Thursday, January 26, 2012

Coach Your Leaders

I was introduced to network marketing/multi-level marketing in 1979 and for the first 10 years I was a miserable failure. I did just about everything that a person could do wrong and very few of the right things. One of the reasons for this was that I didn't receive any coaching. I was always sponsored by a friend or someone who didn't know any more about succeeding in network marketing than I did. I didn't achieve any success until I started receiving regular coaching from successful upline mentors.

Now that I am a successful upline mentor, I intentionally reach out to my leaders (even those I haven't personally sponsored) and offer regular coaching calls or meetings. I don't want them to have to suffer for 10 years, like I did. Instead, I want them to see a high level of success within the first 2 years and the only way that can happen is if they have someone to guide them through the MLM minefields that deter most people.

During these weekly or every other week coaching calls, I help them uncover their compelling why, set goals, create a plan to reach those goals, and a weekly schedule that will keep them committed to their business. In the following calls, I hold them accountable to the activities they have scheduled and to the achievement of their goals within the set time lines. We also talk about their contacts during the preceding week and I coach them on how to handle situations, objections, questions, or anything else that becomes a barrier to the person enrolling. I strive to help my downline members become better with each new contact.

I also use these coaching times to build relationship. I want to know about the rest of their life - where they work, what they do, family, friends, hobbies, successes and struggles. I keep notes on my leaders, so I can remember to ask them about things that are going on. I care and want them to know that they are not just a cog in the machine or a number in the system. They are important to me and I want them to not only be successful in their business, but also in their lives. Sometimes I even do some coaching on marriages, relationships, health issues, mental struggles, and more. I'm looking to build whole, healthy people, not just successful downline members.

Eventually, these leaders, or up and coming leaders, will outgrow me and go on to coach their own leaders. The cycle repeats down throughout the team, creating a network of loyal, highly trained members who are enjoying success in their businesses and life. This is how you build a strong organization and life-long residual income.

I started this coaching system back in 1995 and built an organization into the thousands that is still intact today, even though I retired from that business in 2001. Consequently, I still earn a significant annual residual income from that business. I am now replicating that system with a new company and in just 2 years have already built a solid network of over 3,000 members and a six figure income and I'm nothing special. I'm basically introverted and don't sponsor a lot of people. I'm just good at building leaders and now that you have my strategy, you can too!

Rod Nichols has been involved in the network marketing/MLM industry since 1979 as a company founder/owner, consultant, trainer, coach, mentor, distributor, and author. He has been a top leader and built large networks with three MLM businesses and earns a full-time residual income from two of those and is a top income earner in his current company. He is also the industry best-selling author of Successful Network Marketing for the 21st Century, Would You Like to Dig in My Goldmine?, The Ideal Business, and The Twelve Power Secrets for Network Marketing Success. Rod is known as a nuts and bolts trainer and has trained over 10,000 people in the MLM profession. For more information about Rod, visit his web site at or e-mail at