Tuesday, December 8, 2009

10 Minutes to Success

Are you serious about building a six figure income in network marketing? Can you commit to 10 minutes a day? Do you have available a web based business presentation? If your answers were "yes" then the information in this article could radically change your financial future!

The biggest key to success in network marketing is inviting new people to view your business. Here is an easy 4 step approach that anyone can master. Now, keep in mind that unless you have done a lot of prior phone work, you probably aren't going to be very good at first and that's okay. You may even be nervous and that's also okay. Work through that, continue making the calls and the nervousness will leave. The good news is that this 4 step approach will work even if you are nervous and bad; if you use it exactly as it is in this article.

So, here are the 4 steps with the exact words to use for best results:

1. Be in a hurry

"John, I don't have much time . . .

2. Confirm a time

"What are you doing at (time) on (day)?"

3. Create interest

"I've got something you've got to see, be by your computer and I'll call you at (time) on (day)."

4. Confirm the appointment

"Okay, I'll give you a call at (time) on (day). You've got that in your calendar, right? Make sure you're by your computer. Talk with you then."

Tips for the call:

If the prospect asks any questions, just let them know that you don't have time right then, but will answer all their questions when you call.

If they are not available at the time you've requested, move on. Here is what you say:

"No problem. I've got to run. I'll give you a call (later in the week or next week)."

This leaves them in suspense and curious, which is exactly where you want them. Never, never, never give them a second possible time.

Also, do not change the wording or the order. This is a proven method for inviting. If you change it, you change the results.

In the example above, when you call for appointment, you would show them an internet presentation or run through your web site. However, you could also use this to invite them to a webinar or teleconference.

This is a highly effective method for inviting people to look at your business. Each call should only take about 60 seconds, so in 10 minutes a day you could start the process with 10 new prospects. If you direct them into a solid business presentation and do a good job of follow-up, you should sponsor between 1 and 3 of those. If you did that every day (5 days a week) for a month, you would sponsor between 20 and 60 new people into your business. Imagine what would happen if you continued on and taught all of them to do the same thing. You would end up with a huge and prosperous business.

So, get started today and invest your 10 minutes toward the success of your business.