Thursday, September 4, 2008


Are there differences in the way men and women approach network marketing? Yes. Is one way better than the other? Probably not. However each could learn from the other. All you guys out there, listen up. We can learn something from the women about how to succeed in network marketing.

First, networking requires building rapport and trust quickly. Women are generally much better at this. Some of you men are getting in touch with your feminine side and are becoming better at this. Women tend to be more emotional and can touch another person's emotional side quicker. This builds a solid bond that is hard to break.

Men tend to be like a bull in a china closet, powering in for the close. The key here is to understand the primary reason why a prospect might be interested in network marketing and then cater your approach to that emotional need.

Second, women are better encouragers. They make great network marketing leaders, because they understand what motivates their distributors and uses that to keep them excited. Also, they have a softer approach, which tends to appeal to people better than a man's harder, less caring approach. Also, women are better at nurturing relationships. Men are more into competition and winning, while women are into creating win-win situations. In each situation, evaluate how you can create a win-win situation with yor prospects.

Third, on the whole, women bring a higher level of integrity to network marketing. Without their influence, this industry might be an "anything goes" business. Men would focus on conquering and winning. That's contrary to the networking principle. Here we want to share, nurture, and encourage people to success.

There's no glass ceiling in network marketing and there is plenty of room at the top for all of us, both men and women. Let's learn from each other, become better people, and build the greatest industry in the history of the world!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Use E-Zines to Expand Your Business

According to Wikipedia, an e-zine is a “periodic publication distributed by e-mail or posted on a website. E-zines are typically tightly focused on a subject area.” Just to immediately clear up the pronunciation issue, e-zine is most widely pronounced like “ee-zeen” rather than “ee-zyne or ee-zign.”

It is widely believed that e-zines have been around since the 1980’s, but really gained wide-spread attention in the mid 1990’s. Quite simply, an e-zine is just an online newsletter. You can use it to provide valuable information, thus establishing yourself as an authority and also giving you the welcomed opportunity to present your network marketing business.

If you are serious about using E-zines to promote your business, then we highly recommend that you use Charlie Page’s Directory of E-zines. You can find this by clicking HERE (link to You can also visit and search for mlm, network marketing, or home business, to find other e-zines.

There are two ways to use e-zines to market your business– you can write content for other e-zines or publish your own. If you enjoy writing and time allows, do both. If not, your best results will come from writing for other e-zines, as they have already created the readership.

If you want to publish your own, the key is to find a niche – something that isn’t covered or at least not widely covered. Next, send your e-zine out weekly, as it will keep your name and information in front of people, creating front of the mind awareness. Don’t use the e-zine to purely promote, rather use it to inform and create a reputation as an authority. You can include advertising after the information in your e-mails. If you want to see an example of this, go to and click on Newsletters. There you will find a free network marketing E-zine that will show you how to do this.

If you’re not really a writer, you can hire a ghost writer. E-mail me at for rates on writing articles you can post on web sites and submit to e-zines or send out to your own e-zine list.

Some e-zines also offer advertising. If you have a budget, you might consider doing this. With this type of ad, you need a great attention grabbing headline and then 3 or 4 benefits (what’s in it for them?). Show them the pain and how to get rid of it and you’ll have plenty of people responding. Placement of ads is critical. Only go with ads that are placed at the top of an e-zine. Better yet are solo ads.

If you are considering advertising on e-zines, contact the owner and ask the following questions: How many subscribers? How many new subscribers per month? How many mailings per month? Do they have advertiser testimonies? Is there an advertiser waiting list? (this is actually a good sign) Will the owner give you an endorsement?

Here are some things to look for in a good e-zine:

1. Mailing to your target market (people interested in network marketing, mlm, home business, making money, etc.).

2. Issues are packed with great information and value for the reader.

3. There are long-term subscribers and testimonies from subscribers.

4. The e-zine looks up-to-date, organized, and easy to read.

5. The subscription process is simple.

6. They don’t send out more than 2 e-mails a week.

Also, don’t be afraid to negotiate. It never hurts to ask for a free month or a lower cost for a longer term commitment.

Many top network marketing income earners have added to their massive networks through e-zine articles and/or advertising and so can you. It just takes time and commitment.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Really Good Entrepreneurs - This is funny!

Really Good Entrepreneurs! Funny Jokes at JibJab

We're Back!

The reason you haven't seen any blog entries since last Wednesday was that Karen and I were in Dallas, TX. We appeared on the Daystar Celebration show to talk about my book, God's Prosperity Plan. If you're intersted in watching the show on the internet, click HERE and look for the Celebration show on 8/29/08.

We also attended an international house church conference, while we were in Dallas. Over 400 people from around the world who all operate churches in their home or have networks of house churches (as we do - The Open Door). Paul Young, author of the massive NY Times Bestseller, The Shack, was our keynote speaker. If you haven't read this book, click on the title and order it from Amazon or pick it up at your local bookstore. It will rock your world! To date, over 3.8 million copies have been sold and it is radically changing people's lives.

I know that all this doesn't have anything to do with network marketing or does it?

We have found the similarities between network marketing and Christianity* to be quite interesting. Let's look at a few of those.

Christianity began because of one man - Jesus.
He found 12 men and began to share his message.
3 of those became his primary leaders.
They met individually and in groups to share their message.
As the group grew, the spread the responsibilites for training to others.
The message was spread totally by word of mouth, person to person.
As they worked together, friendships grew.
The government and naysayers often spoke against them.
Their message radically changed people's lives for the better.

Now, let's look at network marketing:

Network marketing started with one company some 60 years ago.
We build a network marketing business by sponsoring people.
Some of those people become leaders.
We meet both individually with people and in groups.
As the group grows, you have to train others to teach and train.
We don't have any major advertising campaigns, NM is a word of mouth business.
As we work with people, many of them will become life long friends.
The government and naysayers have been trying to shut NM down since the 70's.
Our business radically changes people's lives.

If you've ever questioned whether network marketing was a good thing, knock it off. I've been in this amazing industry for nearly 30 years and there is no other business model that even comes close to comparing, in the impact it has on people's lives. It is truly The Ideal Business! You are doing a good thing that can dramaticaly impact people's financial futures for the better, so get out there and spread the good word about network marketing!

Have an awesome Labor Day!


*P.S. Although it is categorized as such, Christianity is not a religion. Jesus didn't come to earth to create a religion or to build churches. He came to give us the opportunity to be in right relationship with God and who wouldn't want to be in relationship with the creator of the universe? God has been an amazing business partner in my network marketing business and other businesses. He wants to be your business partner too. If you have questions about any of this, feel free to e-mail me at