Friday, September 12, 2008

FREE Network Marketing Leads

How many times have you seen FREE leads advertised, only to find out that they aren't really free or if they are free, they are worth what you paid for them? The difficult part is that if you are going to build a large network marketing business, you must have leads.

Back in 1995 I pondered this exact issue and began developing what is now referred to as a funded business proposal. There are several popular funded business proposal programs - Magnetic Sponsoring, Renegade Marketer, and others. The idea here is that you market an informational product (book or e-book) that is attractive to people interested in network marketing. If they purchase the product, you (as an affiliate) earn a commission, which can then be used to offset your network marketing business costs or for additional marketing.

The best part about a funded business proposal is that you generate your own leads and they are all people interested in network marketing. The key is to learn how to convert those leads into distributors or associates in your network marketing business. That's how you use a funded business proposal to build a massive network.

Although I think that Magnetic Sponsoring and Renegade Marketer are excellent programs, I felt that they did not have enough emphasis on building a network marketing business, so for the last 6 months a business partner and I have been developing a new funded business proposal called The 2 Percent Plan. This program has all the features of a standard funded business proposal, but also has extensive training for converting leads and building a large and lucrative network marketing business.

So, if you want real FREE leads and the opportunity to get paid to generate them and solid training from a seasoned professional network marketer, then check out The 2 Percent Plan.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Power Question

I run into so many network marketers who tell me that things aren't going very well. They can't find any prospects. I think, "What are you crazy? There are 300 million people in the U.S. alone!" So, I teach them the "power" question and send them out into the world. Amazingly, most come back and tell me how well their business is doing now that they are using the power question. So, now I'm going to teach it to you too.

Here it is: "What do you do for a living?"

Powerful isn't it? Actually, it's simplicity does give it power. People will always respond. They will never say no. Plus, they will give you useful information. Knowing what they do for a living tells you what might motivate them.

Next you could say, "Wow, you probably make a lot of money doing that, don't you?" What are they going to say? What would you say? Probably something like, "I do alright" or "not really."

Then you ask, "If I could show you something that would enable you to make double or triple what your making now and enjoy more time freedom, would you be interested in taking a look?"

They will either reply "yes" or "no" or ask "what is it". If "yes" or "what is it", say "That's great. It will take some time to explain, so do you have a business card?" If not then ask them to write their name and e-mail address, so you can send them some information and their phone number so you can call to answer questions. Let them know that there will never be any pressure, just a great opportunity for them to gather information and make an educated decision.

It's powerful and it works!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Why Network Marketing?

When I was a kid growing up in Colorado, my Dad worked and Mom stayed home with my brother and I. Dad would go off to work at 8 and leave work at 5. At night he would spend time with us playing games or watching T.V. Later in my life, they both would attend my football, basketball, and baseball games. We were kind of the typical "leave-it to Beaver" family.

Today, things have changed. There are very, very few of those families left. Now Dad works two jobs and Mom also works full-time, just to stay ahead. Credit cards are maxed. Most couples are two paychecks away from bankruptcy. Careers are no longer secure, even with the top companies like IBM and AT&T, who have both layed off tens of thousands of people. The economy is so unstable that it's even hard to invest for the future anymore. Stress is at it's highest. What is the answer to this terrible downward spiral? There are probably many, but one is definitely network marketing.

Let's look at the benefits. First, it is a business that can be operated in a person's spare time, without jeopardizing their full-time job. Second, it can build a residual income that grows without increasing the labor hours. Third, it can be a family business where everyone participates. Fourth, it can eliminate the need for a second job or for both spouses to work. Fifth, it can develop into a residual stream of income that will secure a person's financial future and retirement years. Sixth, it can provide for more time freedom to truly enjoy the finer things in life. Seventh, it can result in wealth. Eighth, people in network marketing make a lot of really great friends. Ninth, people experience a great deal of personal growth. Tenth, there lots of great tax benefits (talk with your accountant about this).

Network marketing is the perfect business for this time in history and particularly for this economy. It offers a person the opportunity to own a piece of the American Dream without a huge up front investment, without a big downside risk, without the need for offices or warehouses, without employees and complicated bookkeeping, and with the potential of developing a permanent residual stream of income. A network marketing business is home-based, which allows people to avoid traffic jams, weather, pollution, and the stress of the daily commute.

It also, enables people to be at home, closer to the kids. Network marketing is the answer to many people's prayers. They just don't know it yet! It's up to all of us to spread the word about network marketing. Find those poor souls who are suffering through life, hating their jobs, working long hours, neglecting their family, and fighting traffic, in order to earn just enough money to stay ahead of the wolves. Introduce them to network marketing. Show them a path into a new world filled with hope for the future. Network marketing is truly the light at the end of the dark tunnel. All you need to do is show them that it's not another train.