Friday, November 2, 2012

Attract Leaders

Do you want to attract leaders into your network marketing business? Become one. Leaders are attracted to other leaders. Here are some quick tips on becoming a leader:

1. Improve your skills.Leaders are proficient in 50 primary skills. To learn more about those and take a profile that will assess your skill levels, go to and order a PE Profile. Once you know the areas where you are not proficient, begin working on those every week and slowly you will become the leader everyone wants to follow.

2. Create your brand. Use the social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, MySpace, and a personal blog to create your leader brand. You do this by posting professional information that will be useful to people who eventually might be interested in your business. The more you present good information, the more you become the go-to person and the more attractive you are. Promote yourself and as you provide value to others, they will begin to promote you.

3. Be positive. Who wants to be around negative people? Only other negative people, because misery likes company. Become a glass full kind of person. Watch your thoughts and words and make sure that they are those of a leader.

4. Go the extra mile. If you have a job, become known as the person who works excellently. The person who goes beyond what is asked of him or her. In your network marketing business, under promise and over perform. Never use hype to manipulate people into your business. Instead, become a solution to their issues. Uncover their pain and passion and then offer your business as a solution. Your reputation will spread quickly, resulting in either a promotion at work or growth in your business.

5. Achieve success. Do the work necessary to achieve rank advancements in your company, earn the free trips, the luxury car, etc. People are watching and they are attracted to success.

Leaders are attractive. People want to be around and follow them. Do these four things and you will quickly become that kind of leader and attract other leaders to your business!