Friday, January 30, 2009

Sponsor UP

The tendency in network marketing is to sponsor people at your economic level or lower. Now, if you are a billionaire, this might not be an issue, but if you are like me (and most people in network marketing), you end up recruiting people who have very little money and influence.

Network marketing is a people business. It’s also an influence business. Those who have large circles of influence will generally do better in network marketing. Now, there are the exceptions; those who didn’t have money or influence and are now network marketing millionaires. Yes, everyone can do this, but for the 1 exception, there are hundreds of thousands of those without money and influence who have failed in network marketing. So, save yourself some misery and heartache and find people who have money and influence.

We don’t often think that millionaires or high paid executives or hugely successful business people would be interested in network marketing, but they are. Why? Because they have money, but no time freedom. Network marketing offers them the opportunity for both. Think about the physician who is working 60+ hours a week serving sick people. He/She makes a nice six figure income, but they are slaves to their jobs. The same is true of the attorney, CPA, top corporate executives, and successful business owners.

This is fertile ground and the best part is that they rarely get approached about network marketing. In fact, I’ve run into many of them who don’t even know what it is – can you imagine that? Amazing! All you have to do is let them know that you have something that could enable them to make the kind of income they are accustomed to, but have the time freedom to enjoy their life. Then ask them to keep an open mind as you present the business. If you show them the power of leverage with no employees or overhead, they will jump on board in a NY minute.

So, how do you find these people? Well, start with those you know and ask everyone who they know. Referrals are a great way to reach top people. You can also look for business directories in your area or mailing lists of physicians, attorneys, CPA’s, and corporate executives. You can also attend Chamber of Commerce and Rotary meetings to make new contacts. I would recommend sending them a personal letter or note and then follow-up with a phone call. It may take awhile to reach them (because they are busy), but be persistent and eventually you will uncover a few goldmines that will shoot you to the top of your company.