Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yoli Announces Pre-Launch Date

Yoli, the new network marketing company founded by Robby Fender, Daren, Falter, Corey Citron and others will pre-launch on September 26th. Right now the company is in a friends and family pre-enrollment phase, which enables distributors to enroll a large network on paper (with no out of pocket cost, until Sept. 26th) then pre-launch with a large network and the second week receive a nice check. Team Vitality Worldwide is the top team and they are assisting people in building these large networks through weekly webinars, a great website, advertising and lead cooperatives, and personal coaching by top leaders. For more information about Yoli or to secure you spot before the pre-launch, click HERE and to learn more about Team Vitality Worldwide click HERE. Also, to learn more about the revolutionary BlastCap(TM) technology that Yoli is using, watch the video to the right.