Friday, October 23, 2009

Motivating Your Downline

Do you have people in your downline who have the potential, but they aren't doing anything?

Unless you have no one in your downline, the answer is YES! This has been a long time struggle in network marketing. All of us face this problem on a daily basis. So, how do we motivate these people?

First, you can't motivate anyone through words alone. You can get them excited, but only they can motivate themselves. They must have a good reason or purpose for their business, then be willing to go out an do whatever is necessary to accomplish that purpose.

Second, people are not all motivated in the same way. Some get very excited about the big money potential in network marketing. Others like the idea of earning an extra couple hundred dollars a month. Many are looking for more time freedom and less stress. It is important to find out what your distributors want, so you can provide them with the most appropriate stimulation.

Here are some ideas for motivating your downline:

1. Within 48 hours of the time the sign up, help them develop a solid purpose, set of goals based on that purpose, and a schedule of activities for the first 30 days. This will give them direction and kick them into action immediately.

2. Provide a proven marketing system that anyone can do. One that has worked well for me is to help your new distributors make up a list of 30 people. Mail or e-mail an information packet to the first 10 and then do 3-way follow-up calls. This gives your new distributors the opportunity to learn by listening to an upline leader and also the chance that some of these people might be interested in either the products/services or business.

3. Keep them active by providing marketing programs such as e-mail marketing, advertising, post card mailings, telemarketing, conference calls, webinars, lead programs, etc. On-going marketing keeps them actively prospecting and then provides a program they can pass on to their new distributors to keep them active.

4. Prepare them for battle - let them know that there will be tough times and mean people. Family members and friends will be rude to them at times, because they don't understand the business. Prepare them for the down times. Building a network marketing business (like any other business) is like a roller coaster - there will be highs and lows. Let them know that when they are excited and up, they should call their downline and spread that enthusiasm. When they are depressed and down,they should call their upline for empathy.

5. Recognition is one of the best motivators.

Constantly recognize your distributors for what they are doing. If they make their first contact, let them know what an AWESOME job they are doing. When they make their first retail sale or recruit their first person, announce it to the world. As they achieve higher levels, give them the recognition they deserve.

6. Stay in touch with them regularly. In the beginning, when you only have a couple distributors, this is easy. As your network grows, it becomes more difficult. Contact your new distributors daily for the first 30 days (whenever possible). Others, you should contact at least once a month.

Some great ways to leverage your time are the use of e-mail and voice mail broadcast. Each allows you to reach groups of distributors with exciting new information, without a tremendous time or financial investment.

The key to motivating your downline is to show them you care about them. Stay focused on their purpose and goals. Work with them regularly to achieve those goals and you will achieve yours too!