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Breakthrough Network Marketing Secrets

Best selling author, Rod Nichols has uncovered the main reasons that 98% of network marketers fail. He has included these reasons and how to avoid them in his new e-book, The 2 Percent Plan. Nichols new book also includes some of the most closely guarded secrets for network marketing success. These are the simple, but powerful methods that top income earners in every network marketing company are using to create massive residual incomes.

One secret that Nichols reveals in his new book is how to ensure that everyone who joins a network marketing business makes money and is successful. Nichols suggests several ways to help people make money quicker, including a funded business proposal. This requires the sale of a related product, such as an e-book, audio, or video file, which then attracts people interested in network marketing or home-based business. These people purchase the e-book, which results in income, but many of them are also viable candidates for a network marketing business. This accomplishes two things for new network marketers. First, they make some quick money and second they have qualified leads to work with.

The 2 Percent Plan is offered through a new attraction marketing system by the same name. Nichols offers re-sale rights with one-time commissions, extensive internet marketing training, and list building capability in this free affiliate program.

For more information, click HERE

Breaking News: Black Belt Recruiting to be Released

For many months the network marketing (MLM) community has been anxiously awaiting the release of Mike Dillard's Black Belt Recruiting. Well the time has finally arrived, as Dillard has announced a release date of July 22nd.

Here is what Dillard is saying about this exciting new program:

"Black Belt Recruiting is a 6-CD audio set, and a 40 page written supplement that, in my humble opinion, represents the best training in the world when it comes to recruiting new distributors. It’s a complete, A to Z program that will teach anyone exactly how Mark and I conquered our fear of the phone, to become the #1 and #2 distributors in our companies…
You’ll learn how we call our leads, what we say to them, how we handle objections, how we get prospects to sell themselves, how to get new reps started, and much more…
This course is perfect for anyone who has leads, but can’t seem to sponsor any of them, and it works so well, that it will come with an INSANE guarantee for your customers…
If they’re not sponsoring at least 10 new reps per month using what they learn in Black Belt Recruiting, they can send it back for a full refund at anytime over the next YEAR.
If you don’t get results, you don’t pay. It’s that simple."

To view a video introduction, that is well worth your time and to have the opportunity to be one of the first in the industry to own and use this dynamic training, click HERE.

Breaking News: Traffic Secrets 2.0 Released

John Reese, one of the top internet marketers has just released Traffic Secrets 2.0. If you visit his site (see URL below) you'll find an awesome 3-part video series discussing his latest product. This is the update to Traffic Formula which was released back in 2004 and went on to become one of the top traffic generation training programs in the entire industry. Traffic Secrets 2.o has been completely updated with all the latest secrets in internet marketing.

This is a tremendous product for all network marketers (mlmers) who are building on the internet. The key to success is always traffic and this is one of the best, if not the best training program available to learn how to optimize your web site and drive more traffic.

You can watch the three videos, which are very informative and worth your time by visiting

Four Steps to Big Money in Network Marketing

Network marketing (MLM) is a very simple business. It's a wonder to me why everyone doesn't make big money. Here are the four steps necessary for you to be successful:

1. Learn your business - study the company materials. Learn the company story - who? what? when? why? where? how? Study the products/services and the competition. Get statistics on the industry. Research the other network marketing companies that you compete with and determine your strengths and weaknesses. Talk with other successful distributors about how they have built their business. Get on the company e-mail distribution list and voice mail system (if your company has one), so that you can stay current. Buy all the training programs, CD’s, DVD’s, manuals, brochures, books, etc., so that you can have a better understanding of everything about your business. Listen to CD’s on your business whenever you are in the car. Tune in to the company teleconferences or web conferences. Attend all company and distributor sponsored meetings.

2. Do the business - get started right away, even while you are doing the research for number 1. You will learn more about your business by doing it then you will by researching it. Get out there and start talking to people. When they ask you something you don't know, say, "that's a good question and I don't know the answer, but I'll find out and get back with you." Go get the answer and call them back. Start making phone calls, meeting with people in person, conducting your own opportunity meetings, do your own teleconferences or web conferences, and have regular trainings for you downline. Ask your sponsor or another qualified upline leader to help with 3-way calls and meetings. Develop a duplicatable system that works.

3. Teach the business - when you sponsor a new distributor, you are responsible to that person to help them get started and send them down the path toward success. Teach them partially through what you say and mostly by what you do.
They will follow your lead. Show them how to prospect by doing it. Show them how to sponsor by doing it. Show them how to retail by doing it. Show them how to train by doing it. Provide them with the tools to be successful. During the first 30 days stay in touch daily. Offer to mail or e-mail information to prospects until they are up to speed. Suggest doing some 3-way calls and an in-home business briefing (which you will conduct, so they can see how to do a briefing). Encourage them to attend all the meetings, conferences, and conventions. Help them set goals and a plan to reach those goals. Keep your new distributors heading in the right direction.

4. Teach them to teach the business - when you uncover leaders who begin to develop their own downline team, teach them how to teach the business to their downline. Teach about the power of example. Give them tools they can use to teach their downline how to sponsor, retail and train.

That's it. It's just that simple. If you will follow these 4 steps, you will achieve huge success in network marketing.

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The 12 Power Secrets for Network Marketing Success

My first book, Successful Network Marketing for the 21st Century was an industry best seller for several years and helped tens of thousands of network marketers build successful businesses. However, I always felt there was some key knowledge missing from that book and so, over the last three years, I’ve been working on a new book and I’m happy to announce that The Twelve Power Secrets for Network Marketing Success has been released through Unlimited Publishing. This is the best book I’ve written on network marketing, as it is packed with millions of dollars worth of ideas for building a large and lucrative network marketing business. In the following article, I’d like to give you a great overview of the book. The information in this article alone could help a fledgling or struggling network marketer turn their business into a money maker, so imagine what the book could do. Please enjoy the article, put the information to work and do as I have and build a lifetime stream of residual income, so that you can have both financial and time freedom.

Here are the twelve power secrets for network marketing success:

Power Secret One: Select the Right Company

During my nearly 30 years of network marketing, I’ve selected the wrong company a number of times. Not that the company was bad, although there were a few that were, but rather they weren’t a good fit for me. Even if a company is growing rapidly, has an amazing product, solid compensation plan, and great marketing materials, it doesn’t mean that it’s right for everyone. The questions you have to ask are: Does the company have the same values as mine? Are they marketing in a way that is suitable to my personality? Do they offer a product or service that I can get passionate about? Is the compensation plan suited to my abilities, time commitment, and talents? Once you answer these and other questions, you will have a better feel for whether a company is right for you and although selecting the right company doesn’t guarantee success, it does drastically increase the odds. The key is to do your due diligence and make a good selection.

Power Secret Two: Pick the Right Sponsor

One of the biggest mistakes I see made in network marketing is picking the wrong sponsor. Typically one of two things happens. Either a person gets sponsored by a friend, family member, or associate, who doesn’t know anything more about building a successful network marketing business than they do. The second option usually happens after a bad experience with the first option and so they begin researching to find a big hitter to sponsor them. The problem with being sponsored by a big hitter is that they don’t always have time to work closely with new people. After all they probably have thousands of people in their network, all needing some level of attention. The key here is to be sponsored by someone who is serious about building a big business and is willing to dedicate the time to help you succeed. It’s also important that your sponsor have similar values and be someone you would enjoy working with very closely. Again, picking the right sponsor doesn’t guarantee success, but it sure helps.

Power Secret Three: Develop Purpose, Goals, and Objectives

Over the years I’ve trained and coached tens of thousands of network marketers and have found that most don’t really know why they are in business. It’s critical to long-term success to have a solid “why” or purpose for being in business. It might be to have more time freedom to enjoy your family or to secure your financial future, so you can give your time to ministry or charity work. It might be to become the largest contributor to a charity or ministry. Whatever your purpose, it needs to be vibrant enough to keep you going during the tough times. Once you have a solid purpose, then you must determine what needs to happen in order to achieve that purpose – these are called goals and are the stepping stones or road signs along the way toward your purpose. Goals need to be written and reviewed daily. Often goals are too big to determine what to do on a daily basis, so you should break them down into manageable activities called objectives. Start each day by reviewing your purpose, goals, and objectives, then start working on the highest priority objectives and you will quickly reach your goals and achieve your purpose.

Power Secret Four: Right Attitudes and Beliefs

Many people fail in network marketing because they don’t have the right attitude. They treat their business like a hobby, working at it whenever time allows, rather than treating it like a business and scheduling regular time for business activities. I’ve also encountered many people in network marketing businesses, who show signs that they believe that what they are doing isn’t quite on the up and up, which makes it difficult for them to talk with people. It’s critical to success in network marketing to build belief in three areas: First, is believing in the network marketing industry (if you are struggling in this area, order my book The Ideal Business, by visiting my web site at and clicking on Store). Second, is believing in your company and the products/services. Third, is believing in yourself as a network marketing business owner. If your belief is not strong in all three areas, success will elude you.

Power Secret Five: Treat it Like a Business, Not a Hobby

What does this mean? Most people who enter the network marketing industry have never run a business, so they don’t know what it means to treat it like a business. The keys are to first have the right attitude and second the right actions. Network marketing is one of the very few businesses that can be built while still employed at something else. The great part is that you keep your current income, while building another stream, which eventually will replace the first source. However, in order to do that, you must do the things that successful business people do. You must be consistent and persistent with your business and work on the most productive activities every day. Finally, you need to make a long-term commitment to your business. I have to laugh when someone says they’ll give it a try for six months or so. I’ve owned businesses, both network marketing and traditional, for many years and I’ve yet to find one that would produce a full-time income within six months, while building it on a part-time basis. Yes, some people earn big time income in network marketing within their first six months, but it’s because they put in a more than full-time effort or already had a massive circle of influence. For the average person, like me and probably you, it’s going to take some time and effort to build your business, but if you do it right for the next few years, you’ll never have to worry about money again.

Power Secret Six: Have a M.A.P.

If you were going to drive your car from Seattle, WA to Orlando, FL, would you just jump on the nearest highway and start driving, in hopes that some day soon you’d reach Orlando? No, that would be ludicrous and yet, that’s how most people build a network marketing business. It’s a journey and you need a M.A.P., which stands for Marketing Action Plan. This plan will guide you from where you are right now to where you want to go in life. It should include your purpose, goals, objectives, marketing strategies, and a daily plan to implement those strategies. That way, you are always on track toward your goals and purpose.

Power Secret Seven: Become a Master Prospector

If you were wandering through a field and stumbled across a goldmine, you would immediately buy the lot, purchase digging equipment, and begin to mine the gold. Well, you have stumbled across a goldmine and it’s in your network marketing business. The key is to prospect for the gold nuggets among your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, congregation members, people out on the internet, and people you meet out in public. There is a direct relationship between the quantity/quality of prospecting and the amount of money you make, so become a master prospector and watch your income sky rocket.

Power Secret Eight: Treat Different People Differently

If you are treating everyone exactly the same, then you’re missing the boat with 75% of them. There are four basic personalities and although we operate at times in all four, every person functions primarily in one of the four. By understanding the characteristics of each personality, you can better communicate and present to prospects, plus train and support those in your network. Understanding and recognizing the different personalities will increase your sponsoring and retention ratios.

Power Secret Nine: Become a Master Presenter

There is an old saying that says “facts tell and stories sell.” If you want to become a successful network marketer, you must become an excellent story teller. At first, you will tell the stories of successful people in your upline and later you’ll share your own success story. People love to hear stories and will better retain the information you’re presenting. Effective story telling is one part of becoming a master presenter and by becoming one, you will move yourself into the ranks of the top performers in your company.

Power Secret Ten: Become a Savvy Internet Marketer

The basis of network marketing is building networks of people who buy and sell products/services. What better place to build a network of people than on a natural worldwide network called the internet? According to Internet World Stats, which you can view at, as of 2006 there were a little over one billion people on the internet worldwide and that’s up from 101 million in 1998. As you can see, the internet is growing rapidly and is the place to build a network marketing business. However, it’s easy to get lost or overwhelmed on and by the internet, so the key is to learn how to be a savvy internet network marketer. First, you want to have an effective lead capturing web site with autoresponders that follow-up on your prospects. Second, you’ll need an effective database or contact management system that helps you remember to follow-up personally with qualified prospects. Third, you want to have an excellent online presentation system including web site based presentations in flash or video and live webinars. Fourth, you’ll need to have a pass-coded training web site that takes your new associates through some basic training. From there you’ll want to learn about funded business proposals (check out my new funded business proposal system, pay-per-click advertising, and social marketing. Becoming a savvy internet marketer will add a number of effective business building weapons to your arsenal and help you build a large and lucrative business.

Power Secret Eleven: Develop Leaders

When I joined the industry in 1979, I was taught that if a person could fog a mirror I should attempt to sponsor them. Well, it’s one thing to sponsor a bunch of people and it’s something completely different to develop leaders. Leaders will duplicate, causing expansion of your network without any effort on your part. Leaders will attract other leaders and potential leaders, so learn how to identify and sponsor leaders, plus how to train and develop them. Once you’ve developed several organizations that have at least one leader, you will have a solid base for building a long-term walk-away residual income.

Power Secret Twelve: The Ultimate Power Secret

This is actually the most important of the power secrets. You can effectively use the other eleven and without the ultimate power secret you will still only enjoy marginal results. This is the difference between a double A battery and 220volts of electricity. In fact, the ultimate secret is the real power behind every success. Think about your computer. You could have the latest, greatest, and most powerful computer made by man, but if you don’t plug it into the wall and power it up, the computer is useless. Once you plug into the ultimate power source, amazing things will begin to happen – leaders will be attracted to you and your business, your marketing campaigns produce better results, and you suddenly know exactly what to say to a prospect. This is the culmination of all the power secrets for network marketing success.

Now, it's very possible that you read these 12 power secrets and thought, this is nothing new. My question to you is, "have you done these things?" There is a myth that knowledge is power. The truth is that knowledge put into correct action is power. These 12 secrets are what turned me from a miserable failure to a successful network marketer. They are the secrets of the top income earners, so if you aren't a top income earner, it's time to stop looking for the magic bullet and put these power secrets to work in your business.

Everything you need for massive network marketing success is contained in these twelve power secrets. However, failure or success is truly in your hands and is dependent on what you do with this knowledge. Obviously, I couldn’t include all of the information in each power secret or this would have been a very, very long article, so if you’re serious about building a large and lucrative network marketing business, you might want to pick up a copy of my new book by visiting (store). However, even with all the information, it’s still up to you. Success is in the action, so the question is whether you are ready for success or not? If you are, then put this knowledge into action and in a few months to a few years you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor – financial and time freedom.

The Five Failure Factors in Network Marketing

In my nearly three decades of network marketing experience, I've noticed that there are five primary reasons that people fail in network marketing. I call these the five failure factors:

1. Takes too long to make money – although there are a few that pay daily, most network marketing companies pay residuals either monthly or weekly. The average new network marketer takes sixty days or longer to sponsor their first person. During those first sixty days, they have paid the costs to join, bought products or activated a service, purchased marketing materials, and possibly paid to be part of an advertising co-operative or purchased leads. They have also made their list of 100 or 200 warm market prospects and are tentatively blundering through those, experiencing a great deal of rejection. All this and they haven’t made a penny in the business.

Now, I recognize that some programs offer the opportunity to retail products or services and make some money. Some people will do this. However, most people hate sales and will not be comfortable trying to sell products or services to their family and friends, so this is also not a viable avenue for making quick money.

The key is to have something that can be sold automatically through the internet – the best is an information product (i.e. e-book, training program, etc.). This product must have huge value and be appealing to people involved in network marketing. By offering this product, you accomplish several things. First, it’s a low ticket item compared to joining most network marketing companies, which will increase the number of people who buy. Second, it attracts exactly the people you want for your network marketing business. So, give some thought to writing an e-book or training program or using one that has already been written. Make sure it appeals to those interested in network marketing and has solid value.

2. Run out of warm market prospects – Social scientists say that we know 2,000 people and all we have to do is remember them and we’ve got a great base of prospects for our business. The problem with this is that there are very few of those people who are actually open to your business. Yes, they could all benefit from your product or service and from the financial and time freedom that can result from network marketing, but they still won’t join your company or mine or anyone else’s. So, that new associate is going to join your company and begin working through his/her warm market, getting “NO” after “NO” until they begin to doubt that it’s going to work for them. At that point, they are encouraged to purchase leads, which they have to call using a phone script. Most people would rather jump out of an airplane without out a chute than make cold calls to people they don’t know, so this typically doesn’t work and within 60 days or so, they quit returning your calls and e-mails and disappear into the network marketing twilight zone.

Selling in information product via the internet, will also eliminate this failure factor, as your internet-based system will be attracting quality leads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and sending them right to your e-mail box. All you have to do is call and find out if they are looking for a network marketing; already with a company, but not happy; or with a company and happy. The first two categories are leads and you should introduce your company and your lead generation system that enables you to get paid to prospect. These people are already sold on network marketing, so all you have to do is present yourself, your business, and marketing system in such a way that they can see themselves doing it.

3. Afraid to approach people – Network marketing is an entrepreneurial type business that attracts primarily people who are not entrepreneurs. The problem with this is that most of the people who join your business or any other network marketing business are going to afraid to approach people. They don’t know what to say, are afraid that someone will ask a question they can’t answer, are concerned about what other people are going to think (particularly friends and family), and are afraid someone is going to get upset with them. Fear probably destroys more dreams than anything else in life and it is very active in network marketing. Fear can very quickly drive your very excited new associate out of the business in just a matter of days or weeks.

An internet-based marketing system is perfect, because you only talk with qualified people. This reduces the amount of rejection and increases the number of people joining your network. Plus, if you are using a system that works, you’ll never run out of quality leads.

4. Don’t know how to build on the internet – As you have probably recognized, internet marketing is the wave of the future. Everyone is talking about “social networking”, “You Tube presentations”, and funded business proposals. There are so many great opportunities for marketing on the internet and lot’s of training programs that will “teach you how to make millions on the internet.” The problem is that most of the people who join your business will not have a clue about how to build on the internet. So, the key is to find a simple, easy to understand program for marketing on the internet, that won’t distract them from their network marketing business.

This is a tough one, because the internet gets more complicated every day. So, you can either bite the bullet and pay thousands of dollars to learn how to develop an internet marketing system, hire someone and pay them thousands of dollars to design one or use an already proven system (see below). No matter how you do it, make sure you’ve got an internet marketing system working for you every day.

5. Aren’t trained properly – Some network marketing companies and upline teams do a great job of training, however this is more of a rarity than the norm. Unfortunately, most people who join network marketing companies are never trained properly and so they fail. It’s not their fault. The key to training is to have someone who has been there, done that, and made a lot of money do the training. However, usually that type of person in your upline is either too busy with his/her own huge downline or they are off enjoying the free time that results from a big residual income. Either way, people aren’t being trained. So, what is needed is a system, developed by a successful network marketer that will help you train your downline and give them something that will enable them to train their downline.

Check with your upline leaders to see what training is available and then devote time and resources to gaining the best training possible. The more you know, the better you will do (as long as you put that knowledge into action). Keep in mind that this is a business of duplication, so find trainings that teach methods that fit your personality and budget.

Now, that you know the five failure factors and what to do about them. The question is what are you going to do about it? Your answer and following actions will dictate your level of success in network marketing. If you’re going to be the leader of a large network, you’ll need to either find or develop a system that will eliminate or at least minimize the five failure factors. It will need to help new associates make money quickly – their first week or two in business. It will need to be a lead generation system, so they never run out of prospects. It will need to be something where they don’t have to make a lot of direct contacts with cold prospects, so as to reduce the feeling of rejection. It will need to be a simple, easy to use internet system that works for them 24/7. It will need to include simple to follow training that can get them started quickly. Finally, it can’t compete for their time with the network marketing business you and they are working.

Be assured that if you develop just such a system, it will help many of your downline go on to create full-time incomes in network marketing and reduce the failure rate in your network. If developed and implemented properly, a system like this will also dramatically increase your network marketing income. So, get to work and develop a system that will eliminate that five failure factors.

NOTE: Years ago, I spent a great deal of time and money developing such systems and they helped me build a large and lucrative international network. If you don’t want to spend the time or money, there is an excellent option. It’s called The 2 Percent Plan and is a synthesis of systems I developed in the past with the hottest new concepts available today. This program, if used properly, eliminates all five of the failure factors. If you’re interested in learning more, visit

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