Thursday, May 26, 2011

What Do You Say?

One of the main reasons so many people struggle in network marketing is that they don't know what to say. Here are some quick and easy things to say in different situations:

If someone asks what you do:

"I help people learn how to make money while they sleep. (when they ask how you do that, continue) It's a system used by the ultra rich called leverage. If you are interested and have about 30 minutes, I would be happy to explain it to you?"

If you are talking with someone you know:

"Do you keep your eyes and ears open for great ways to make money? (If yes, set up a time to show them your business)

If you want to market in the cold market:

"I'm conducting a survey, can I ask you a quick question?" (If yes, continue) "What is your biggest struggle in life right now?" (If it is something you can help with your business, which most of the time it will, continue) You know, I just might something that can help with that, would you be interested in learning about it?" (If yes, set up a time to show them your business or product/service)

"I'm expanding a business into the area and am looking for a couple of key leaders who are hard workers, highly motivated, and would like to make some significant money in the coming years, do you know anyone like that?"

The key to network marketing is to make new contacts every week, so memorize and internalize these and you will be ready to make those contacts.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Network Marketing Stats

I was at a great network marketing seminar with Clay Stevens, a couple weeks ago and he gave us these great stats about the network marketing industry:

1,500 network marketing companies in North America
15 million distributors/associates in North America, 70 million worldwide
20 consecutive years of growth
175,000 people enrolling in network marketing in the U.S. each week
500,000 people enrolling in network marketing around the world each week
Less than 1% of the world is involved in network marketing right now
1 out of every 8 households in the U.S. has a home business
3 out of 4 Americans have purchased products from a direct selling/NM company
Billionaire Warren Buffet has purchased 3 network marketing companies
14 direct sales/network marketing companies are listed in the Fortune 500 list

If you've been wondering whether network marketing works, whether it's legal and ethical and moral, hopefully this helps build your belief in this amazing industry!