Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Part or Full Time?

Network marketing can be a very exciting business. Most people start part-time and may at times consider going full-time. Watching others, who are working their business full-time, making big money can be a real motivator. Dynamic meetings can also get you thinking that you would rather be working your business full-time than making your boss rich.

Going full-time is a critical move. It can make or break your business, so do not take the decision lightly. First, you must be with a company that you feel for certain will be around for years to come. Second, you must have gained enough knowledge that you can spend the majority of your time sponsoring and retailing (making money). Third, you should have either 6 months of your current income in the bank or your network marketing income should equal what you need to survive each month. Fourth, you should be prepared mentally for self-employment. It takes a great deal of self-motivation to work your business every day, rather than go play and hope the business builds itself.
This will surely lead to financial ruin.

I would also suggest that, prior to going full-time, you spend some days with someone who is. Experience what they are doing, so you can have a realistic picture of what you will need to do. The more your prepare, before making the big jump, the better your chances of success.