Friday, July 1, 2011

The Secret to MLM Success

Although there are many facets of a network marketing business that can contribute to success, the one that comes to the forefront is the ability to ask questions. Most network marketers us the disgusting vomit approach. The regurgitate all the information they've learned on their friends and family. Who in the world would want to join after that? No one! The alternative is to ask questions. Questions that will reveal their deepest pain areas, their hidden passions and dreams, and their motivations.

If you are talking with someone you know, use FORM:

F = Family = ask questions about the family looking for pain areas. For example, both parents working, so kids are raised in daycare by strangers. Working long hours which keeps a parent from seeing kid's sports events. Traveling, causing strain on the marriage or family.

O = Occupation = ask questions about their job or business. You are looking for things like an unstable job situation, unhappiness with the job, not making enough money, working too many hours, etc.

R = Recreation = ask questions about what they do in their leisure time - sports, hobbies, vacations. I like to ask if they have any great vacations planned. Again, your looking for pain areas - no money or time for vacation.

M = Money = ask questions about investments. My favorite is "I've just launched a new business venture and will be making some significant money in the next couple years, so I'm looking for great investments, have you found any?"

If you want to introduce your business to people you meet for the first time, a great question is "Have you ever thought about starting your own business?" If they haven't, they aren't a good candidate. If they answer yes, ask: "What kept you from doing it?" It's usually time, money, or they weren't sure what to do. In which case you can introduce them to your turn-key, franchise-like business that has a low start-up cost, they can work it part-time and develop enough income to fire their boss, can result in both financial and time freedom.

If you encounter a business owner, a great question is: "In this economy it really makes sense to diversify, so all your financial eggs aren't in one basket. Do you keep your eyes open for opportunities to create other streams of income, particularly passive income?

If you encounter someone who is sharply dressed, you might say: "You are a very sharp looking business person, what do you do for a living?"

If you encounter someone who is a good worker, you might say: "You are an outstanding worker. Do you get paid what you are worth?"

Here are some other questions that work:

Do you ever consider other ways of creating income?

Do you keep your eyes open for ways to make some extra income?

Have you ever owned a business?

I have a business I'm expanding into the area and I'm looking for highly motivated people who would like to make some serious money, know anyone like that?

If I could show you how to make some very serious money, decrease the amount of taxes you pay each year, and have a lot of fun doing it, would you be interested in taking a look?

I'm looking for people who are open minded, motivated, and would like to make some serious money in the coming years, do you know anyone like that?

My company is looking for some motivated people who are dissatisfied with what they are doing right now, do you know anyone like that?

If you want to be successful and build a large passive income, you will need to become proficient at asking questions. That is the secret to MLM success!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Napoleon Hill Book

Just released: A new Napoleon Hill book, Outwitting the Devil. Go to to order the book and get your copy of the lost chapter!

Part 5 of Success Principles

Monday, June 27, 2011

Risk Takers are History Makers

Throughout history it has been the risk takers who have broken through and changed things.  Look at the Wright brothers - even with a father who was a Cardinal and said that it was blasphemous for man to fly, they still invented the first successful airplane.  How about Roger Bannister, the runner who broke the 4-minute mile barrier, even though the medical journals at that time said that the human heart could not survive a sub-4-minute mile.

In the network marketing industry, it is the risk takers who change the way we think.  However, the risk takers make up only a very small percentage of the total networkers.  Why?  Because most people are afraid to take risks.  They fear failure and rejection, loss of possessions, and loss of security.  Risk takers risk their reputations, relationships, and resources.  Most people aren't willing to take the chance.

So, what do risk takers look like?

1.  Character - they have strong foundational beliefs.
2.  Godly - they belief in God and give him the control.
3.  Passionate - they have focus, drive and desire.
4.  Trusting - they trust people and themselves.
5.  Gracious - they give the credit to others and to God.
6.  Have faith - they have a strong belief and will continue on.
7.  Listener - they listen twice as much as they talk.
8.  Confident - confident in their abilities, but yet humble.
9.  Visionary - they see what will happen and then make it so.

Are you a risk taker?  How well do you fit the mold?  If you would like to do something big in your network marketing career and in life, you must become more of a risk taker.

Part 4 of Success Principles