results in the headaches of payroll, benefits, and taxes. More employees means more office space, furniture, equipment, and operational costs.
Basically the headaches just get bigger as the business gets bigger. Statistially 65% of new traditional businesses will fail with the first 2 years and 85% within 5 years.

3. Franchise - if you have big bucks (average $45,000 franchise fees, plus capitalization) you could start a franchise. McDonald's, the most successful franchise, will run you $250,000 to $500,000 for the franchise fees and around $2 million for capitalization. The worst part is that the average single franchise owner, after
2 years in business earns $100,000 to $200,000 a year.
That's not much money to work 18 hour days managing teenagers. Successful network marketers can earn that within 2 years and they don't have to work 18 hour days or take the huge financial risk.

4. Investments - many people have made fortunes in the stock market, but of course you have to have money and be in a position to risk it. It's less risky than gambling, but these days, not much. Plus, in order to do it right, you either have to entrust your money to a so called "financial expert" (most of whom are living month to month with high credit care debt just like you and me) or you have to spend hours each day studying the market in order to make good decisions.

5. Rob a bank - big money can be made with careful planning and the right team of people. However the risk is high and the downside is ugly - sharing a dark cell with Big Buck or Bad Bertha.

6. Network Marketing - low start-up costs, low risk, no experience necessary, great training and support, proven business and marketing systems, can work part-time in the beginning, no overhead, no employees, low stress, great tax advantages, unlimited residual income potential, time freedom, personal growth, travel, and fun.

Now, given those choices, which one would you choose?

Which one do you think your friends and family members would choose? Network marketing is easily the best choice.

According to CNN, a new home-based business is started every 11 seconds. Since, network marketing is unquestionably the best home-based business, there are literally millions of people out looking for what you have to offer. Your job is to sift through those who aren't looking and find those who are. Then do the best job you can of presenting your business, so that they can make an educated decision.

Franchising was the last evolution of business. Network marketing is the next. In the future there will be two classes of people, those who have networks and those who don't! In which class do you want to be?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Word of Mouth Advertising

Have you ever been to a great movie, eaten at a fantastic restaurant, or read a stimulating book? Did you tell someone about it? That's word of mouth advertising. It's the most powerful form of advertising. Did you know that block buster movies are made by word of mouth advertising. In fact, if they are still advertising the movie after it's been in the theaters for more than a week, it's a dog! It means that word of mouth is not working.

You have been contributing to the success of many businesses all your life, yet you probably haven't ever received a check from the movie theater, restaurant, or publisher. Whereas, if you are in network marketing, your word of mouth advertising is well paid.

The secret to success in network marketing is believing in your product/service and opportunity, then telling enough people to build a lucrative network. It's not about selling. In fact, if you are trying to sell people your products/services or convince them that they need your opportunity, you'll lose every time. Oh sure, you may recruit a few people, but they won't build.

You're job is not to sell, but rather to share - the products/services and the opportunity. The more fervently you belief and share, the greater will be their belief. That's how you build a large and thriving network.

As you go into each day, commit to share your products/services or opportunity with at least one new person. Promise yourself that you won't come home until you do. If you did this every day, six days a week, for a year, you would contact 312 new people. Based on statistical averages, you would recruit about 10% of those or 31 new people would join your network each year. What if they each just spoke with one new person a day? Including yourself, that would be 32 new contacts each day or 9984 each year. Based on our 10% close ratio, that would be 998 new people joining your network that year!

Word of mouth is powerful. It will make or break your business. Do it and teach it. You and your downline will thrive if you do.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Business of Educating People

Many people think of network marketing as sales, when in fact it is an educating business. As network marketers, we have three parts to our job:

1) Educate people about why they need our products/services.

2) Educate people as to why they need a network marketing business.

3) Educate new distributors on how to build a business.

Let's briefly discuss each of these:

1. Educate people about product/service - your first step is to read everything you can find about your product/service and the industry it serves. What are the benefits to your customers? What advantages do you have over your competition? When educating, you must bring new information to the prospect and teach them not only why they need your product or service, but also why they should buy it from you.

2. Educate people about your business - you need to help people understand the difference between linear income (work hard once and get paid once - hourly wage, salary, commission, bonus, fee, etc.) and residual income (work hard once and get paid the rest of your life). You need to help them understand that the old 40 year plan (work for the same company 40 years and then retire) doesn't work anymore. You should help them see that social security, pensions, and 401k accounts are not going to take care of them in their later years. Show them how they can build a residual income that will result in the time freedom necessary to truly enjoy life now and in the future.

3. Educate new distributors - teach them a duplicable system that anyone can do. Show them where they can learn about the product/service, company, and industry. Give them a meeting schedule, so they can begin to attend local business briefings and trainings. Do 3-way phone calls and 2-on-1 meetings with their prospects, so they can hear and see how to do the business. Educate by example - if you are sponsoring and retailing, so will they.

It's no wonder that teachers do so well in network marketing. They know how to listen and to educate. How about you?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Love Network Marketing

On a Saturday in April, 1979, I was introduced to network marketing (called MLM) back then. Once I saw those circles drawn, I was hooked. I recognized the power of leverage and passive income and it changed my life.

Prior to that day I was on a path. I had worked hard to get good grades in High School, so I could go to a good college. Then I worked hard in College to get good grades and graduate, so I could get a good job. I joined Motorola after graduating in 1977 and started my path to the top and was quickly promoted into management and became the guy they put into the troubled offices to fix them.

All was good (or so I thought) until that fateful day in April when my eyes were opened to passive income and I was ruined for the ordinary. The corporate world and all it's linear income just couldn't match up to the power of residuals.

It took me 10 years to figure out the game and start making significant money in network marketing, but I chalked it up to 10 years at NM University. Along the way I've had some great mentors like Mark Yarnell, John Milton Fogg, Doug Firebaugh, Denis Waitley, Robert Kiyosaki, Len Clements, Michael Clouse, and many others. My best teacher was hard knocks. He would knock me down and I'd get back up, learning persistence and perseverance along the way.

In 1994 I got tired of picking the wrong companies or wrong comp plans and decided to invest 6 months to research and find the right company. After thoroughly investigating over 100 companies, I made my choice and went on to build a large international network and high full-time income from 1995 to 2001. It was a glorious journey full of new friends, travel, recognition, and fun.

In 2001 I retired from active network building (with a very nice full-time passive income) to help a friend start a new church. Within 6 months I was called to be the Associate Pastor. Later I helped plant a second church and a ministry to the poor. As much as I love all of that, I still had network marketing flowing through my veins and so in 2009 I jumped back into the game.

Two friends of mine, Daren Falter (author of How to Select a Network Marketing Company) and Robby Fender announced that they were leaving their high ranking distributor positions with a prominent network marketing company to start their own. I was intrigued and flew to Salt Lake City to hear their vision for this new venture. I discovered that network and internet marketing legend, Corey Citron was also involved. After hearing their hearts for the new company, I joined them as a founding distributor and during the pre-launch built a network of over 2,000 people. My first check was $12,000.

One thing I have learned about network marketing is that there are a lot of people who join thinking that all they have to do is take a spot and they are going to get rich. Well, this is a business and just like any other business, you have to work it. So, during the next 6 to 9 months we had a lot of those people, who realized that they were actually going to have to work to make money, left. The true separation of the wheat from the chaff. Our network stabilized and began to grow. Today my network numbers over 3,000 and we are earning a very nice full-time income after less than 2 years in business. We also had the opportunity to enjoy a cruise (paid for by the company), trips to Hawaii and Florida, and a weekend with the founders in the mountains of Utah. The future looks bright for this company and I'm excited to be a leader and one of the top income earners.

There are many things I love about network marketing. First, I love hanging around with positive people who have dreams and aspirations. Second, I love the travel and seeing new places. Third, I love the quality products that I get to use that keep me healthy and vibrant. Fourth, I love the recognition and achievement. Fifth, I love the money, the passive income. Finally and my most favorite, is the freedom. I have to pinch myself every day, because I can get up whenever I want, work when I want, play when I want, and do whatever I want every day. It's the best and there is no other business out there that can provide that to the average person.

That's why I love network marketing!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Retiring Poor

Why should people be interested in network marketing?

There are many reasons - great products, tax benefits of a home-based business, personal development, meet new people, make more money, and many others. One of the main reasons should be so they don't have to retire poor.

In the past, a person could go to work for a company, work 40 years and retire with a comfortable pension. This is no longer the case. Corporate downsizing has basically eliminated the 40 year plan. You can no longer rely on a corporate pension for retirement.

What about Social Security? According to analysts, the movement of 76 million baby boomers into retirement age will bust the Social Security system early in this century. Plus, right now the highest monthly social security income is under $2,000 a month! Could you live comfortably on that? In fact historical data tells us that at age 65, 1% are wealthy, 2% are self-sustaining, and 97% are dependent on either the government or family. In the richest country in the world, only 3% retire with enough money to take care of themselves.

How about investments? The instability of the stock market and interest rates has made it difficult to build a good retirement portfolio. What it really comes down to, is that your financial security is in your own hands.

What is one of the best methods for securing your financial future? A residual income developed through network marketing. Instead of making that 40 year commitment to a job, make it to your business. Imagine what your residual income would be like if you did work your business for 40 years. There are people in Amway with residual incomes in excess of $1,000,000 a month after only 20 years!
In just 5 years I built a residual income that equates to interest income from a $1,000,000 investment portfolio. What else could you do that would enable you to do that?

Build your own retirement income and promote that as a feature of your network marketing opportunity. You'll be surprised at how that changes people's perspective on the network marketing industry and your business.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Quantum Leaps

Network marketing is a business that is fun to build fast and often frustrating to build slow. It is important that you have quantum leaps in your business. According to the book You Squared by Price Pritchett, here is what you need to do to create quantum leaps:

1. Change your personal rules for success - success is not achieved step-by-step. It is a achieved in leaps and bounds. You must change your attitude, get out of your comfort zone, do things that you might not normally do.

2. Quit trying harder - working hard does not create quantum leaps, only more work. You must work smarter. Shift gears. Change your patterns. Use different techniques.

3. Ignore conventional approaches - figure out what everyone else is doing (that really isn't working) and do something different. Find techniques that are working in other industries and try them with your network marketing business.
Analyze what you are doing and it's effectiveness on a daily basis. Keep doing what works and get rid of what doesn't.

4. Believe - whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. If you can think it, you can do it. Keep an attitude of belief that you will be successful and do no let the naysayers sway you from your path.

5. Focus on the target, not the path - keep your eyes on the target and move into action. You will get there. The path is not so important, because you will probably change many times along the way.

6. Trust in the power of pursuit - it has been proven time and time again that if you continue to talk with people, sponsor, and help new distributors duplicate, you will be successful.

7. Seek failure - Babe Ruth is known as one of the greatest home run hitters of all times, yet he was also the strikeout king. He could never have hit so many home runs, if he wasn't willing to strikeout. If you move into quantum leap action, you are going to fail. Look at those failures as stepping stones to success.

8. Get out of your comfort zone - huge success in network marketing requires you to do things that aren't comfortable.
Get out there and talk with people, set up speaking engagements, walk around the mall and talk with people, call prospects on the phone, do 3-way calls, etc.

9. Fall in love - you must love your products, company, and upline. Fall in love with your business and every day will be a pleasure. As with all love relationships, there will be ups and downs, but love will prevail.

10. Just do it - don't worry that you don't know everything about the products, company and compensation plan. It doesn't matter if you can't answer every objection. Get out there and talk with people. You'll learn as you earn.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Twelve Power Secrets for Network Marketing Success

My first book, Successful Network Marketing for the 21st Century was an industry best seller for several years and helped tens of thousands of network marketers build successful businesses. However, I always felt there was some key knowledge missing from that book and so I wrote my latest book, The Twelve Power Secrets for Network Marketing Success. This is the best book I’ve written on network marketing, as it is packed with millions of dollars worth of ideas for building a large and lucrative network marketing business. In the following article, I’d like to give you a great overview of the book. The information in this article alone could help a fledgling or struggling network marketer turn their business into a money maker, so imagine what the book could do. Please enjoy the article, put the information to work and do as I have and build a lifetime stream of residual income, so that you can have both financial and time freedom.

Here are the twelve power secrets for network marketing success:

Power Secret One: Select the Right Company

During my over 30 years of network marketing, I’ve selected the wrong company a number of times. Not that the company was bad, although there were a few that were, but rather they weren’t a good fit for me. Even if a company is growing rapidly, has an amazing product, solid compensation plan, and great marketing materials, it doesn’t mean that it’s right for everyone. The questions you have to ask are: Does the company have the same values as mine? Are they marketing in a way that is suitable to my personality? Do they offer a product or service that I can get passionate about? Is the compensation plan suited to my abilities, time commitment, and talents? Once you answer these and other questions, you will have a better feel for whether a company is right for you and although selecting the right company doesn’t guarantee success, it does drastically increase the odds. The key is to do your due diligence and make a good selection.

Power Secret Two: Pick the Right Sponsor

One of the biggest mistakes I see made in network marketing is picking the wrong sponsor. Typically one of two things happens. Either a person gets sponsored by a friend, family member, or associate, who doesn’t know anything more about building a successful network marketing business than they do. The second option usually happens after a bad experience with the first option and so they begin researching to find a big hitter to sponsor them. The problem with being sponsored by a big hitter is that they don’t always have time to work closely with new people. After all they probably have thousands of people in their network, all needing some level of attention. The key here is to be sponsored by someone who is serious about building a big business and is willing to dedicate the time to help you succeed. It’s also important that your sponsor have similar values and be someone you would enjoy working with very closely. Again, picking the right sponsor doesn’t guarantee success, but it sure helps.

Power Secret Three: Develop Purpose, Goals, and Objectives

Over the years I’ve trained and coached tens of thousands of network marketers and have found that most don’t really know why they are in business. It’s critical to long-term success to have a solid “why” or purpose for being in business. It might be to have more time freedom to enjoy your family or to secure your financial future, so you can give your time to ministry or charity work. It might be to become the largest contributor to a charity or ministry. Whatever your purpose, it needs to be vibrant enough to keep you going during the tough times. Once you have a solid purpose, then you must determine what needs to happen in order to achieve that purpose – these are called goals and are the stepping stones or road signs along the way toward your purpose. Goals need to be written and reviewed daily. Often goals are too big to determine what to do on a daily basis, so you should break them down into manageable activities called objectives. Start each day by reviewing your purpose, goals, and objectives, then start working on the highest priority objectives and you will quickly reach your goals and achieve your purpose.

Power Secret Four: Right Attitudes and Beliefs

Many people fail in network marketing because they don’t have the right attitude. They treat their business like a hobby, working at it whenever time allows, rather than treating it like a business and scheduling regular time for business activities. I’ve also encountered many people in network marketing businesses, who show signs that they believe that what they are doing isn’t quite on the up and up, which makes it difficult for them to talk with people. It’s critical to success in network marketing to build belief in three areas: First, is believing in the network marketing industry (if you are struggling in this area, order my book The Ideal Business, by visiting my web site at www.RodNichols.com and clicking on Store). Second, is believing in your company and the products/services. Third, is believing in yourself as a network marketing business owner. If your belief is not strong in all three areas, success will elude you.

Power Secret Five: Treat it Like a Business, Not a Hobby

What does this mean? Most people who enter the network marketing industry have never run a business, so they don’t know what it means to treat it like a business. The keys are to first have the right attitude and second the right actions. Network marketing is one of the very few businesses that can be built while still employed at something else. The great part is that you keep your current income, while building another stream, which eventually will replace the first source. However, in order to do that, you must do the things that successful business people do. You must be consistent and persistent with your business and work on the most productive activities every day. Finally, you need to make a long-term commitment to your business. I have to laugh when someone says they’ll give it a try for six months or so. I’ve owned businesses, both network marketing and traditional, for many years and I’ve yet to find one that would produce a full-time income within six months, while building it on a part-time basis. Yes, some people earn big time income in network marketing within their first six months, but it’s because they put in a more than full-time effort or already had a massive circle of influence. For the average person, like me and probably you, it’s going to take some time and effort to build your business, but if you do it right for the next few years, you’ll never have to worry about money again.

Power Secret Six: Have a M.A.P.

If you were going to drive your car from Seattle, WA to Orlando, FL, would you just jump on the nearest highway and start driving, in hopes that some day soon you’d reach Orlando? No, that would be ludicrous and yet, that’s how most people build a network marketing business. It’s a journey and you need a M.A.P., which stands for Marketing Action Plan. This plan will guide you from where you are right now to where you want to go in life. It should include your purpose, goals, objectives, marketing strategies, and a daily plan to implement those strategies. That way, you are always on track toward your goals and purpose.

Power Secret Seven: Become a Master Prospector

If you were wandering through a field and stumbled across a goldmine, you would immediately buy the lot, purchase digging equipment, and begin to mine the gold. Well, you have stumbled across a goldmine and it’s in your network marketing business. The key is to prospect for the gold nuggets among your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, congregation members, people out on the internet, and people you meet out in public. There is a direct relationship between the quantity/quality of prospecting and the amount of money you make, so become a master prospector and watch your income sky rocket.

Power Secret Eight: Treat Different People Differently

If you are treating everyone exactly the same, then you’re missing the boat with 75% of them. There are four basic personalities and although we operate at times in all four, every person functions primarily in one of the four. By understanding the characteristics of each personality, you can better communicate and present to prospects, plus train and support those in your network. Understanding and recognizing the different personalities will increase your sponsoring and retention ratios.

Power Secret Nine: Become a Master Presenter

There is an old saying that says “facts tell and stories sell.” If you want to become a successful network marketer, you must become an excellent story teller. At first, you will tell the stories of successful people in your upline and later you’ll share your own success story. People love to hear stories and will better retain the information you’re presenting. Effective story telling is one part of becoming a master presenter and by becoming one, you will move yourself into the ranks of the top performers in your company.

Power Secret Ten: Become a Savvy Internet Marketer

The basis of network marketing is building networks of people who buy and sell products/services. What better place to build a network of people than on a natural worldwide network called the internet? According to Internet World Stats, which you can view at www.internetworldstats.com/stats.htm, as of 2006 there were a little over one billion people on the internet worldwide and that’s up from 101 million in 1998. As you can see, the internet is growing rapidly and is the place to build a network marketing business. However, it’s easy to get lost or overwhelmed on and by the internet, so the key is to learn how to be a savvy internet network marketer. First, you want to have an effective lead capturing web site with autoresponders that follow-up on your prospects. Second, you’ll need an effective database or contact management system that helps you remember to follow-up personally with qualified prospects. Third, you want to have an excellent online presentation system including web site based presentations in flash or video and live webinars. Fourth, you’ll need to have a pass-coded training web site that takes your new associates through some basic training. From there you’ll want to learn about funded business proposals (check out my new funded business proposal system www.the2percentplan.com/plus), pay-per-click advertising, and social marketing. Becoming a savvy internet marketer will add a number of effective business building weapons to your arsenal and help you build a large and lucrative business.

Power Secret Eleven: Develop Leaders

When I joined the industry in 1979, I was taught that if a person could fog a mirror I should attempt to sponsor them. Well, it’s one thing to sponsor a bunch of people and it’s something completely different to develop leaders. Leaders will duplicate, causing expansion of your network without any effort on your part. Leaders will attract other leaders and potential leaders, so learn how to identify and sponsor leaders, plus how to train and develop them. Once you’ve developed several organizations that have at least one leader, you will have a solid base for building a long-term walk-away residual income.

Power Secret Twelve: The Ultimate Power Secret

This is actually the most important of the power secrets. You can effectively use the other eleven and without the ultimate power secret you will still only enjoy marginal results. This is the difference between a double A battery and 220volts of electricity. In fact, the ultimate secret is the real power behind every success. Think about your computer. You could have the latest, greatest, and most powerful computer made by man, but if you don’t plug it into the wall and power it up, the computer is useless. Once you plug into the ultimate power source, amazing things will begin to happen – leaders will be attracted to you and your business, your marketing campaigns produce better results, and you suddenly know exactly what to say to a prospect. This is the culmination of all the power secrets for network marketing success.

Now, it's very possible that you read these 12 power secrets and thought, this is nothing new. My question to you is, "have you done these things?" There is a myth that knowledge is power. The truth is that knowledge put into correct action is power. These 12 secrets are what turned me from a miserable failure to a successful network marketer. They are the secrets of the top income earners, so if you aren't a top income earner, it's time to stop looking for the magic bullet and put these power secrets to work in your business.

Everything you need for massive network marketing success is contained in these twelve power secrets. However, failure or success is truly in your hands and is dependent on what you do with this knowledge. Obviously, I couldn’t include all of the information in each power secret or this would have been a very, very long article, so if you’re serious about building a large and lucrative network marketing business, you might want to pick up a copy of my new book by visiting www.RodNichols.com (store). However, even with all the information, it’s still up to you. Success is in the action, so the question is whether you are ready for success or not? If you are, then put this knowledge into action and in a few months to a few years you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor – financial and time freedom.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Why Network Marketing?

When I was a kid growing up in Colorado, my Dad worked and Mom stayed home with my brother and I. Dad would go off to work at 8 and leave work at 5. At night he would spend time with us playing games or watching T.V. Later in my life, they both would attend my football, basketball, and baseball games. We were kind of the typical "leave-it to Beaver" family.

Today, things have changed. There are very, very few of those families left. Now Dad works two jobs and Mom also works full-time, just to stay ahead. Credit cards are maxed. Most couples are two paychecks away from bankruptcy. Careers are no longer secure, even with the top companies like IBM and AT&T, who have both laid off tens of thousands of people. The economy is so unstable that it's even hard to invest for the future anymore. Stress is at it's highest. Most people are looking for answers.

What is the answer to this terrible downward spiral? There are probably many, but one is definitely network marketing. Let's look at the benefits:

First, it is a business that can be operated in a person's spare time, without jeopardizing their full-time job.

Second, it can build a residual income that grows without increasing the labor hours.

Third, it can be a family business where everyone has functions.

Fourth, it can eliminate the need for a second job or for both spouses to work.

Fifth, it can develop into a residual stream of income that will secure a person's financial future and retirement years.

Sixth, it can provide for more time freedom to truly enjoy the finer things in life.

Seventh, it can result in wealth and not just any kind of wealth, but passive wealth. The kind of wealth that gives you true freedom.

Eighth, people in network marketing make a lot of really great friends.

Ninth, people experience a great deal of personal growth.

Tenth, a large national or international network may result in tax-deductible travel to fun and exotic places.

Network marketing is the perfect business for current economy and culture. It offers a person the opportunity to own a piece of the American Dream without a huge up front investment, without a huge downside risk, without the need for offices or warehouses, without the need for employees and complicated bookkeeping, and with the potential of developing a permanent residual stream of income. A network marketing business is home-based, which allows people to avoid traffic jams, weather, pollution, and the stress of the daily commute. It also, enables people to be at home, raising their kids, instead of sending them off to daycare to be raised by strangers.

Network marketing is the answer to many people's prayers. They just don't know it yet! It's up to all of us to spread the word about network marketing. Find those poor souls who are suffering through life, hating their jobs, working long hours, neglecting their family, and fighting traffic, in order to earn just enough money to stay ahead of the wolves. Introduce them to network marketing. Show them a path into a new world filled with hope for the future. Network marketing is truly the light at the end of the dark tunnel. All you need to do is show them that it's not another train.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You Wouldn't Be Interested Would You?

There was once a desperate insurance sales manager who was trying to figure out how to get his agents to sell more. Finally he called them all into a meeting and told them to go out and say to people, "you wouldn't be interested in insurance would you?" Since this was so easy, the agents spoke to many more people and the sales skyrocketed.

If your network marketing volumes aren't where you want them, you could do the same thing. Why not go out and say to people, "you wouldn't be interested in making some extra money would you?" Imagine if you said this to everyone you met, what would happen to your recruiting numbers. What would happen if you taught this simple technique to your entire downline?

You wouldn't be interested in getting wealthy would you?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Leadership and Lifting

For over 35 years I have been lifting weights at a health club or gym. I started back in high school to get in shape for sports. I continued after college to build up my physique. I do it now to keep the bulges off my body.

A few years ago, I worked briefly with a personal trainer to make sure that I was doing the right exercises and performing them correctly. As he worked with me, I received a revelation that personal training is like network marketing.

The personal trainer tells you about a certain exercise and what it will do for your body. He tells you how many reps you should do and on what day. Then he demonstrates the lift, until you have it down. At that point the trainer leaves it up to you to do the lifting. If he continued to lift the weights, he would receive the benefits. However, if you do the lifting, under his guidance, you receive the benefits.

As a network marketer, your job is to find people who have one or more of the following needs: 1) Make more money; 2) More time freedom; 3) Both. Once you find these people, you present information, answer questions, clear up misconceptions, cover concerns, and generally provide whatever information they need in order to make an educated decision. Once they decide to join, you become a personal trainer.

As their trainer, you teach them what to do to become successful in their business. You demonstrate how to do it. Then you let them perform that activity, under your guidance and coaching. If you continue to do it for them, you will get the short-term benefits, but will not see true duplication. If you let them do the work and just coach them, they will experience the benefits and so will you.

In order to build large muscles, you must put in the time and effort.

In order to build a large network, you must put in the time and effort.

Building big muscles may take years.

Building a big network also may take years.

The choice is yours, you can be a 98 pound weakling network marketer and let others kick sand in your face all your life or you can get yourself a personal trainer and start building a big network and residual income.

Then you can be lounging in the sand of some tropical island, while all those corporate bullies are putting in their 15 hour days.

Get trained and then become a trainer. Enjoy the benefits!

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Monday, August 8, 2011

There is a New Economy Emerging

The U.S. economy is changing. We are seeing a collapse of the old system and an emerging new system. Actually, it’s not a new system, it’s the foundational system of our country - entrepreneurship. The U.S. was founded on small business. People providing products and services to others for a profit. We’ve gotten away from that in the last decade and now we are paying the price for that mistake.

The good news is that small business can once again fuel the U.S.’s success. The new economy is a small business economy. Not the giant conglomerates that have controlled our economy for years - they are collapsing. We will go back to ingenuity and creativity. People will launch businesses from a bedroom in their home or the garage or basement. They will offer products and services that are superior to those offered by foreign countries. They will grow and employ others and contribute to the growth of our economy.

The question is, will you stay in the old failing economy, by working for someone else - a company that will likely fail at some point in the future or will you join the new economy and start you own business?

What type of business could you start? Well, think about what you love to do - is there some way you could turn that into a business? What are you talented at? Could you turn that into a business? Have you ever had an idea for a product or service? Take the risk and do it.

If none of those are true, you can join the 15 million others who are part of the network marketing industry. For a small investment, you can start a turn-key business that doesn’t require any previous experience. Anyone can do it and people from all walks of life, all age groups, both genders, and every ethnic group have enjoyed tremendous success in network marketing. In fact, many have become millionaires through this industry.

Haven’t ever heard of network marketing? Well, it’s nothing more than what all of us do naturally. We find products and services we like and tell others about them. It’s called word of mouth marketing. In the past, we never got paid for recommending movies, television shows, books, CD’s, cell phones, and restaurants. Today, we can refer great products and services and get paid to do it. In fact, we can get paid very handsomely.

Now, here’s the good news. Network marketing is recession-proof. In fact it’s one of the few industries that tends to thrive during down economic times. So, the next step is yours. Start a business based on what you love, your talents, or an idea you’ve had or jump into the network marketing industry with the rest of us. Come join the new economy and join those of us who are prospering in this down economy.

If you would like to know more about network marketing, visit my web site at www.RodNichols.com or my blog at www.NMPowerSecrets.com. If you are looking for a network marketing business and would like to work with me (32 year veteran of the industry), then go to www.AlkalinityBiz.com and check out the company I am with.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Motivating Your Downline

Do you have people in your downline who have the potential, but aren't doing anything? Unless you have no one in your downline, the answer is YES! This has been the eternal struggle in network marketing. All of us face this problem on a daily basis. So, how do we motivate these people?

First, you can't motivate anyone through words alone. You can get them excited, but only they can motivate themselves. They must have a good reason or purpose for their business, then be willing to go out an do whatever is necessary to accomplish that purpose.

Second, people are not all motivated in the same way. Some get very excited about the big money potential in network marketing. Others like the idea of earning an extra couple hundred dollars a month. Many are looking for more time freedom and less stress. It is important to find out what your distributors want, so you can provide them with the most appropriate stimulation.

Here are some ideas for keeping your downline motivated:

1. Within 48 hours of the time the sign up, help them develop a solid purpose, set of goals based on that purpose, and a schedule of activities for the first 30 days. This will give them direction and kick them into action immediately.

2. Provide a proven marketing system that anyone can do. One that has worked well is to help your new distributors make up a list of 30 people. Mail or email an information packet to the first 10 and then do 3-way follow-up calls. This gives your new distributors the opportunity to learn by listening to an upline leader and also the chance that some of these people might be interested in either the products/services or business.

3. Keep them active by providing marketing programs such as post card mailings, telemarketing, conference calls, business teleconferences and webinars that they can direct prospects to, lead programs, etc. On-going marketing keeps them actively prospecting and then provides a program they can pass on to their new distributors to keep them active.

4. Prepare them for battle - let them know that there will be tough times and mean people. Family members and friends will be rude to them at times, because they don't understand the business. Prepare them for the down times. Building a network marketing business (like any other business) is like a roller coaster - there will be highs and lows. Let them know that when they are excited and up, they should call their downline and spread that enthusiasm. When they are depressed and down,they should call their upline for empathy.

5. Recognition is one of the best motivators. Constantly recognize your distributors for what they are doing. If they make their first contact, let them know what an AWESOME job they are doing. When they make their first retail sale or recruit their first person, announce it to the world. As they achieve higher levels,give them the recognition they deserve.

6. Stay in touch with them regularly. Get to know them and build a relationship. In the beginning, when you only have a couple distributors, this is easy. As your network grows, it becomes more difficult. Contact your new distributors daily for the first 30 days (whenever possible). Others, you should contact at least once a month. Some great ways to leverage your time are the use of e-mail broadcast, voice mail broadcast, teleconferences and webinars. Each allows you to reach groups of distributors with exciting new information, without a tremendous time investment.

The key to keeping your downline motivated is to show them you care about them. Stay focused on their purpose and goals. Work with them regularly to achieve those goals and you will achieve yours too!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ten Keys to Network Marketing Success

A high percentage of people fail to make a full-time income in network marketing, because they either don't know what to do or aren't willing to do what is necessary to achieve success. In this article, I'm going to eliminate the excuse of not knowing. Here are ten keys to achieving high success in network marketing:

1. Purpose - you must have a strong "why" for this business, otherwise the negativity from the dreamstealers (those people in your life who will try to save you from the pyramid scam). Are you interested in more time freedom? Extra money every month? Helping other people improve their lives? Financial freedom? A strong purpose will keep you focused and ensure your success in network marketing and all aspects of your life.

2. Goals - you must have written steps that will help you achieve your purpose. Set written goals for the next 5 years, 1 year, monthly, daily. Set goals for # of new contacts, # of retail customers, # of distributors, income, pin levels, etc. Make sure these goals are written. Read them daily.

3. Plan - you must have a written plan for achieving your goals. The great eastern (New York Yankee) philosopher, Yogi Berra, once said, "if you don't know where you're going, you'll probably end up some place else." In other words, if you don't have a written plan to achieve your goals, you won't!

4. Belief - you must believe in network marketing, your company, the products, the compensation plan, the leadership, the marketing programs, your upline, and yourself. The stronger your belief, the greater your commitment.

5. Commitment - you must be committed to your company for life! Not, "I'll give this a try for 6 months and see how it works." I can guarantee you will fail! You must know that this is the best company, with the best products. You must believe that this opportunity is perfect for yourself and for others. If this is not the case, find another company where it is.

6. Positive Attitude - bad things will happen. The media will cover our industry, and your company negatively at times. Prospects will tell you you're crazy for being a part of one of those pyramid schemes. Even your family will think your nuts! Keep in mind that they are ignorant of the facts. You have the facts! This is a great industry.

It will revolutionize the way products and services are distributed throughout the world. You are a part of the greatest industry in the world and the greatest company in that industry. Be positive about the company, industry, products, upline, downline, etc. It's up to you to spread positive and hope everywhere you go.

7. Lead by Example - people will do what you do, not what you say to do. They will look to you to lead by example.

If things aren't going well, ask yourself this question, "how happy would I be if all my downline worked like me?"

Are you doing what's necessary to be successful? If you aren't, you can't expect your downline to. Keep prospecting and recruiting people. Give your downline leads and placements. Use the company training system and promote it's use to your downline. If you do the right things every day, your downline will do the right things every day, and good things will result.

8. Love People - in our harried world we forget to love people. I'm not talking about romantic love, but rather caring love. Love your sponsor for introducing you to this great company. Love your upline for helping you. Love your downline for committing to you. Love the company for providing these fantastic products and incredible financial opportunity.

Love your prospects, even those who are mean and nasty. In fact love them even more, because they probably need it more.

If you love people, they will love you back. Wow! What a feeling. It turns this from a business into a big loving family full of members who are willing to do anything for you.

9. Daily Action - this is a business, not a hobby. If you invested a half million dollars in a McDonalds franchise would you work it in your spare time - when you didn't have anything else to do - when there weren't any good T.V. shows on? Of course not. You'd be working 15 hours a day to get your money back. You probably didn't invest much to get into your business, but the commitment level should be the same, because the long-term benefits are much greater in network marketing than with McDonalds.

Work your business every day. Plan time into your daily schedule to prospect, contact, follow-up, work with your downline, conduct training meetings for your downline, conduct business briefings, work online, and study. Daily activity will produce daily results, which build into monthly results, which build into yearly results.

Do you know that if you made up a list of everyone you have ever known and started to contact them, you would recruit at least 10% of them without trying very hard. If you become proficient, you would probably close 30% or better. Just think, if you contacted one person every day, 7 days a week, you would contact 365 people each year. At a 10% close ratio you would have 36 new distributors every year. If they also duplicated, you would add another 1296 the second year, 46,656 the third year and so on. That is the power of 1 contact each day.

Plan it into your schedule to call or see one new prospect every day (and I mean every day, not just when you have a spare moment!) and commit to doing that for the next month. You'll be amazed at the results! Then teach your downline to do the same thing.

10. Cultivate leaders - find natural leaders in the warm and cold markets. Find leaders in your current networks. You will need to find and cultivate at least 3 leaders in each leg in order to secure them. A group of strong leaders under each leg will enable you to have more independence and eventually result in true walk-away income.

Network marketing is a great business. You have chosen a great company. You are a great person. Follow these 10 steps to further greatness!

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Words of Wisdom

Opportunities multiply as they are seized; they die when neglected!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Operating a Successful Home Business

As an independent distributor for a network marketing company, you are in business for yourself. You are responsible for obtaining the appropriate licenses, keeping records, and paying taxes. Most networkers treat their business as a hobby. Those who are successful treat it as a big business (even when it's still small). The choice is yours. If you are one of those who would like to build a solid business, keep reading.

Your first step should be to check with your local government to see what licenses are necessary to operate a business. Secure those licenses, so that you will be a legal business.

Next you should arrange for a separate phone line (or a voice mail number) for your business. This is the number you will put on business cards, letterhead, brochures, etc. Check with your network marketing company to see if they offer business cards, letterhead, and envelopes. If so, order them. If not get prices from some local printers and order a small quantity (250 to 500) of each.

Go to your bank and set up a business account. You may need your business license, so take it with you. By establishing a separate checking account, you will be able to distinguish your business expenses from personal expenses when it comes time to pay the IRS. Since home based businesses are one of the few tax shelters left for the middle class, I would also recommend that you consult with an accountant.

When setting up your office, select a place where you can have a desk, file cabinet, phone, and can make calls without being disturbed by your family (if you have one). It is best to set up an office in a separate room with a door that will close. At very least you will need a desk, chair, and file cabinet. You will definitely need a computer for checking on your business in the back office, ordering products, changing your autoship, communicating through email, interacting with people through social media and more.

If you adopt a business mindset (rather than a hobby), you will increase your odds of success in network marketing. Just because it only cost $50 (or whatever the fee is for your company) to get started, doesn't mean that it isn't a big business. The potential in most network marketing opportunities is greater than with any franchise.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Jim Rohn - 3 Keys to Greatness

Procrastination, the Business Killer

I know you will probably want to read this article, but just won't quite have time to get to it, right?

Procrastination kills more network marketing businesses than any other reason. Network marketing is a very simple business - talk with people about the products and business. Talk with enough of them and you will be successful.
Unfortunately, fear makes people procrastinate on contacting people.

Here are 10 ways to beat procrastination:

1. Have a purpose or why for your business and base all your goals on that purpose. To determine your purpose, visualize what you want your life to be like and how your network marketing business will contribute to that.
This picture will become your why.

2. Have written goals which you review EVERY day. Write goals for all parts of your life - spiritual, physical/health, family, social, business, personal, etc. Write short goal statements, as if you had already accomplished the goal. Review these every morning before you plan your day.

3. When you end the work day, clean off your desk, so you can start fresh each day. This will force you to file things that are important and to throw away those that aren't. It will also allow you to start each day without any distractions.

4. Start EVERY day with a plan of activities, based on your goals. By having a written plan of action, you will always know what to do next and are less likely to procrastinate.

5. If you have a large task, break it down into bite-size activities. If you are like most people you get overwhelmed with big tasks and will begin to procrastinate. If you break the big task down into smaller tasks you will quickly find that you have completed the larger task.

6. Prioritize your activities. In network marketing, your highest priority activity is speaking with prospects for your business or products/services. Don't allow yourself to get caught up in doing activities that are not productive - like filing, re-writing letters, re-arranging your office, creating new literature, etc. If you're not talking to prospects, you're not productive.

7. Work on the top priority activity until it is completed, analyze the rest of the activities, re-prioritize and start on the next most important. Again, it's human nature to do the easy things first - the path of least resistance.
However, productive people do the tough stuff first and work their way to the easy things. That way, if you run out of time, all the productive activities are done.

8. Stay FOCUSED! Don't allow outside influences interrupt your progress on a priority activity. This is a busy world filled with massive amounts of information. It's easy to get distracted and procrastinate on important activities. If you can learn to stay focused, you will become a top achiever.

9. Every time you start something, check the priority level. Ask yourself, "Is this the most important thing I could be doing at this given moment?" If not, find one that is.

10. Just do it!!! Thinking or worrying about something won't do any good. Get started. Activity always brings satisfaction and results.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Derek Jeter Gets 3,000th Hit!

New York Yankee shortstop, Derek Jeter jumped into the baseball record book by reaching 3,000 hits today. He is one of only 28 men in the history of baseball who have achieved this and the first New York Yankee to accomplish the feat.

So, what does this have to do with network marketing? I'm getting to that. Jeter is a lifetime .312 hitter, which means that out of 10 times at bat he will fail 70% of the time to get a hit. Did you hear that? 70% of the time Jeter fails and 30% of the time he succeeds and he will be going into the baseball Hall of Fame some day in the future.

Now, do you think that when Jeter fails to get a hit, he begins to doubt himself and think about quitting, because it's just not working out? No, because he's thinking that the next time up he'll get and hit and he knows that out of every 10 at bats he's going to get 3 hits and be a hall of famer! In your network marketing business, you should be thinking the same way. Each time you get a "No" you should be thinking that you'll get a "Yes" the next time up.

Figure out your stats. Out of 10 contacts, how many will look at your business and how many say "NO". That way you can be just like Derek Jeter and perhaps some day you'll be in the network marketing hall of fame (or at least one of the top income earners in your company enjoying total life freedom).

Principles of Success #11: Cultivate Creative Vision

Friday, July 8, 2011

Question Your Way to Success

Question Your Way to Success
by Rod Nichols

The tendency in network marketing is to tell, tell, tell. This turns most people off, since they would prefer to talk than listen. In order to meet their needs, you should tell less and ask more. Questions are the key to success in network marketing. By asking questions, you can find out more about the prospect, uncover their motivations and hot buttons, discover if they have what it takes to make it in network marketing, and determine if they have the financial means to start and operate a business.

Here are some ways you will use questions:

1. Invite - "There is a webinar on Monday at 7:00. It's limited to 60 spots, I'd like to invite you to watch it. Are you available?"

2. Sign up - "Would you like to start with product package #1 or #2?"

3. Order product - "Would you prefer to order the product at retail, wholesale, or get it for free?"

4. Uncover purpose - "Why do you want to have a home-based business?" or "Why do you want to own a business?"

5. Discover goals - "Where do you want to be in 5 years? 10 years?"

6. Handle objection - "That's good input and in fact I felt the same way. Then I did some research and do you know what I found?"

7. Work through skepticism - "I know that you are questioning, but if I could show you . . . would you be willing to take a serious look?"

8. Break through a barrier - "I understand that you aren't interested and that's ok (the prospect's barrier comes down as you start to wrap up or leave). By the way, I was wondering . . .?"

9. Help them see prospects - "Who do you know who would like to have more free time? Could use to make some extra money? Is concerned about their health?"

10. Approaching someone new - "Have you ever thought about owning a business? or Diversifying your income?"

There are two types of questions you will use in your business - open and closed. Open questions are those where the persona must elaborate on the answer, whereas closed questions allow the person to give a yes, no or short answer.

You will use open questions to get people talking and help them feel more comfortable. Here are some examples:

"What's important to you about your work?"
"How do you plan to change your financial situation?"
"What are your goals for the next 5 years?"

Closed questions you will use to direct the conversation or to gather specific information. Here are some examples:

"Do you see how this could change your financial future?"
"Are you ready to take action and change your situation?"
"Would you like to make some extra money?"

In the beginning of a conversation, use open questions to get the other person talking, then use closed questions to get specific answers or information. Think about your questions ahead of time, so that you are prepared when talking with prospects.

God gave us two ears and one mouth because we are supposed to listen twice as much as we talk. The only way we can accomplish this is to ask more questions and listen to the answers. So, start asking more questions and watch your business explode.

Principles of Success #10: Adversity and Defeat

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Are You Paying the Price for Freedom?

Do you want to secure your financial future? Would you like to have total time freedom? If the answer is YES, you must pay the price. Contrary to most of the advertising that we see, network marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. It's a get rich slow business. So, what do you have to do in order to pay the price?

1. Lifetime commitment - if you paid a million dollars for the rights to a McDonald's franchise would you "give it a try for six months?" Of course not! You'd give it a lifetime commitment. You'd be in there every morning at 5 am and back out at midnight or later. You'd work like a dog to get your investment back. Unfortunately, people don't typically give the same level of commitment to their network marketing business. If they did, they would see tremendous success and reach their goals and dreams. So, don't give it a try, give it your life.

2. Have a vision - you must have a vision of what's going to happen. See you're life as you want it to be as the result of building a large network and residual income.
Keep this vision firmly planted in your mind's eye, so that when the tough times come (and they will), you can see your vision and stay the course.

3. Stay focused - there are so many great (sounding or
looking) opportunities out there that it's easy to get off course. Keep your eyes firmly focused on your vision and don't allow the distractions to enter. In my eighteen years of network marketing, I have never encountered a top money earner who earned their fortune working multiple opportunities. Find the right company and stay focused until you reach the level of success you seek!

4. Do what others won't - most people allow fear to dictate their success. They are afraid to talk with people about their business. Fear has turned many a high potential person into a miserable failure in network marketing. You must fight the fear every day and do what others will not. If you do what others will not, today, you will be able to do what others cannot, later. You must get the information out and follow-up with prospects, contact strangers and find out if they are interested, do 3-way calls with people you don't know, and so on. If you do these things, you will never have to worry about money again and will enjoy the time freedom to truly enjoy life!

Network Marketing vs Corporate America

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Secret to MLM Success

Although there are many facets of a network marketing business that can contribute to success, the one that comes to the forefront is the ability to ask questions. Most network marketers us the disgusting vomit approach. The regurgitate all the information they've learned on their friends and family. Who in the world would want to join after that? No one! The alternative is to ask questions. Questions that will reveal their deepest pain areas, their hidden passions and dreams, and their motivations.

If you are talking with someone you know, use FORM:

F = Family = ask questions about the family looking for pain areas. For example, both parents working, so kids are raised in daycare by strangers. Working long hours which keeps a parent from seeing kid's sports events. Traveling, causing strain on the marriage or family.

O = Occupation = ask questions about their job or business. You are looking for things like an unstable job situation, unhappiness with the job, not making enough money, working too many hours, etc.

R = Recreation = ask questions about what they do in their leisure time - sports, hobbies, vacations. I like to ask if they have any great vacations planned. Again, your looking for pain areas - no money or time for vacation.

M = Money = ask questions about investments. My favorite is "I've just launched a new business venture and will be making some significant money in the next couple years, so I'm looking for great investments, have you found any?"

If you want to introduce your business to people you meet for the first time, a great question is "Have you ever thought about starting your own business?" If they haven't, they aren't a good candidate. If they answer yes, ask: "What kept you from doing it?" It's usually time, money, or they weren't sure what to do. In which case you can introduce them to your turn-key, franchise-like business that has a low start-up cost, they can work it part-time and develop enough income to fire their boss, can result in both financial and time freedom.

If you encounter a business owner, a great question is: "In this economy it really makes sense to diversify, so all your financial eggs aren't in one basket. Do you keep your eyes open for opportunities to create other streams of income, particularly passive income?

If you encounter someone who is sharply dressed, you might say: "You are a very sharp looking business person, what do you do for a living?"

If you encounter someone who is a good worker, you might say: "You are an outstanding worker. Do you get paid what you are worth?"

Here are some other questions that work:

Do you ever consider other ways of creating income?

Do you keep your eyes open for ways to make some extra income?

Have you ever owned a business?

I have a business I'm expanding into the area and I'm looking for highly motivated people who would like to make some serious money, know anyone like that?

If I could show you how to make some very serious money, decrease the amount of taxes you pay each year, and have a lot of fun doing it, would you be interested in taking a look?

I'm looking for people who are open minded, motivated, and would like to make some serious money in the coming years, do you know anyone like that?

My company is looking for some motivated people who are dissatisfied with what they are doing right now, do you know anyone like that?

If you want to be successful and build a large passive income, you will need to become proficient at asking questions. That is the secret to MLM success!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Napoleon Hill Book

Just released: A new Napoleon Hill book, Outwitting the Devil. Go to www.OutwittingtheDevil.com to order the book and get your copy of the lost chapter!

Part 5 of Success Principles

Monday, June 27, 2011

Risk Takers are History Makers

Throughout history it has been the risk takers who have broken through and changed things.  Look at the Wright brothers - even with a father who was a Cardinal and said that it was blasphemous for man to fly, they still invented the first successful airplane.  How about Roger Bannister, the runner who broke the 4-minute mile barrier, even though the medical journals at that time said that the human heart could not survive a sub-4-minute mile.

In the network marketing industry, it is the risk takers who change the way we think.  However, the risk takers make up only a very small percentage of the total networkers.  Why?  Because most people are afraid to take risks.  They fear failure and rejection, loss of possessions, and loss of security.  Risk takers risk their reputations, relationships, and resources.  Most people aren't willing to take the chance.

So, what do risk takers look like?

1.  Character - they have strong foundational beliefs.
2.  Godly - they belief in God and give him the control.
3.  Passionate - they have focus, drive and desire.
4.  Trusting - they trust people and themselves.
5.  Gracious - they give the credit to others and to God.
6.  Have faith - they have a strong belief and will continue on.
7.  Listener - they listen twice as much as they talk.
8.  Confident - confident in their abilities, but yet humble.
9.  Visionary - they see what will happen and then make it so.

Are you a risk taker?  How well do you fit the mold?  If you would like to do something big in your network marketing career and in life, you must become more of a risk taker.