Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Remarkable Business

Del was sixty-two and three years from retirement when he walked into my sales and marketing class. He had done what everyone told him and socked away a nice nest egg in his company 401k plan. Del and his wife would be able to live quite nicely for the rest of their lives. Well, at least that was the plan. Then his company went bankrupt and he lost everything. That day, Del asked me how to re-build his mid-six figure retirement plan within the next three years. I told him that there was only one way – network marketing.

Patti was a single mother of six children living in a rural town with a population of only 8,000 and had just lost $75,000 in her traditional business. She had researched all kinds of traditional businesses and franchises, but there seemed to be only one type of business that would enable her to stay home with her children, quickly pay off the debt, and earn a nice six-figure income within the next five years – network marketing.

Collette was a single mother of five children, of which two were seriously ill and required regular medical attention.  She was deeply in debt and could only work part-time as a secretary.  The medical bills were piling up and the future looked very bleak.  That was when she was introduced to a fantastic home business by her brother.  At first Collette didn’t think she could be successful, because she had never operated a business before and had no sales or marketing experience, but this business was different. It seemed to be her answer from God – network marketing.

What’s remarkable about network marketing?

The incredible, almost unbelievable stories and these are just three of the thousands from the network marketing industry. It’s truly a life altering business and how many other types of businesses can you say will radically change your life? I certainly haven’t found any others. I mean really, name me another type of business where a twenty-three year old carpet installer with an injured shoulder and no money, or a seventy year old butcher, could become millionaires within a few years. Network marketing is the only answer.

Oh, here I am ranting and raving about how amazing network marketing is and you’re probably wondering about Del, Patti, and Collette.

Well, Del did rebuild that retirement plan in three years, but he was having so much fun, he didn’t want to retire. Patti has stayed home with her children, paid off the debt, earns a nice six-figure income, and now has several of her children who have joined her in business. Collette continued to work part-time, building a network marketing business and is now the top income earner in her company.

Network marketing is the most remarkable business I’ve ever seen and since I’ve been a business consultant for many years and have thoroughly researched thousands of businesses, that’s quite a statement. It’s the only business I’ve ever seen that enables the average person, regardless of age, gender, financial situation, past experience, education, knowledge, or even language, to start a business with little to no money and in a few short years are living the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Can anyone be successful in network marketing?

Since my entry into the industry in 1979, I’ve had the good fortune to interview hundreds of the top income earners and I can honestly say that “YES” anyone can be successful in network marketing. Now, don’t stone me. I didn’t say that everyone would be successful; I just said that everyone could be successful, because I’ve seen people from all walks of life achieve high levels of success in network marketing.

I don’t believe that anything in this world is perfect, but network marketing is as close to the perfect business as I think you will ever find. If you’re looking for a business, you will find nothing better than network marketing – low start-up investment, proven turn-key system, high quality products and services, outstanding training and support, quick compensation, movable, unlimited growth, no employees, very little overhead, can be operated from home either part- or full-time, and produces long-term residual income, just to name a few reasons why you should seriously investigate this truly remarkable business.

If you are currently in network marketing or were sometime in the past and have never been successful, perhaps you picked the wrong company, product/service, compensation plan, timing, or upline. Many people get into the first network marketing company that comes along, without doing any research or due diligence. Uncle Joe, who doesn’t have any money and has never owned a business, shows you a network marketing company and it must be good, right? I don’t think so. Not every company is right for every person. You’ve got to find the right one for you. 

However, once you find the right company, then there is just one secret to success – WORK! I know, you were hoping for that get rich quick deal – well get over it – they don’t exist. Network marketing is a real business and it requires work – prospecting for people interested in your products/services or business, presentations, answering questions and handling objections, follow-up, sponsoring, training, and supporting. If you do these things and treat it like a real business, in time, you will be successful.

Who knows, perhaps some day you will be like Del, Patti, Collette, and so many others who are enjoying true financial security and the time freedom to really enjoy life. Yes, network marketing is the most remarkable business. My question for you is: “Will you do your research to find the right company, and then work hard and smart, so that some day other people will share your remarkable success story?