Friday, August 17, 2012

Zeek Rewards

As you may or may not have heard, Zeek Rewards has come under the scrutiny of the Security and Exchange Commission and the Secret Service. Here is an article detailing the situation: Also, here is an article with a response from MLM Attorney, Kevin Thompson regarding the Zeek Rewards situation:

I'm always sorry to see people get hurt and it's situations like this that give network marketing a bad reputation. I was approached many times by people in Zeek Rewards and I told them all the same thing - it won't last, don't waste your time and money. Why did I say that, because I've seen programs similar to this float into our great industry time and time again and they all fail. They fail because there isn't a legitimate product that people would pay for, if they weren't involved in the business. When you are approached to participate in a business venture, here is what you need to check out BEFORE you join:

1. Does the company have a product that people would buy if they weren't involved in the business or the money-making venture?

2. Are commissions paid on the purchase of said products or on training packages/seminars/webinars that would have no value to anyone who wasn't trying to make money with the company?

3. Is the company saying that it is a business and that you will have to invest time, money, and effort to build it?

If the answer is NO to any of these, RUN as fast as you can and recommend that the person who introduced it to you RUN as fast as they can. It will either fail or the government regulators will shut it down. Guartanteed!

There are over 1,000 legitimate, solid network marketing companies out there. Stop wasting your time and money and damaging your reputation by participating in these money making scams. Find a good company that has the following:

1. A legitimate, highly consumable product that impacts peoples lives (nutritionals are #1, skin care #2, household cleaning products #3).

2. Under $50 to get started with the company and participate in the business/money making. There may be an additional product purchase recommended, but if it's required, run away.

3. Compensation is based SOLELY on product purchases by customers and distributors in your network. If the company is paying you to recruit people, or for people buying training packages, run away!

4. A solid pathway to success and people who have already done it. Combined with training and on going support to help you down the path.

5. A solid management team with successful experience in building both large traditional businesses and building large network marketing networks (I like to see corporate people who have been successful distributors).

Keep searching until you find a company that meets these 5 criteria and then check to make sure that the company values match your's, that you can get passionate about the product, and that you have a solid upline team that will train and support you long-term. When you find this, jump on board, put the blinders on and build like crazy!!! If you stay there long enough, you will meet and exceed your financial goals.