Thursday, July 23, 2009

Breaking Network Marketing News

I'm finally able to reveal this hot network marketing news. A couple of friends of mine, Daren Falter and Robby Fender are launching a new company called Yoli (Aztec word that means "to live"). They've partnered with several other leaders in the network marketing industry including the legend, Corey Citron to bring to the industry a network marketing company developed by distributors for distributors.

Now, that idea isn't particularly new, as I've seen other companies started by network marketing companies. However, the advantage that these guys have is that they've not only been successful in network marketing, but also in traditional business. They know how to build big businesses, so there is a very good chance that this is going to be big . . . I mean really BIG!

Now, if the management team wasn't enough, they've latched on to the first truly new technology I've seen in the network marketing in the last 20 years. We all know that the nutritional market is #1 in network marketing, but everyone has the same pill, potions, and superfruit drinks (not that there is anything wrong with any of these - well maybe a few of them). Not Yoli, they've connected with a brilliant inventor, Mikel Anderson, who has invented something called the BlastCap. This product has 6 issued patents and a hundred pending. You've never seen anything like it and it's going to take the functional beverage market by storm!

So, what is a BlastCap? It fits on the top of a water bottle and at the push of your thumb releases fresh freeze-dried nutrients into purified water. You really have to see it to believe it, so click HERE to see a video that shows this revolutionary new technology. Wait until you've read the whole article before you click on the link.

Okay, so you're wondering what's the big deal about the BlastCap? Well, first you should know that many of the liquid nutrient products available on the market are hot filled or heat pasteurized, which kills many of the beneficial nutrients. Also, once vitamins are placed into water, they begin to deteriorate. Added destruction of these nutrients occurs because of exposure to light, changes in temperture, and time sitting on the shelf. However, since all the nutrients in the Yoli product are contained safely in the BlastCap, they are then blasted into the purified water at the time of use, resulting in nutrient rich product that tastes GREAT! This is going to be a great replacement for sugary drinks like soda pop, Gatorade, PowerAde, and also the flavored vitamin waters.

Plus, I had to look at this with marketer's eyes. Imagine a kid going to a soccer or softball game or a wrestling meet or volleyball game and blasting the Yoli product in front of all the other kids. Every kid is going to think it's cool and go ask their Mom or Dad for one. When the parents find out there it doesn't have any sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial sweeteners in it and that it's great for their kids, they're going to want the drinks as bad as the kids do. How about blasting a Yoli drink at the health club, gym, dance studio, weight loss clinic, or anywhere else where there are groups of people. Everyone is going to want one (or ten or twenty). This is pure marketing genius!

Speaking of money, Yoli is using a binary hybrid compensation plan (combination of a binary and unilevel) that is also pure genius. It's similar to one being used by the top growth company in network marketing right now (which shows that the plan works), but has some great additions. First, Yoli has added a breakeven bonus that is going to help distributors cover their product autoship quickly and will dramatically increase retention. Second, they've created many more recognition ranks, which will enable new distributors to be recognized quickly and often. This again will increase retention, as it's often recognition that keeps distributors in the game long enough to make money. The plan is great for the average person and also quite lucrative, which is one of the reasons the top income earners from other companies are quietly selling off their businesses to join Yoli during the pre-enrollment phase.

It looks like Yoli is going to pre-launch in September, with an official launch in January. The founders are anticipating one of the largest launches ever in the network marketing industry. Right now the company is pre-enrolling leaders and they have assured me that no one is getting a special deal. They aren't paying for distributors to come over from other companies or giving them bridge loans or any of the other tactics companies have used in the past. Every person has an equal opportunity.

The last time I got really serious about a company was back in the mid-nineties and I built a huge international business between 1995 and 2001. I then retired to help a friend plant a church and to write some more books. A year or so ago I joined a leading company to drink the product and help our daughter build her business and although I never put much time into that business, I've got well over 200 people in my downline. However, I'm here to tell that after I did a thorough investigation of Yoli, including a flight to the HQ to talk with the founders, I am more excited about this company than any other I've ever seen and I'm out of retirement to build another huge business.

The great part is that I'm not building this alone. I've put together an awesome team called Team Vitality Worldwide ( and I've partnered with pH Sciences which is supplying a revolutionary ingredient (Alka-Plex) in the Yoli product. We're going to be supplying outstanding training and support via the internet, webinars, teleconferences, and phone coaching. Plus, we're going to have an outstanding internet marketing system to help everyone on our team generate plenty of leads, and we're partnering with industry giant, Len Clements (who will be our direct upline) to provide some of the best training and support available in the industry.

If you've ever wanted to get in early on the next network marketing giant, this is that opportunity. Email me by clicking HERE to let me know that you are interested in more info. You don't want to miss this one or you'll be kicking yourself for years to come. It may sound a bit cliche, but this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Jump on board during this pre-enrollment phase and secure a great spot in our organization!