Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm back!

After 7 years of retirement from network marketing business building, I'm back. Seven years ago I retired with a very nice full-time residual income to pursue my goals in ministry and writing. I'm still very happily pursuing those goals, so what could possibly attract me back into the business building. Only the most amazing product and opportunity I've seen in 29 years!!!

I'm excited and ready to build another large network and residual income stream, primarily through the internet. I've already recruited a friend of mine who is a top internet marketing guru. We are in the process of developing a team marketing and training system. What I'm looking for now are people who are serious about making money in network marketing. If you are finally ready to make some very BIG money in network marketing and help a bunch of other people do the same, then e-mail me by clicking HERE to learn more. Please, no lookie loos. Only the serious need respond.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Make Money Prospecting

Over the last 29 years in network marketing, I’ve used just about every possible method of prospecting. I’ve worked my warm market, cold prospected, purchased leads, advertised in the newspaper, mailed letters to business people, passed out videos and audios, placed opportunity cards on car windows and handed them to people, posted flyers with tear off strips, and advertised on the internet, just to name a few. In every case, it cost me both time and money to prospect, but if it produced results, the investment was valid. However, recently I’ve discovered a way to have my cake and eat it too. I’ve found a system that pays me to prospect for my network marketing business. Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!!!

It’s called a funded business system – meaning that the system funds itself (and you). Here’s how it works. You create a book or e-book that every network marketer would want. If you have the idea, but not the writing abilities, e-mail me and I’ll write it for you. Next, you set up a web system that teases the reader about the book and offers a 5 to 10 day free training, which is delivered by autoresponder. In this training you give the reader some of the key ideas from your book and then sell them on the benefits of buying the book. Each e-mail should include an ordering link. The system will take the order with payment (by credit card or PayPal) and instantly deliver the e-book or promise delivery of the book.

Here’s the exciting part – each person who subscribes to the free training and purchases a book is someone interested in network marketing. They are typically in one of three places: (1) Looking for a company – in which case, you could present your network marketing business; (2) Already with a company, but not completely happy and would be open to looking at alternatives – in which case, you would present your business; (3) Already with a company and completely happy – in which case, you would keep them in a database and revisit every 4 to 6 months (as the average network marketer will change companies every 6 to 12 months until they hit it big or quit the industry). The book and autoresponder training will position you as an industry authority, which sets you apart from other network marketers.

All you have to do is get the word out about your book. You can advertise on the many free classified sites, post information in the various MLM forums, start your own blog, or write articles like this one and submit it to network marketing resource sites. Once you’ve put the system into action, it will produce for you – both leads and income, which you can then use to fund other sources of marketing for your business.

This almost seems too good to be true and if I hadn’t seen the results with my own eyes (and bank account), I’m not sure would believe. A funded business system is a great way to build a network marketing business and make some extra money on the site. It’s particularly good for the person who has just joined a company, as it typically takes a few weeks to a few months to start making money in a network marketing business. By using a funded business system, they can generate leads and a quick income, which just might be what they need to stay in business.

Now, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of developing your own funded business system – writing the book or e-book, developing the web system, writing all the autoresponder trainings, securing a merchant or PayPal business account, and then monitoring the system to make sure that it’s working – then you can use an already established system, such as Magnetic Sponsoring. This system offers a power-packed e-book I’ve written and a powerful marketing system. You pay a one time fee for the book and get the marketing system for FREE.

I started using some of the elements of a funded business system back in 1995 and they helped me build a large and lucrative international organization in a short amount of time. However, I was disappointed as there were still some missing pieces to the puzzle. Magnetic Sponsoring has pulled all the pieces together

So, whether you develop your own funded business system or utilize Magnetic Sponsoring, your marketing life will change. Instead of paying for all those overpriced leads or advertising that may or may not produce, you can now get paid to prospect.