Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Business of Educating People

Many people think of network marketing as sales, when in fact it is a business of education. As network marketers, we have three parts to our job: 1) Educate people about why they need our products/services; 2) Educate people as to why they need a network marketing business; 3) Educate new distributors on how to build a business.

Let's briefly discuss each of these:

1. Educate people about product/service - your first step is to read everything you can find about your product/service and the industry it serves. What are the benefits to your customers? What advantages do you have over your competition? When educating, you must bring new information to the prospect and teach them not only why they need your product or service, but also why they should buy it from you.

2. Educate people about your business - you need to help people understand the difference between linear income (work hard once and get paid once - hourly wage, salary, commission, bonus, fee, etc.) and residual income (work hard once and get paid the rest of your life). You need to help them understand that the old 40 year plan (work for the same company 40 years and then retire) doesn't work anymore. You should help them see that social security is not going to take care of us. Show them how they can build a residual income that will result in the time freedom necessary to truly enjoy life.

3. Educate new distributors - teach them a duplicatable system that anyone can do. Show them where they can learn about the product/service, company, and industry. Give them a meeting schedule, so they can begin to attend local business briefings and trainings. Do 3-way phone calls and 3-on-1 meetings with their prospects, so they can hear and see how to do the business. Educate by example - if you are sponsoring and retailing, so will they.

It's no wonder that teachers do so well in network marketing. They know how to listen and to educate. How about you?