Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Contacting in the Cold Market

Most network marketing companies as a new distributor to make a list of their top 100 or 200 friends, family members, and acquaintances (commonly referred to as the warm market). The typical new distributor will blow through this list with very poor results and then quit, thinking that network marketing doesn't work. The key here is that network marketing is a business and any business requires marketing. If you opened up a restaurant or a boutique, you certainly wouldn't rely solely on your warm market would you? No, you would have signs and advertising to let people know about your business. It's the same with a network marketing business.

Yes, by all means, make the list and let your warm market know that you are in business. Give them the opportunity to get in early, before all the rest of the people. However, don't rely totally on them. Rather, provide them all with information and let those who are interested join you. Don't hound or pressure them or you'll end up in the NFL (No Friends League). You can let them know in person, by e-mail, or via a mailer. You can invite them to a business briefing or teleconference or webinar, so they can learn about your new business. Ask them to check it out and refer anyone they think might be interested in the products/services or business. Those who are looking will request more information.

Beyond your warm market are thousands of people in your local area and millions of people throughout the U.S. The key is to put into effect a marketing plan to reach as many of those people as possible. In the balance of this article, I'm going to share some time proven ideas for reaching people in the cold market. These are methods either I have personally used or have been used by other top income earners. Take a look at them all and pick 2 or 3 that fit you and your budget.

1. Walking and Talking: In your every day life, you run into hundreds of candidates for your business. How about the teller at the bank? The clerk at the grocery store? Here are a few others: Accountant, attorney, CPA, insurance salesperson, car salesperson, telemarketers, department store salespeople, owner of the dry cleaners, etc. As you encounter these people, compliment them on their attitude or work ethic (if it is warranted) and then say something like "I'm a recruiter for a national/international/multi-national company that is expanding into the area. I'm always on the lookout for quality people like yourself. Our top people make a lot of money. This isn't the time to talk, but if you're interested in learning more, jot down your name, phone number, and best times to call and we can talk for a few minutes by phone to see if this is a good fit." Make sure you follow-up within 48 hours and in the first call, only give them enough information to wet their appetite and then invite them to a business briefing/conference call/webinar where they can gather enough information to make a educated decision. Don't twist their arm, rather look for those who are open and looking.

2. Local Business Owners: This down economy is dramatically effecting the small business owner and so many are looking for ways to add extra streams of income. You have an excellent answer in network marketing, as it allows them to integrate a part-time business into their already busy schedule and create an additional stream of income. So, you can drive around and visit small local businesses or you can connect with the local Chamber of Commerce or any other business organization. When you encounter a business owner, you can ask something like, "How has the economy impacted your business?" (listen to their answer and integrate it into your response) "I work with small business owners to help them develop a second stream of income that helps balance out their financial situation. Would you have any interest in learning more?" (If yes or what is it? continue on) "Great, it will take me about X minutes to explain and I don't want to take you away from business, so why don't we set up a time to get together and talk. (arrange for appointment) "I know you're really going to like what you see." (Don't give them any details or they have the opportunity for a snap judgment. If they start asking a bunch of questions, just let them know that you have a presentation you want them to see and then you can answer any remaining questions)

3. Classified Advertising: You can advertise for free on Craig's List (, but you will be among many others. Advertising in your local paper will cost money, but there will be less competition. You can also place free and paid classifieds on the internet (just do a Google or Yahoo search for classified advertising and you'll find plenty of sites). Keep your ads short with text that creates interest. You want to have a heading that grabs their attention. Something like: You're NOT Going to Believe This! OR What Went Wrong? OR This Blew Me Away! OR This is SHOCKING! You want the heading to attract their attention, so that they read the rest of the ad. Here are a few sample ads that could go along with the headings:

You're NOT Going to Believe This!
No one gets rich working a job.
Start your own proven business today.
We train and support you. Call xxx-xxxx.
24-hour recorded message

What Went Wrong?
No job security?
Concerned about your future?
Take control by starting your
own proven business. Call xxx-xxxx.
24-hour recorded message.

This Blew Me Away!
People like you are making high
six figure incomes in our business.
You can too! Call xxx-xxxx
24-hour recorded message

This is SHOCKING!!!
People with no business background
are making high six figure incomes in
this business. You can too! Call xxx-xxxx
24-hour recorded message.

If you are going to do some classified advertising, you'll need a voice mail box with a 5-minute outgoing message capability. Record your own message that gives some basic details, but still generates interest, so that they will leave their name, phone number, and best times to call. Just do a Google or Yahoo search for "voice mail" and you will find many services. Remember that you will need a system with at least a 5-minute outgoing message and at least 50 message storage system (so you don't miss any calls while you are at work). There are some free systems, but they are very limited, so you'll probably have to pay for a system, but it will be worth it.

These are just a few of the proven cold market methods used by the top income earners. If you would like to view others, you will find an entire section with many methods in my latest book, The Twelve Power Secrets for Network Marketing Success (go to and click on Store for information or to order). Remember to combine both warm and cold market methods in order to build a large and lucrative business.