Thursday, November 19, 2009

Explode your Network Marketing Business During the Holidays

Throughout my 30 years in network marketing, it always amazed me that my slowest time of business was from Thanksgiving to New Years. Now, I fully understand that here in the U.S. we go on a mental Christmas break during that time, but what never made sense is why people didn’t use the natural networking opportunities to build their businesses. I always had great success during this time of year and I hope you will use these ideas to do the same.

First, there are all the Christmas/holiday parties. Instead of hanging around in the corner or by the food table, why not engage with people and find out how things are going in their lives. Find out what they do for a living and how things are going at their job or in their business. Look for pain areas – working too many hours, not making enough money, being taken advantage of, dead end job, business not doing well, etc. It’s very possible your network marketing business just might be the solution for these pain areas. You can also find out about their family – kids, how many, their activities, etc. Again, look for pain areas. This is also a great time to make comments about all the money spent during the holidays and see how they respond, looking for pain areas. Ask if they are going anywhere for the holidays or do they have any great vacations upcoming. All of these discussion areas will help you to build rapport and then present your business as a solution to the pain areas.

Second, are the shopping trips and all the sales clerks. When you find someone who is really doing a great job, compliment them and then say something like, “As good a worker as you are, you must get paid a lot of money to work here.” After the get up off the floor, you can say something like “I’m always on the look out for people who have a good work ethic. I’m a recruiter for a national/multi-national company that is expanding into the area. People just like you are earning a lot of money and enjoying time freedom. I’d really enjoy talking with you further, if you are interested?” If they respond with yes or what’s it all about, say “This obviously isn’t the right time to have a discussion like this, so if you would write your name and phone number, I’ll give you a call.” Here are two of my businesses cards. Please keep one and write your name and phone number on the other. Thanks.”

Third, are those holiday letters and Christmas cards sent out to family and friends. Why not include a promotional piece or information about your business. You never know who might be interested in your products/services or business or both. How can people do business with you if they don’t know you’re in business? Get the word out and watch your business grow.

This is a great season to build your business. If you use these ideas and pass these on to your downline, your business won’t decrease like so many others, your business will prosper.