Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Review: Prosperity Central


One of the biggest issues for every person involved in MLM / Network Marketing is lead generation and list building. The typical company offers a simple replicated web site that is completely ineffective for internet marketing. What networkers really need is a powerful online marketing system and that's exactly what you will find with Prosperity Central.

I have been marketing MLM businesses on the internet since 1995 and so I've learned what to look for in an online marketing system. After reviewing twenty different systems, I chose Prosperity Central to use in my own business and to promote to both my downline and other friends in the profession. I am very pleased with the system and results, so in the balance of this review, I'd like to give you a solid overview of the system and why it will help networkers attract prospects and build big businesses.

First, Prosperity Central was created by people who have been building custom online systems for network marketing companies for a number of years, so they know the profession and what is necessary for an effective system.

Second, it's the only system I've seen that has all the tools a network marketer needs.

Third, Prosperity Central is the most professional looking and functioning system I've seen in the my ongoing research, which is incredibly important when presenting an MLM business to the internet world.

Fourth, the system comes in three versions, each with increased features and all three are very price competitive with other inferior systems. There is stripped down, basic version that is actually free (no set-up or monthly cost). Then the next two go for $24.95 and $49.95 per month. Plus, you can test drive any of the versions for 30 days at no cost.

Okay, let's look at the features of Prosperity Central:

Professional Capture Pages - At the time of this review, P.C. offered 11 very professional capture pages (only 2 in the free version) and in the more advanced versions, you can create your own capture pages with an easy to use tool. Information captured on these pages is then funneled into a full function contact manager and autoresponder system. More on both of these later. Plus, you can set the system to email you when a prospect submits their information, so you can respond immediately. People are always very impressed when I call while they are looking at my page.

Personal Website - Once your prospect completes the capture page form, they are immediately sent to your personalized and customizable P.C. website that offers 2 steps - 1) An inspiring video about network marketing; 2) A link to your company page. There are also three other spots they can click - Our System, which explains the P.C. online marketing system; Our Industry - which offers a video about the MLM industry; About Me - a custom area where you can tell your story in a way that would encourage them to join you. You can also upload a picture and contact information, so they can see and easily contact you.

Autoresponders - Upon submitting their information, on your capture page, your prospects will then begin receiving very professionally written autoresponders. Every system I've used in the past, I always wrote my own messages, but these are so well written, I'm using them as is. If you would prefer to write your own, the system will allow it. The really cool part is that each autoresponder gives them a link back to your site and sends you an email every time they go back. This helps you quickly recognize those who are serious from the lookie loos.

Contact Manager - In the advanced versions there is a full function database that enables you to keep track of your prospects, so none of them fall through the cracks. It also has trackable technology, so you can see which autoresponder emails they've responded to, which videos they've watched, and what pages they've looked at, and it rates them. Again, this will help you quickly identify your more qualified candidates.

Warm Market Wizard - This is one of my favorite features, as you can enter your warm market contacts into the wizard and it will begin sending them autoresponder emails. I've been in the MLM profession for over 30 years and have contacted my warm market a lot. This Warm Market Wizard has gotten better response than anything I've ever done with my friends and family and I didn't even have to call or go see them, until I knew they were interested.

Flyer Generator - Many networkers like to have professional flyers to hand out and the P.C. system enables you to quickly create customized flyers and then print them on your home printer. There are 8 choices. I love this feature, because it would cost $500 to $1000 to have a graphic designer create flyers of this quality and it's included in all the systems (yes, even the free version).

Banners - All three versions of P.C. have some very professional looking banners that you will be proud to have on your web site or offer to other site owners. These banners are already linked to the capture page you select in your P.C. back office.

Toll-Free Voice Mail - All three versions of P.C. offer a toll-free voice mail number. You can use a standard message or record your own. This is a tremendous tool for those who are marketing throughout the U.S. You can either use it as your business number or record a great prospecting message and promote the number through your flyers and other forms of online or offline marketing and advertising.

The following features are only available on the two advanced versions of Prosperity Central:

Trackable Biz Opp Call -This is a trackable call available every hour. You can use a very professional pre-recorded generic call (which is what I'm doing) or you can record your own. The cool part is that your autoresponder emails will promote the call and when a prospect listens you get notification.

Email Broadcasting - This is a great way to build your prospect list and send out customized email blasts to all of them at the same time. For example, let's say your company introduces a new product, you can quickly let all your prospects know. This type of system would cost you $15 to $30 if you used any of the email broadcasting systems like Aweber and Constant Contact.

Audio & Video Creators - Want to put some audio or video messages on your web site or to send out by email? There are professional audio and video creators built into P.C. The video creator is only available in the top version.

Conference Bridge - Support your team or conduct business teleconferences through your own private conference bridge. This is only available in the top version of P.C.

Webinar Room - You can conduct prospecting or training webinars from your own personal webinar room at no additional cost. This feature would cost you $19.95 to $49.95 using other webinar systems, such as Go To Webinar. This is only available in the top version of P.C.

Customized Team Sharing - If you go with the top version of Prosperity Central, you will also have available the customized team sharing system, where you can create a customized system for your team, making more effective for you and your team to promote and interact.

Available to all users:
Affiliate Program - One of the issues with systems like this is that they are an additional cost and many networkers are working with limited budgets. Well, Prosperity Central has solved that problem with their Affiliate Program. Now, just by introducing P.C. to your team and other networkers, you can earn enough money to cover your monthly system cost and even create another stream of residual income.

Training - The system is packed with training on how to use the system to build your business, so even if you've never done any internet marketing, you can effectively use Prosperity Central.

As you can see, this is a power-packed system and you really can't appreciate the professionalism of Prosperity Central until you try it. There is an old saying that systems duplicate, people don't. P.C. is a very duplicable system that will help you build a big time network marketing business.

I love the system, my team members love the system and I believe you will too. Start your 30 day free trial today and you will quickly see that I was unable to do the system justice in this short review. Test Drive the Premier Account, so you can try out all the cool features. You can always downgrade prior to the end of your trial. Also, during your 30 day trial you can promote the system to others using a professionally designed capture page and great looking banners.

Okay, it's time for you to get started. Click or follow this link: http://tvw.theultimatesystem.com/cp/67 to check out the system and start your 30 day free trial.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Feed Me

Quite often, when I'm coaching network marketers, I'm reminded of the old movie, Little Shop of Horrors, when the giant plant says "feed me Seymour". The truth is that, as an adult networker, you need to learn to feed yourself and do so in three areas:

1. Feed Your Body - if you fill your body full of junk food, soda, and alcohol, it won't function well and you will experience great difficulty building your business. Your body is like a car. If you put good gasoline in, you will get good performance. If on the other hand you put water with a bunch of dirt into your gas tank, your car is going to break down. So, if you want to have the energy and stamina to build a successful business, fill your body with nutritious foods - low fat and organic proteins such as chicken, turkey, fish, and vegetable proteins from beans, asparugus, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and artichokes; organic green leafy vegetables that will help lower the acidity in your body and provide excellent natural nutrients; lower sugar, nutrient-rich organic fruits such as berries, guava, kiwi, canteloupe, papaya, and cherries. Stay away from the breads, pastas, sugars and artificial sweeteners, and the pre-packaged foods. Give your body high quality fuel and your body will respond, when you need those extra hours to make that big run to the next rank.

2. Feed Your Mind - our minds are constantly bombarded by negative information, so if you're serious about building a solid, long-term network marketing business, turn off the TV, stop listening to talk radio, cancel your newspaper subscription, and think about what you are allowing into your mind. Your mind works like a computer - GIGO - garbage in, garbage out. What you allow into your mind, you will then think about and what you think about will eventually come out of your mouth and show up in your actions. Allow negative in and you will start speaking negatively about your company, founders, products/services, upline, cross-line, and even the whole profession. After you run out of people to blame, you will start speaking negatively about yourself and your business is toast. So, feed your mind with positive information. Subscribe to Success Magazine and read it cover to cover every month. You also get a free CD each month; listen to it over and over during the month. Ask your sponsor or upline leaders what they recommend in the way of CDs, DVDs, books, and online training courses. Fill your mind with positive information and that's what will come out of your mouth and show up in your action and you will have what it takes to build a big business.

3. Feed Your Spirit - We are all spiritual beings on a natural path for a limited amount of time. It's important to feed our bodies and minds, but possibly even more important to feed our spirits. I do this through quiet time every morning, where I read the Bible and talk with God. I highly recommend this, as it starts my day on a positive note and most days I get directions for what to do that day. Prayer, meditation, and quiet time to rest your mind and body are critical to your success in business. If you go, go, go every day and never rest, you will break down. Even with all the good food and information, if you aren't feeding your spirit, all things will come to a halt. So, feed your spirit every day and you will have clarity in building your business (and living your life).

There you go. Quit expecting other people to feed you and start feeding yourself. Feed your body, mind, and spirit, and then turn that into positive action and you will be amazed at how quickly you can build a successful network marketing business.