Friday, July 26, 2013

3 Powerful MLM / Network Marketing Secrets

There are so many so called MLM  or Network Marketing "gurus" or "experts" out there who have a made a lot of money selling programs and systems to home business owners, but have actually never built a large sustainable network and full-time income in MLM / Network Marketing. They supposedly have all the "secrets" for success, but they've never done it. Frankly it makes me sick to see so many people in this amazing profession getting duped by these fakes.

Okay, I'm off my soapbox. I wanted to say all that so that from this point on you would invest the time to research the "experts" you encounter and see if they've actually done it and are worth listening to. In fact, I encourage you to do that with me. Go to Google and search for Rod Nichols. By the way, I'm not the baseball player or the cowboy poet. But anything you see connected to MLM or network marketing will likely be me. Also, go to Amazon and search for me and you'll find some of my books.

I'm the real deal. Just an ordinary, introverted guy who failed in MLM / Network Marketing for about 10 years, enjoyed nice part-time income for another 5 years, and have earned a full-time income for the last 15 years. I'm still building businesses and earning income in the trenches of this great profession. So, when I share some secrets, they are real.

All that said, the truth is there aren't really any "secrets" in MLM / Network marketing. If you are still looking for them, stop, you are just wasting your time. Don't go on to any other listings on Goggle, because you will just find all the same stuff re-hashed.

From my over 30 years of MLM / Network Marketing experience here are the 7 things you need to do in order to earn a full-time income:

1. Join the Right Company. Not my company (although it's a good one) or the company that your best friend is in. Not the company some hotshot guru is promoting. No, you need to join the one that is right for you. You see, I joined all those other companies during my first 10 years and none of them worked. Then I started recognizing some company features that fit me and some that didn't. You need to do the same. Do they offer a product or service you can get passionate about? Does the company have the same values you do? Does the marketing approach that the company offers fit your personality and lifestyle? Will the compensation plan enable you to quickly cover your required monthly purchase? Will it enable you to develop a full-time income within a couple years or less? If you wanted, could you build a high six or seven figure income? Do they offer the tools and systems you need? Don't get caught in the hype. Look behind the curtain. Thoroughly investigate before you join and you will find the right company for YOU!

2. Find the Right Upline Team. Once you have found the right company, now it's time to research upline teams to find the one that is going to be best for you. Again, make sure you are working with people who have the same values as you. People you will feel comfortable working with and presenting to your friends and family on 3-way or conference calls. Check to see what kind of training and on-going support they offer. Get a commitment from one of the upline leaders to mentor you weekly for at least the first 6 months, while you are learning the business. Once you have chosen a team, listen to your mentor and be coachable. Attend the upline calls, webinars, and meetings. Stay connected.

3. Build Your Business Daily for the Next 5 Years. If you have chosen a good company and upline, then there is no reason for you to not make a 5 year commitment. Work with your mentor to set 5 year goals and develop a plan to reach those goals. Break your plan down to monthly, weekly, and daily goals. Then create an action plan that will enable you to accomplish your goals. That way you will know exactly what you are doing every single day. Ask your mentor to hold you accountable to those goals and actions. Don't take days off. Don't make excuses. Talk to new people very day. Follow-up on those you have already contacted. Enroll new members of your downline. Help them become successful. The more people you help become successful, the more successful you will be.

There you go. Those are the 3 powerful secrets for MLM / Network Marketing success. If you will do those 3 things and commit to a 5 year plan, you will develop a full-time income and enjoy the life that most people just dream about.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Breaking News: Numis and WorldVentures to Merge

Big News in the Network Marketing Profession: Numis Network is merging with WorldVentures
This is an interesting merge, as Numis is well known as the silver coin company and World Ventures is known as a travel company. So how do coins and travel work together. Frankly, I'm not sure. The one thing I can tell you is that the leads I know of in Numis will definitely fit well with the free spirited founders of World Ventures, Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue.
From initial information, it appears that the Numis network will be absorbed by the WorldVentures network. Normal start-up fees to join WorldVentures will be waved for all active Numis members.
Both companies have solid track records of success and have carved out a good niche in their respective markets. It will be fun to see how this all pans out.
You can read a more detailed report from MLM watcher, Troy Dooly at

One of the BIGGEST Mistakes

One of the biggest mistakes I see network marketers making is to contact top income earners, like myself, and ask them to join their network. I have to say that, as a top income earner, it's also one of my biggest frustrations with the profession.

Let's get this picture clearly in mind. Typically these are people who have achieved very little success in network marketing. They are contacting someone who has built networks into the many thousands, is a highly recognized leader in their company, drives a luxury car paid for by the company, and is living a life of total freedom and asking them to come join them, in essence to start all over with someone who doesn't really know what doing. That's what I call insanity. That said, I always commend those who approach me, but even if I was going to change companies, I would seek out a top income earner to align with.

So, here's my recommendation to all the newbies and those who have not achieved success in network marketing. Instead of contacting top leaders to try to get them into your company, why don't you just go and join their company and learn from that leader, so you too can become a top leader and attract others?

That's what I did. Back in 1994, after many years of failure in this profession, I invested 6 months into researching network marketing companies and uplines. I chose a company and an upline that fit me. The upline was a rising superstar who became the top income earner in the company. I got to ride along and learn. The result was that I became a top income earner with that company and my current company. Now I get to be the one others ride along with and learn from, so that they can become top income earners.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Leads, Leads, Leads

In a recent query of my MLM Tip of the Day list ( I found that one of the biggest challenges network marketers are facing is finding people to sponsor into their business. Not a big shock, as during my 34 years in MLM, this has always been one of the biggest challenges. Now, unlike all the gurus out there, I don't claim to have all the answers or some magical system that produces an unending supply of leads. However, I can give you some time-proven, field-tested ideas that have worked for me and other top income earners. Here we go:

1. The best leads are always people you know, so start there. If you were opening a restaurant or a retail store, you would certainly tell all your family members and friends, wouldn't you? So, why wouldn't you want to tell them about your network marketing business? Particularly when it could completely transform their lives. You are really doing them a disservice by not giving them the opportunity to look and make their own, educated decision, about your business. AND, don't worry about what they are going to say or think, because what you are worrying about very, very rarely ever happens. You are just the messenger, so deliver the message and if they aren't interested, that's okay, move on.

2. The next best leads are people your friends and family know, so make sure you are always asking for referrals. Learn to ask, "who do you know that is highly motivated and would like to make very serious money in the coming years?" If they don't come up with anyone, you can push it a little, "Really, you don't know anyone who would like to make some big time money and save thousands on their annual taxes each year?" "How about some of your friends? Relatives? Business associates? People you go to church with?" If you push a little (not too much or they will get irritated), they will generally come up with someone. Then just ask them to introduce you by phone, text, or email, so you can contact them. If you keep asking the "who do you know" question, you will have a never ending supply of leads. AND that's the truth!

3. The third best leads are people you meet in your local community, so make sure you are always alert to good prospects. You are looking for people who are good workers, have a positive attitude, and relate with other people well. You can find them at restaurants, drive-through windows, banks, grocery stores, department stores, the post office or other shippers, copy centers, office products stores, cellular stores, computer stores, and anywhere else you go. All you have to do is compliment and ask: "You are an excellent worker, would you be open to earning money outside of what you are doing here, if it didn't jeopardize your job?" If "yes" get their name, email, and phone and promise to email info and call to answer questions.

I also encourage you to become a networker. Go to and find meet-up groups in your local area that would be attended by the kind of people you would like to have in your business. If there aren't any, start one. Also, check the internet for lead exchange and networking groups in your local area. The Chamber of Commerce mixers are a great place to meet motivated business people who might want to diversify their income. Finally, look for local seminars, classes, conferences, and trade-shows where you could meet motivated business or salespeople.

4. The fourth best is to generate leads through social media. By posting on Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, Instagram, and others, you can find people who are interested in starting a home business. The best way to do this is to post beneficial information that relates to a home business - articles about how many people are starting home businesses or about people who have had success in a home business. Also articles about the economy and the need for extra or retirement income. The more value you create, the more people will trust and respect you. When you see people like your posts, private message them to see if they might be interested in a solution (your home business).

5. The fifth best type of lead are those you purchase. You can purchase very highly qualified leads for $3 to $5 each, which might seem like a lot of money per lead, but if they become a solid customer or member of your team, they will be worth a lot more than that and could bring in others with them. I've successfully used this type of lead, but actually I prefer a less expensive lead that I can send into my automated qualification system, which will then produce more highly qualified leads which I can call. There are many lead vendors out there. My preference is, as they have great leads and excellent free training.

These are just my favorite 5 ways to generate leads and the methods I have used to build several large networks and a very nice full-time income since 1998. I hope that they will help you do the same. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me. I'm always looking to help other network marketers.

Rod Nichols,