Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yoli Giving Back to the Community

Yoli Partners with the Odyssey House of Utah

Yoli is partnering with the Odyssey House of Utah to upgrade its therapeutic facilities and to provide tools and skills necessary to develop productive lives in the community. For nearly 40 years, Odyssey House of Utah has been providing substance abuse services to help people heal and overcome the pain and suffering caused by drug addiction.

The Odyssey House of Utah is a non- profit organization that creates accountable, self-sufficient, contributing, healthy and happy individuals and families by using the Therapeutic Community method to provide quality and effective substance abuse treatment to individuals and families in need – especially to those who are socially and economically disadvantaged.

Yoli has already made significant contributions to the Odyssey House. This includes gifts of product, logo wear, computer hardware and monetary consideration. We have worked with Odyssey’s Clients at our warehouse in providing team-building exercises in a real-world setting. Our biggest projects are yet ahead of us.

We have set in motion plans to upgrade the 1912 building to make it a more inviting, therapeutic environment to help the patients feel more relaxed during their transformational experience there. Phase one of our three phase plan goes into effect June 26, 2010. Yoli Founders, employees and Distributors are leading the charge, working hand in hand with Odyssey’s Clients, by painting the interior of the building, donating plants, installing improved lighting, and securing comfortable chairs.

If you would to be a part of this as a Yoli distributor or learn more about Yoli, click HERE.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You Wouldn't Be Interested Would You?

There was once a desperate insurance sales manager who was trying to figure out how to get his agents to sell more. Finally he called them all into a meeting and told them to go out and say to people, "you wouldn't be interested in insurance would you?" Since this was so easy, the agents spoke to many more people and the sales skyrocketed.

If your network marketing volumes aren't where you want them, you could do the same thing. Why not go out and say to people, "You wouldn't be interested in making some extra money would you?" Imagine if you said this to everyone you met, what would happen to your recruiting numbers. What would happen if you taught this simple technique to your entire downline?

You wouldn't be interested in getting wealthy would you?