Monday, October 3, 2011

Word of Mouth Advertising

Have you ever been to a great movie, eaten at a fantastic restaurant, or read a stimulating book? Did you tell someone about it? That's word of mouth advertising. It's the most powerful form of advertising. Did you know that block buster movies are made by word of mouth advertising. In fact, if they are still advertising the movie after it's been in the theaters for more than a week, it's a dog! It means that word of mouth is not working.

You have been contributing to the success of many businesses all your life, yet you probably haven't ever received a check from the movie theater, restaurant, or publisher. Whereas, if you are in network marketing, your word of mouth advertising is well paid.

The secret to success in network marketing is believing in your product/service and opportunity, then telling enough people to build a lucrative network. It's not about selling. In fact, if you are trying to sell people your products/services or convince them that they need your opportunity, you'll lose every time. Oh sure, you may recruit a few people, but they won't build.

You're job is not to sell, but rather to share - the products/services and the opportunity. The more fervently you belief and share, the greater will be their belief. That's how you build a large and thriving network.

As you go into each day, commit to share your products/services or opportunity with at least one new person. Promise yourself that you won't come home until you do. If you did this every day, six days a week, for a year, you would contact 312 new people. Based on statistical averages, you would recruit about 10% of those or 31 new people would join your network each year. What if they each just spoke with one new person a day? Including yourself, that would be 32 new contacts each day or 9984 each year. Based on our 10% close ratio, that would be 998 new people joining your network that year!

Word of mouth is powerful. It will make or break your business. Do it and teach it. You and your downline will thrive if you do.